Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday School Prize Giving

Yesterday on Sunday the 14th of December my church had it's Sunday School prize giving for 2008. This year on the 15th of June (The day before my birthday) we had the Sunday School scripture exams. TEN people from my church got in the top three in the whole of New Zealand. My sister (Toreka) got first in the whole of New Zealand she got 100 marks out of 100.She got a special trophy for getting the most marks in the whole of the church and the WHOLE of her grade.

My grandfather was so proud of us because because most of my family got the prizes. My cousin Renee got the all-rounder of the WHOLE church. But an even more exciting thing happened to me!!

After prize giving I went to Valentines BUT it wasn't just that...when I was eating I saw.....MANU VATUVEI WALK IN TO THE BUILDING!!!!!!!! He came in with the rest of the family I asked for a picture and a autograph I said to him - do you think your better than Folau ? He said 'Maybe' I said you are AMAZING!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

School Swimming

My school (Point England school) went to YMCA swimming club. It was cool having swimming lessons with my class and teacher. My best strokeis freestyle I can go really fast if I have along time to breath. As I got into the pool coldness struck my body as if I went back in time when it was the time of the Ice Age it was really cold. My friends are really good at swimming and think they are better then me just because one of them told me that I need to keep my arms straight and to put my hands into the water with about making a splash!! Here's my freestyle swimming it only shows a little bit of my swimming.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heroes The Programme

Do you watch the programme Heroes? It is an AWESOME programme to watch. Did you watch the episode just last night? My favourite person in heroes would have to be Sylar. He made the name up himself. His origanal name is actually Gabriel. He has all the powers of every person that has powers in Heroes. The main person in Heroes is Peter. He is Nathan's (the guy that can fly) brother!! Remember that Indian looking guy? He has now turned bad and has tangled his ex girlfriend up in this thing that looks like a giant cacoon even though his ex girlfriend had powers. In the episode last Wednsday was pretty cool because Peter went into the future and saw Clare, the girl who use to be able to heal, turns EVIL and trys to kill Peter and Nathan and the Japanese dudes (Ando and Hiro)try to get the formula but unfortunately one of of them has to kill each other his friend died so that he can get the formula that was hidden already untill he took it out. WATCH HEROES NEXT WEEK!!!
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Manu Vatuvei Wins

Remember the competition that I said was between Israel Folau and Manu Vatuvei? Well guess who won?? Their was no compettion their because Manu Vatuvei WON by THREE votes and Israle Folau got NO votes at ALL!!! That proves that New Zealand have one of the best wingers in the rugby league game right now!! The BEAST WILL RETURN NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Have you heard of a comic book person called Asterix? His books are very old but are still very cool. It's about a small little fellow that lived in the ancient times and lived in a village and they called themselves the Gauls. They have a very brainy person in there village that knows secrets. His name is Getafix he makes magic potion to make his village invincible where they have super speed and super strength. Asterix has a freind who's name is Obelix he also is one of the main characters in these adventures he is addicted to wild boar(Male Pig). When he was only a little baby he fell into the magic potion. It had a permenent affect on him wich made him
invicible for the rest of his life(Which means that he doesn't have to take the magic potion) But Obelix is not allowed to drink the magic potion anyway because one time in one of the stories of Asterix he drank a whole cauldron of magic potion then he turned into STONE!!! But if you want to know what happens next then read the book. It is called ASTERIX AND OBELIX ALL AT SEA!!
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are the CHAMPIONS of the WORLD!!

Can you believe that we just won the WORLD cup title (Trophy) We have made history. It is the first time that the MIGHTY Kiwis won against Australia in a world cup (Kangaroos) and it is the first time that the kiwis have won ever in the history of World Cup Rugby League. In fact the Rugby League world cup began in 1954 but the Rugby Union World Cup only began in 1987 (When The All Blacks Won!!) Sometimes in the game I just couldn’t describe how the Kiwis played through out the game. It was a very good competitive first half because it was a very tight score. My most favourite try was when Billy Slater was about to be pushed out to the out line by the BEAST (Manu Vatuvei) and Billy Slater chucked the ball in just in time before he went out and chucked it right in to the hands of the one and only Benji Marshall who ran to the score line with a smile on his face. Every one was raising their hands and screaming with joy with their hands in the air. I think that Nathan Cayless made the most metres for the Kiwis. The score was 34-20 what a good score for the Kiwis to win against Australia in the world cup final. The prize giving at the end was cool because I liked it when the Kiwis walked on the stage to get their medals. THE MIGHTY KIWIS HAVE ACHIEVED THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie Competition PES

At Point England School we are having a movie competition. We are all very excited about making our film. The hardest thing about it is that you have to do it by yourself with a group of people in your class. So we are looking for some good ideas. We already have some really good ideas in our hands. Maybe I could show you the movie that we will make after the festival is finished. 
We also went to another movie festival at Tamaki College. We saw movies from schools from our local area. If you would like to see these movies then go to then click on Film Festival 08 and watch some very cool and hilarious movies. I hope you enjoy them!! Film Festival 08 was AWESOME!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Manu Vatuvei VS Folau

You know how Iv'e been asking people who's better than who?? Well I have another one for you who is the best winger?? The Beast(Manu Vatuvei) or Izzy (Isreal Folau) Vote now !!! It is so hard that even I coudn't decide right now because they are both really strong, they are both really good at keeping the ball alive and they are both good at jumping and are good at busting the line. SO JUST VOTE NOW !!!!!!! (Vote by posting a comment!!)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Little General RETURNS!!

The little General Stacey Jones is coming back to the Warriors. Do you reckon he is going to get us back in shape or do you think that he is too old? We had a really good season this year. There were many ups and downs but we had one of the best seasons ever in the history of the Warriors but I think that we could do better with him next season. GO THE MIGHTY WARRIORS!!!! (Next Year) Thanks to for this picture!!!

Who Is better??

Who do think is the most skilled player out of Ali Lauitiiti or Sonny Bill Williams?? Well if you want to vote then type a comment on my post. Voting ends next week. I think I would go for Lauitiiti but you can vote for your own person. And by the way GO THE KIWIS!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to for the picture of Sonny Bill and Ali Lautiti!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kiwis Through To The Final Can They Do It Once Again??

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Did you see the Kiwis take on England. The Kiwis won!! I was kind of shocked with the Kiwis. The Kiwis didn't know what to do with the ball when they got it and sometimes had shocking defence. They didn't do the set plays! If they play like that against the Aussies then we might as well not turn up because they would get caned. Fiji made it to the semifinals and Kiwis won against the fierce England team 32-22. Even though the Kiwis won against England I was kind of disappointed with the New Zealand team. They dropped the ball too many times. Next week I hope the Kiwis switch on and play like Pro's (Even though they Are Pro's!!) SO GO THE MIGHTY KIWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Summer Is Coming......

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The scorching hot sun nearly burned me as if I was a sausage sizzling on the barbie. Summer is coming soon.... In summer you would hear children jump around with joy. You could feel the sun gleaming on your cheese grilled back!! The tree's leaves were turning into a glowing green. The breeze would be flowing through the air like a power hang glider. Your eyes would turn to the sun and turn beet red with water pounding down your head to keep you hydrated. Your eyes would scream,suffer and explode like a bomb land on the ground in WORLD WAR II . The plants would be dying as if a lazer gun was fired at the plant and the lazer melted the roots and the plant would die. When I felt the back of my neck it felt like I put my hand in an oven that was turned up to 100 degrees. YIKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKESSSSSS man that was STEAMING HOT. Make sure you have plenty of water through the summer. BECAUSE SUMMER'S COMING!!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Joshua Klein

Have you heard of Joshua Klein? He is a man who trains crows to do good things in our environment. He invented a vending machine for crows!! Isn't that amazing that he invented it just for crows. He is an amateur man (Amateur means he is not paid for his research for crows) He got the idea at a party and his friend said that there were all these crows in his backyard and said he should just eradicate them (which means to get rid them) but Joshua said "no" we should train them to do good things. His friend said that was impossible. That was when he got interested in crows. Crows are very brainy because they use cars to help them with lunch. The Crows found a nut and waited on the power line in the middle of the road then they dropped their nut on the road and then car ran over the nut and it cracked open. Then they would fly down onto the ground and would wait for the traffic to stop when someone pressed the traffic button. Then the crow would walk on the path through the traffic that was stopped at the lights.

Josh made some pretty good things that would save crows from getting killed for being a pest. He was so good at researching Crows that he got to be on a show that was called TED TALKS it is a show for people who do really cool things. We even got to talk with him in a VIDEO CONFERENCE!!!!! We were honoured to speak with him because he was very funny. We gave him a few good ideas for the research to get better. JOSHUA KLEIN IS AWESOME!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

School Athletics 2008

Athletics was AWESOME because in my first event [Shot Put] I came SECOND!!! And in the soft ball throw I came...SECOND AGAIN which is a very big achievement for me not just to get a good place in sprinting (my BEST event in athletics!) I also came FIRST in the 10 year old boys 75 metre sprint and tomorrow we will be having the 100 metre. We stopped sprinting because people were starting to get sick because people were eating just before their last rotation. I am going through to the inter-zone athletics for three events. Usually I’m only in the running races. Takitimu are mostly known as the Athletics CHAMPIONS because we usually win. But so far it’s looking Matatua are cleaning up right now I hope that we can come back by winning the relay and the 400 metre sprint.I have great news!!!! In the four hundred metere sprint guess what I came first!!!!! GO TAKITIMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MAN that was an absolute SHOCKER!!! We should have got four more trys[Because of the reff we lost!!!] But the worst person for the Samoan team would have to be Francis Meli. It was like he was scared of the ball and he droped the ball as if it had lots of butter on it!! Man and why did we have to lose???? If Tonga won against Ireland and Samoa won against Tonga then we could have won against Ireland!! Man we the Samoans will have to wait another four whole years to get another chance of getting a good place I reckon we would be better then the Kiwis [New Zealanders] Oh Well aleast we won against Tonga witch was a good game!! We gave it our all and done well. TOA SAMOA ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Samoa VS Ireland

Are you getting ready for the match tonight? It's going to be totally awesome!! It is going to be tonight at 8 o'clock in the evening. If Samoa win this match they will go on to verse the winner of Scotland and Fiji. If Scotland want to take on Samoa then they will have to beat Fiji by at least 50 POINTS so Scotland will have to bring there A Game on the day. But I reckon Samoa have a good team and will just thrash them by at least 20 points or thirty points. This is going to be an absolute thrilling match. GO TOA SAMOA!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Athletics IS ON!!

Point England are having their annual 2008 Point England athletics. There is going to be high jump, there's going to be discus, there's going to be sprinting and there's going to be more cool things to do. I'm looking foward to high jump and sprinting and also discus!! IT's GOING TO BE AWESOME. GO TAKITIMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samoa Through To The Second round!!

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Man what an awesome match that was. Some called the Samoa VS Tonga game the battle of the Pacific. It was one heck of a match! My favourite try was when George Carmont the number 4 scored a try! It was awesome. I have 2 uncles in that team, Nigel Vagana and David Solomona and that is one thing to be proud of!! I liked David Solomona's offload to Lagi Setu it was pretty AWESOME!! I especially liked Nigel Vagana's intercept when the Tongan dummy half {Tevita Leo Latu} passed the ball across the field and and Nigel caught the ball and ran as fast as he could. In fact he is the best intercepter I know that is in the NRL. He's still got it (Even though he is not that fast any more!!) Mat Utai's try was awesome too! He just kept his leg in the field to get a try for Samoa. Samoa are now going to battle Ireland to make it into the Quarter Finals. GO TOA SAMOA CHOOOOOOO

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Samoa VS Tonga

Man what a match this is going to be! People say that this will be the clash of the entire tournament. The Samoan team are really strong because we have Ali Lautiti at second row and Ben Roberts at half back. Francis Meli at wing and Matt Utai at wing and Willie Talau as well. But my uncle is in the Samoan Rugby League team and is the captain!! His name is Nigel Vagana he is a center or a half back. He played for the Warriors in the 1996 and 1997 people say Toa Samoa.Toa means Brave . Did You know that the Toa Samoa Team have the same uniform as my team. Man I Just Can't WAIT FOR THE MATCH. GO TOA SAMOA!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Go For Green!!

This term Point England are learning about how to reuse reduce and how we should recycle. We are trying to keep our area clean and tidy we are trying to use things instead of using them once. Like for example you could use a Coke bottle for cold water bottle. You could use a box that was used for Chirscos to put toys In! There are so many things that you could use instead of chucking it away and creating more pollution. Go Green People and save Our World From Pollution!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

John Key Takes It !!

Man isn't that strange I thought that Helen Clark did a pretty cool job but John Key from National actually won it!! They are both pretty good at talking about what New Zealand needs to be a better country. I am going for National because when my school wanted to make a Point England Intermediate, the Minister of Education asked us if we wanted a Intermediate and we said yes but then he said no and then we were confused. He never answered our questions so GO NATIONAL!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Helen Clark or John Key? Vote Now!

Man! That was a serious debate between Helen Clark and John Key on TV1. The two of them had good explanations on why they should be New Zealand’s next Prime Minister. John Key kept saying ‘A bright FRESH future’…Helen Clarke kept a lot of different things. They talked about health, education, tax, the leaders of their parties.

I was really interested in the debate because they both argued and argued and Mark the TV host was having to say ‘Ok, ok, next question’. The You Tube questions were really good. The Party leaders really knew their topics really well because you never heard them say ‘Ummm’ for a few seconds then speak.

Did you see on TV how you could vote you could text or ring and it would cost you $1.00 – $0.99 just to vote!! That’s kind of unfair so I thought that you might want to vote for free right here on my blog.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have a poll for you to vote on. For now please let me know who you would vote for after that debate by commenting on my blog.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Totara Springs Superstar World Tour 08

Hi there readers!

I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve published a post so I thought that you would like to read about my first week of the holidays!!!!!

I was lucky enough to make it to the Totara Christian Child Centre or you could just call it Totara Springs. Before I went to camp I didn’t even want to go!! But then as you would know my parents would try to make me think that camp would be AWSOME!!! I went anyway. So then first thing in the morning at seven o’clock on the first day of the holidays, I saw everyone putting their luggage in the bus. Then we said a prayer to make sure that we all got there unharmed. Some of us went in the bus and some of us went in Mr Burt’s van. Then we took off! It was a very long ride it took about 2 hours to get there but it was worth waiting for.

As soon as we got there we took our luggage to our cabins then we went into the dining room. We had to take photos for our VIP passes to make sure that we were part of the camp. First of all we had morning tea and we had some yum stuff! After that we could have a little bit of free time so we played all kinds of things like cage soccer, touch, rugby, league and all kinds of other things!! Then we just started to sort our beds and bunks. Then we had some cool activities to do.

At night we had dinner and it was delightful! Every night we went to a different country so we went to Mexico and we had TACO’S!! They were fascinating!! Then we were told to go in to a room called the lecture theatre. There we had a thing called DEVOTION. It’s singing about Lord Jesus and talking about Jesus and learning about Jesus. The first thing we did in devotion was sing songs about him. My most favourite song was My Best Friends The Creator Of The Universe!! It was an awesome one!!! Then after that we would listen to our preacher or our entertainer. He was totally funny and was really good at telling us about things that we need to do if we wanted to ask Jesus into our lives. Have I mentioned that I’m a Christ follower? I go to Tamaki P.I.P.C.

One of my camp highlights was going on the hydroslide! Man it was awesome and freaky at the same time!! In the beginning of the slide you would go down a really steep ramp and then you would take a big turn then you would think that it was getting slow so you go down another ramp and then you swing from side to side like swinging on vines in the jungle!! My other favourite thing was when our area heads got kidnapped!! Then we had to find them with just a set of clues to help us!! I liked because it’s like you’re a real detective trying to solve a mystery.

Well those were things that I’ll always remember but I think that my BEST highlight would be a game called GET YOUR OWN BACK 2! It was awesome! It was campers versus leaders. We had to tag them and then we could take them to any station we wanted to, then we could like tip goo on them and baked beans!! And…make them slide down a slide full of sausages and avocados that were three months old and other things and the leaders could do that too!!

To finish I’d like to thank Mr Burt for helping us through the camp and for still being kind to us when we were a little bit naughty. Thanks to our other leaders like Peni, Max and Aquila for helping and keeping us safe through the night. I can’t wait until next year!!! Many thanks to the camp staff especially to Deagen who helped me think more about what I could do better in my life. You guys are awesome!! May God bless you all!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

White Sunday

White Sunday is an event that takes place in every kind of church. It invavles many countrys that belive in God and in Jesus. Churches usely do this event on the day of there anivesery day. They speak the language that there church is. This event I'm not sure I can do it because we have to speak Samoan but I should know how to speak becase that is part of my Culture. THIS IS GOING TO BE COOL!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Warriors Calm The Storm!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm jumping around as if ants were in my pants! Because...guess who won between the Warriors and the Storm??? The Mighty Warriors that's who!! It was so thrilling that me and my family were jumping up and down like rock star legends!!!!! We were on the couches and on the bed's as if we were on bouncy castles! Did you see that last try?? If you didn't then I'm really sorry because that is the best try for the ten years that I've been alive and seen with my own two eyes!!!

When there were only three minutes left on the clock, one of the commentators said "It looks like it's the end of season for the Warriors... there's a very long way for the one pointer". There were two minutes left to play then all of a sudden Ropati draws two people in and chucks a perfect offload to Manu Vatuvei and Manu runs down the sideline with Micheal Witt by his side just for support - in case he offloads. Then Witt cuts back in and Manu offloads it to Witt and he scores!!!!

Did you see how put it down?? It could have had a different ending - with Witt holding on to the ball for so long. Storm skipper Cameron Smith was right there and could have kicked the ball out of his hands. Anyway in reality we have made history, the only 8th finalist to beat the Minor Premiers!! Woo hoo!!

All of his team mates jumped on him as if he was a magnet attracting metal. The Warriors won 18-15 and are playing a knockout round against the Sydney Roosteres at home there's still faith in them WE CAN DO IT BECAUSE WE ARE THE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Chirtstina stood on to the platform with fear. She was so nervous that she shivered as if two tons of the most coldest snow fell on her and it went fom head to toe. But as she was getting ready to jump she was full of nevers. It was the first time that she was goung to jump the tornado on the playground!! She thought it was now or never. So she jumped as if she was reaching for a vine to get away from a jungle that was jam packed with wild animals.She .................. JUST MADE IT!! as she swung with releive as if i was the 25th of Decmeber which means that it is Christmas . She went ime after time and it nwas like she was a proffeser of jumping on to the tornado all just from his first jump ever. As soon it was lunch time Chirtstina was the first person on the playground and she jumped time after time on the playground until the bell rang.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Toa Samoa Under 10's

Guess what?? I have been chosen for the Samoan Under 10s Rugby League team. Our nickname is Toa Samoa. Toa is Samoan for brave! So I guess we are the brave Samoans! My aunty is the manager. I am the only one that comes from East Auckland and from Mount Wellington. It's going to ge a crackerjack tournament to watch. Come along and watch the Samoa Under 10's and what wev'e got. I will let you know soon exactly where the tournament will be held and of course, I will give you a report when its finished. Come and watch, you never know there might be some future NZ WARRIORS amongst us?? Go the Toa Samoa!!!

Update 11/10/08 - Well the Toa Samoa Under 10's have finished their tournament with big smiles all around! Why?? Because we were the champions of the tournament! It was exciting and funny at the same time! At prizegiving today I got the Most Valuable Player for the team! I was the top tryscorer and my family were proud of me! I hope to see my friends from the team some time next year. Its been an honour to have such cool friends and coaches!

Well now that my season is FINALLY over its a good time for me to rest my body and look back at what I can do better.

Here are some highlights from the tournament!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yes!! Our first gold medal already in the Beijing Para Olympics for the New Zealanders?? This is fantastic. It's from a lady, she was part of the cycling contest. I also think that there is another person who won a gold medal for us but I don't know who it might be but I'll try to tell you more about that later on. Hang on I know it was a 15 year old girl who's name is Sophie. Actually I think she's won two. I better check that out!

Did you see that Opening ceremony it was fantastic!!! Did you see that fire going around that masive twirling thing it went round and round like a merry-go -round it was amazing !!! I can't wait for some more updates on the PARALYMPICS!!!


Hi there,room fifteen have been learning about how to become champions when some Leoden and Paulitia can't think of a speech for an upcoming event they see in the newspaper an old friend in Bejing with the world class athletes. Wait isn't that MSB . When room fifteen come up with a very clever plan they think that will change everything. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS ON OUR VERY OWN BLOG What will happen???


The Warriors came home with a great win and the score was 28-6. That was an awesome game for Manu Vatuvei because he got three tries for us. How fantastic is that? We are now in the top eight and are playing SEMIS to get into the finals. Have you heard of the other winger Malo Solomona? He is actually my uncle. He got three tries against the Bulldogs. I can't wait to tell you more about the other Warriors - they are all stars. Let's see the Warriors show us how CLASSY we are. I can't wait until the Warriors give the Melbourne Storm a lesson. If my uncle plays this game it will be his first time playing SEMIS football BUT for first grade for the NRL premeirship cup for 2008. My dad is a member of the VODAFONE ONE TRIBE. It's for people who sit on the EAST stand can go to special occasions for the Warriors and the people who are injured or weren't playing for the Warrios would come to these things and we would win some prizes and we could even get AUTOGRAPHS. How awesome is that?! It's going to be a JAW BITING SEPTEMBER SEMI FINALS WEEK. GO THE MIGHTY VODAFONE or the NEW ZEALAND WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two Special Days In A Row

Man what an awesome weekend that was! First it was my dad's birthday and then the next day it was fathers day. It was awesome on my dad's birthday because we went to the movies and watched a movie called THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. It's a really cool movie. It's about one of the stories in the Bible and the book is called Exodus.

Then after we went to the movies, we went over to my uncle Mark's to play karaoke and watch the Warriors give the Eels a hiding!! (sorry to those who are Parramata fans) Then we had some dinner and it was an enjoyable night. The score was 28-6 and the 'Beast' Manu Vatuvei scored a magnificent hattrick!! I'll write up my report for this soon!

The next morning it was father's day (which was today) We went to Sunday school to learn about our Father in heaven (God) then we came back home and tidied up for when my mum's side of the family came over to celebrate father's day. We also had an enjoyable family lunch time and a yummy dessert. Then we went to watch a movie called Wall.E. We went to the Newmarket theatres.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


My hero is a website on Google and it is totally awesome you can go on that website and there are many kinds on different heroes like sporting hero's and animal heroes and people in the public's heroes and well you get the picture oh and there are some short films as well there really cool and exiciting. My Hero the website RULE"S!!!!!!! and don't forget to go on it.

I Tanielu am in a group at school that we call the extension and we are making our own page and we choose our hero's and then we had to come up with a story about our hero. We had to make a movie about our hero and they looking absolutely fantastic!! I can't wait to show you my movie that I've created for you to watch. See you in the next story or you could call them post.

By the way COME ON PEOPLE VOTE FOR USAIN BOLT because I want him to be known as the biggest Olympian star in Beijing 2008!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Para Olympics??

What are the PARAlympics? Do you know what that means? It's an Olympics but for the PARALYSED and disabled people. Isn't that awsome?? I can't wait till this happens it's going to be just as fun as the Summer Olympics that were in Beijing just a few weeks ago. Im going to try and keep up with all the ParaOlympic news. It's going to be awsome!! And especially when they play Basket Ball. This is going to be Tanielu Tele'a for Para Olympic NEWS!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Random Act Of Kindness Day

Random Act of Kindness Day is a day where you have to choose someone to be kind to. I don't know who I'm going to be kind to yet but it's going to be cool . At the end of this week we are going to celebrate by having a day that we call mufty day. We can wear any kind of clothes we want to and everyone is going to look WACKY ! HAPPY RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!

Ruben Wiki

Man that was a good way to end Wiki's career at Mt Smart. And the way the Warriors won their match against the Penrith Panthers was awesome! We won the match by 42 points to 20 and that is a hiding! We hope to see you some other time Ruben. Thanks for shaking my hand and signing my flag after the game too! We will always remember you by the way you played. Ruben was the first Kiwi to play more than 300 first grade games in the NRL and that is what you call a true Legend!! Or you could call him your Hero for Rugby League!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Our school Point England are having a production night and we call it OLYMPASIFIKA! It's a big word and it's a night when we all go in to groups of our own Cultures and we perform and do all sorts of things that they do as part of an Island. I am part of the Samoan group and the teacher of the group is my mother and her name is Andrea. She is the ICT teacher. There are many other Culture groups Asian Pacific, Tongan, Cook Island and the Niuean group . All of our parents are coming to watch us perform and do cool things. THIS NIGHT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cross Country Results!!

Yes! I just won 4th place and now I'm going to the school Interzones. Point England primary school had their school Cross Country. It was fanstastic, and things didn't end up the way they thought it would. When it was my turn to run I was shivering with fear but when other runners were just about finished, I gained my confidents and was ready to go!! Then a moment later... BOOM! and we were off! The ten year old boys were pacing them selves. A little while later I was coming in fourth which is a good position to be in. I was behind three boys and they were running together as if they were trying to make a plan for the end of the race. I was getting followed by another boy and I was worried that he might overtake me but I just pinned my ears back and ran until it was finished. When we were near the end I was so tired that I could just faint into the ground. I was near the finish line, the three leaders had already finished but never mind about that, I was worried about getting 4th. The boy behind me was still chasing, he was hot on my tail!!! So I closed my eyes and ran as hard as I could! And then guess what?? I couldn't even feel my legs and I just sped to the finish line and won 4th place. I was so relieved that I just fell to the ground to get my breathing back and thanked the Lord that I had finished the race. It was a heart thrilling race for me!!!!! I can't wait for the next time we have cross country. GO TAKITIMU!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We know that Usain Bolt is fantastic, we all know that Michel Phelps is the man. They're both fantastic but who's better out of them? Who's the bigger name in the Olympics? Is it the fastest man in the world?? One of the greatest swimmers in the World?? You decide! Votes close in three weeks. I reckon that Usain Bolt is the favourite. But anyway just vote for your favourite person now!! Limited time only. Go USAIN BOLT!!!
But I reckon he's a bit too cocky don't you? Michel Phelps stay's loyal and is humble and he doesn't just go slowly in the last 200 meters and lift his hands. Anyway, JUST VOTE!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's the champ of the Kiwis?????

Well the Olympics was huge and we all know who's the star of the Jamaicans...and there is no contest - it is Usain Bolt! And we all know who's the star of America...and there's no contest there either, it would have to be Michel Phelps! But who do you think would be the star of our country, the Kiwis? There are many but you just can't choose so vote for your most loved athlete and post a comment and type down the results. In two weeks we will see who wins. Good luck!! To tell you the truth I think that Nick Willis would do well but any way VOTE FOR SOMEONE and QUICKLY because you have only got TWO weeks.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hard Luck Kiwis!!

Man Fouhy and the K2 guys kind of just missed out on being in the top 4 but at least they gave it their best right? Well you may agree that Ben Fouhy tried his very best but just couldn't get there. Did you here about the BMX competitors. That was very sad that one of them crashed and was about to win a Medal!!! The closing Ceremony was totally awsome and I can't wait untill we have the Olympics in London England!! Did you know that a lady that was from Samoa was in weight lifting and was just about to win the first medal in history for Samoa but just needed to hold it for one more second but she just couldn't hold for 1 more second!! Hard luck for Samoa but maybe next time !! By for now

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Medal Tally

The medal tally so far for the Kiwis is going pretty well and so far we have 9 medals in total - 3 golds, 1 silver and 5 Bronze we have many more medals to come from the canoeing and it is going to be fantastic!! Our most succesfull Olympics was in 1984 when we won 8 gold medals. Ben Fouhy the canoer is looking pretty good by the looks of him he needs to go at a good pace in the beginning and stay with the others and stay put until the final metres are coming he can just go for it and give it all he's got and he might just win us a medal!! There are a few more days until the Olympics ends so New Zealand better make the most of it before it's to late!! and go the Kiwis!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go the mighty Ben Fouhy!!

Yes !!! We're into the finals and boy what a comeback by the one and only Ben Fouhy. He was fantastic and I sure hope that he can win us a medal. My highlights of watching that race was when this one person was still canoeing and my dad said go Samoa but he was just joking right, but then all of a sudden when you look at the list where it shows you who came where guess what? The person who came last was actually from Samoa !!! Can you believe the small Island was actually in the semi finals?? I think that's awesome!

Back to Ben Fouhy he will be in the finals tomorrow. I watched Mike Walker and Steve Ferguson (Ian Ferguson's son) came second in the semi finals too. So we have more chances of winning medals.

Nick Willis Bronze Medal!!!

Nick Willis come on you can do it come the last few metres are coming anddddddd yesss !!!! Another Bronze medal for the mighty Kiwis and what a tounge biting match! Man he was absoulutely facinating and guess what I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning! I am very desperate to watch any Kiwi competitor in the finals. New Zealand had'nt won a medal for running in 32 whole years but now it is broken . He was incredible I couldn't describe him by the way he ran and as I always say go the kiwis!! And go Nick Willis!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mahe Drysdale

All right !!! we got another medal from our rowing super man and his name is Mahe Drysdale and he won a Bronze medal! How awsome is that?! This took place on saturday and it was fantastic and he was so sick that he vomited at the end of the race which is sad. We are looking forward to another awsome person to win a medal. Remember I am still uptating you with every part of the Olympics. This has been Tanielu reporting from room fifteen, updates on the Olympic news. Catch you later and can't wait for another medal!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Valerie Vili Gold Medal!!

Yahooooo we won a gold medal and guess who won it ? it was the giant Togan ladie Valerie Vili she was fanstactic and she was so good that she broke her record on her first throw is'nt that awsome? man we have some pretty sharp athletes from New Zealand.There were many huge ladies and I mean huge but she still showed how good she was by winnig a gold medal for her country.She was very exicited when she got her medal. I can't wait for another medal or even a gold medal this has been Tanielu updating you on the Beijing Olympics 2008 I will update you next time see you later Olympic fans.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Late Night Olympics

Guess what? My game has been cancelled again! Im not too disappointed because I can stay up and watch some more Olympics but all night long! Last week I couldn’t stay up so I had to watch the replays, but this time I am determined to stay up and watch as much as I can. Because the Olympics only comes around every four years I want to make the most of it by watching all these world class athletes compete in some very exciting tournaments. I even had a cup of coffee just to keep me awake and it was too strong and disgusting next time I’ll stick with milo. The main event that I am waiting for tonight to watch is the 1500 meters. Why? because there is a runner from New Zealand and his name is Nick Willis. Did you know that he is a christian? He said on the news when ever he goes to tournaments he always takes his Bible with him. He even prays before his races. What a great man he is. Also coming up tonight is cycling and Hayden Roulston is competing for New Zealand. Go the Kiwis!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Micheal Phelps and Moss Burmester

Man he was so close to beating one of the best swimmers in the whole world the world famous Micheal Phelps he himself has already won 5 medals that is incredible is'nt it?! When the swimmers dived into the pool Moss stayed with the top 4 all the way . He almost won, he was keeping up with the others but on the last quater of the race he was tired and slowed down a tiny bit and came fourth. It was very exiciting I can't wait to see another swimming race of the Olmypics.

The reporter who interviewed Moss after the final could have done a better job. I think they should wait until our athletes catch their breath and have some time to themselves after competing. Her questions weren't very good. I think she should have said more to cheer him up and encourage him after coming fourth which is awesome for New Zealand!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Rugby

Try! And the crowd goes wild like animals in the jungle! I love playing school rugby games because it is fun and I love getting tries. We have a good team and are undefeated. We have deafeated Holy Cross primary school, Vicount primary and Fairburn primary. We are going well and we are going to be in the semi finals. It is going to be exiciting when it is game day for the over 45kgs rugby team. Our coach is in to sport and his name is Reece Palmer. He is like he is part of every sport that we play for the school. We have won many rugby titles like last year and in 2005, and hopefully we will win this year again . Go the mighty Point England school!!!!!!!! And thanks Mr Palmer for coaching the team very well and thanks to our supporters. Here are some pictures of me representing my school in rugby.

Nadia Comaneci

Do you know Nadia Comaneci? She was the first ever person to get a ten in the Olmypics ever in history!!! She loved jumping and running so much that she broke four of her family's couches!! She went to the Olympics at the age of 14 that is facinating to go to the Olmpics at nthat kind of age. The years after she got a ten she got seven tens how awsome is that?. But sadly when she grew up she ran away from her home Country Romania and left to travel over to the United states of America. She coached the Usa team in the Olympics and got married to a man who also did the same sport and his name is Bart Conner and he won a medal to. But when Nadia left Romania she left every thing behind even her medals not even her family that is a very big decision o make that would be a huge sacrifice that she made. But now she is happy with her family.