Monday, July 27, 2009

The West Tigers Storming There Way Back!!

Man what an exciting come back from the Tigers!! After losing ten of there games the Tigers hopes of making the top eight were sinking fast! The Tigers had to win more of there games to get a chance of making it to the finals. So the Tigers have won 3 matches in a row which is a big improvement. And there latest win was against the Canbera Raiders winnig 25-4! The Tigers were really good at defence on that game,moving up and making good tackels. Tim Moltzen had a great game scoring two tries in a row.

Threw out the whole season of the NRL Taniela Tuiaki has been one of the top try scorers of the season. So far he has scored 16 tries and is coming second in the top try scoring list.

Benji Marshall (The Magic Man) has produced some good set plays and some produced some awesome tries!!

Right now the Tigers are coming tenth,and one more win will send them into the top eight!! GO THE TIGERS!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


WOW!! What an awesome experience getting to meet the PRIME MINISTER OF NEW ZEALAND (JOHN KEY!!!). As I heard the news that I was one of four who were going to meet him and one of the two who were going to interview him, I nearly jumped out of my skin!! Knowing that it was all about my local area, Tamaki, I was interested in what answers he would give me when I asked him a couple of questions.

Mr Burt (my school Principal) explained to us why he was coming to
Tamaki. He said that, "He is coming to launch the Tamaki Transformation Project." We talked with Mr Burt about how its important to raise mindware of the community at the same time as we change the housing. The word 'mindware' means the way you make choices about things and why you make them. Mr Key is also helping with our local facilities and with our area's housing problems.

As I went into the Ruapotoka Marae I sat down as part of the Tangata Whenua. Tangata Whenua means you are part of the area hosting - in this case I was because I live in the Tamaki Area. When John Key was coming into the marae he was welcomed warmly by people of our area and marae. After that they had a talk about the community and what they will do to help it improve. It was time for people to have a kai.

After the Prime Minister had a little snack HE WAS READY TO INTERVIEW US!!

We waited for him just outside the Marae. The Prime Minister came outside and boy were we ready to interview!!

First Sela greeted him and told him about somethings that he may be interested in. Then it was my turn. The questions that I had for him were good because they really brought out the thought of his ideas for the community.

At the end of the interview I gave him an invitation a flash drive so that when he plugged in the flash drive he would see what ideas we had for our area. So then I asked him if he and the Minister of Education could come along to our school so that we could share our ideas with him. And guess what happened? He said YES!!! I was thrilled to hear that word come out of his mouth so then we thanked him for his time and returned to school very happy.

Check out the movie of me and Sela interviewing the Prime Minister while Cruz filmed this interview.