Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sonny Fai

Twenty year old Sonny Fai the upcoming Warrior is yet to be found. On January the 4th at Bethel’s beach in 2009 Sonny Fai and his family went swimming after hours when his brother was trapped in a fierce rip when Sonny Fai came to save him…as Sonny Fai reached and helped his his brother, his brother got away but sadly … Fai didn’t - just seconds later Sonny was missing in the fearsome waves. Minutes later rescue helicopter’s came searching for the Warrior as the family looked for a sign…… a sound. A rescue boat came but it refused to start the engine.

So through the past few days’ friends family and other’s from the community have gone to help and support the family through this hard time of losing such a good friend and a good member of the Fai family. I never got to meet him but I had some chances though I was too shy, I wish I hadn’t wasted these chances.

I will be trying to be like Sonny Fai - try to be an upcoming league star because he was talented, not a show off and he’s a Christian. Speaking about Christian, I have seen photos of him in action - a cross on the inside of his wrist.

Whether Sonny Fai is found dead or alive, God is still with him.

To the Fai family, I know you must be really sad but I hope you see in all the people who are talking about Sonny on the internet, TV, radio and those coming out to see you, that God loves you and Sonny very very much.

To the Warriors you have helped out the Fai family so well. That means a lot to the Fai family and Warriors family of which I am part of.

I’ve been praying and will keep praying.

"Warriors for life"

10 years old
Mt Wellington Warriors Rugby League Club
Vodafone One Tribe Member