Thursday, December 1, 2011


Just this week our school's Intermediate athletes were given the oppurtunity to compete with the best of the best in the Eastern zone. We did exceptionally well to break three records and many more placings. We won all of the running relays and broke a record for one of them! Check this clip out to see just a snippet of how well our school did on the day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

PES shares with Tagata Pasifika - TVNZ TVone

Tagata Pasifika visited Pt England School and our Manaiakalani Film Festival.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fighting to the very end......

This event that we were about to take part in was quite nerve racking yet exciting, our Yr 8 boys team had won the Eastern Zone title. And now they were headed for the Auckland Volleyball Championship next….

I was given the opportunity to go with them and film their matches. They always knew that this was not going to be easy, I mean of course it’s not! It was the Champions of Champions tournament! The boys were told that they needed to win at least two of their three pool games to make it into the semi final stages.

The team were determined to establish themselves as a real threat in this tournament in their first match, they had all the athletic skill and ability to go all the way, all they needed to do was use it. Really the key to volleyball is awareness and knowing what to do at the right time. In their first game they played with a lot of heart coming back from a 12 point deficit and only losing by six.

Though the score did not show their efforts their determination would show in their next game against the undefeated Block House Bay school. This game was do or die for the boys, if they lost it would be all over red rover. What made it quite emotional was that this would be the last time that the boys would be playing volleyball together as a school team.

I quickly ran to the corner of the huge court to get the camera out as I knew that the boys were ready to play this time round… The whistle went, there was a good passage of play going on between the two teams, the game was flowing quite well with both schools getting the ball over the net into their oppositions position.

The ball was then turned back into Point England’s territory and they were ready to counter the opponents front line defence. The ball went to the back line of attack with the game plan being to get it to the setter(Tamati) on the second hit. Raven set it up for Tamati, Tamati then gently layed up the ball for Ieremus to have a good shot at the ball. Ieremus leap up into the air like a Frog to a fly! WACK!!! The ball came flying to the ground like a meteorite crashing into Earth. One point to Point England! The team gained their confidence from that play, and from their nothing could stop them. The boys successfully kept their hopes alive winning comfortably by 8 points.

After the match boys sat down and talked about what they did well and what they could improve on, kind of like a PMI for Sports if you ask me! The team still needed to win this game to stay alive with the first game costing them dearly making them have to win all their other games. In this next game we found a team like us, 1 win 1 lost and they needed to win this game to stay alive. The boys were looking to carry their aggressive performance in their game earlier on. The game looked like it was slipping away from them at one point but inside they knew that they deserved to go through to the next stage. The boys did that and fought back from a a six point lead and one by 2 points.

The boys were pleased with their effort and went onto the next stage. Coming up against the fearsome Viscount school they were the underdogs. In the beginning of the battle they were leading by two points, but experience and composure for the Viscount side proved to strong for us with Viscount winning the game and going onto win the competition. The boys played to the very end and competed what was to be the last volleyball school team for them.

The boys did exceptionally well to get this far and I am very proud of them, and I'm sure that the school is and will be proud of them too! Well done boys……..

Friday, October 28, 2011

Space Objects Measurements..

I just witnessed one of the freakiest things I have ever seen. This term we are studying space and beyond, and just this morning we were looking at a clip of the scale of stars and planets. Watching the planets getting bigger through measurement. the planets got bigger and bigger...... Mercury,Mars,Venus,Earth, Neptune, Uranus. I was amazed by how big the planets of this universe really were. Then the Sun popped up my eyes widened. 1,392,000 Ks!!!

I read all of the facts about it, I was about to quit of the clip knowing that their was nothing bigger then the sun, and then I read this: But wait there’s more.... I couldn’t believe it! There was something bigger then the Sun! OMG I was quite scared and excited to find what was bigger then the this humongous the star! My eyes were about to pop out watching these massive stars go on and off the screen, Sirius, Vega, Pollux, Arcturus, Aldebaran, Rigel, and more...

I finally reached the biggest star, the VV Cephei. It has an enormous measurement of 2,644,800,000 KM as it’s diameter! This clip really got us thinking how tiny our home really is? It’s actually quite scary if you think about! But the main question is: Are there any life forms around the universe?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The most important game in New Zealand Rugby history was about to begin. The game that would really show who was the the real number one team in the world. The All blacks were in the final showdown with the very fortunate French side. The All Blacks were heavy favourites with undeafeated streak, while France had already lost two pool games against New Zealand and Tonga!

I was watching the event on tv. The atmosphere was huge! Even I was getting nervous just watching the crowd build! The crowd roared before and throughout the game. The game was about to begin. The two teams were about to jogg onto the field. They came onto the field and sang their national athems (I stood up and sang it too!). The All Blacks performed their fearsome haka and the match was about to begin.

France came out flying quickly getting the ball into their possesion. Suprisingly the French were not kicking the ball away as they normally did intheir recent games. Instead they were using the ball spreading it quickly around the park trying to counter the might of the All Blacks defence. France were on the front foot in the first 20 minutes, dominating the set pieces with strong scrums and decisive line outs.

The All Blacks needed to establish themselves as the dominate team in this game. So they capitilized on a chance close to the Frech try line with a beautiful set piece move ending up with the prop Tony Woodcock cashing in for the first points. This was a big kick coming up, Weepu was given several chances to take the lead for the All Blacks but was denied both times. This kick would give the All Blacks a bit of breathing space but unfortunately Piri Weepu failed to convert. They went to halftime with the lead being 5-0.

The All Blacks were struck with yet another injury to young gun Aaron Cruden forcing Stephen Donald to come on and make his debut in the World Cup! Fortunatley Donald stepped up to the challenge and converted what would be the winning penalty! I was ready to faint in the dying minutes of the game with the clock ticking and the French behind by 1 but having the ball inside the All Blacks half. I nervously watched on as the clock ticked....... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The All Blacks were given a penalty, all they needed to do was win the line and hold onto the ball. YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! THE PLAGUE IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!! 24 YEARS OF WAITING HAVE FINALLY COME TO AN END!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Auckland Rugby League Tournament

Just last week our school League team went down to Cornwall park to challenge for the best school in Auckland at Rugby League. I was very excited about this and couldn't wait to go. I was confident that our team could go all the way, we had the right mix of fitness, speed and strength.

We already knew that this tournament would be nowhere near easy for us. We would have to dig deep and give all of the matches our best effort. We were put into a tough pool, with the big guns and reigning champions De La Salle College, a big team in Wesley College and the unknown Rosmini College. We were in for a tough ride if we wanted to make the semi finals.

We played to our potential and won all three matches, we were quite excited to be in the Semis and were prepared to go one step further. We were up against a fast moving Kedgley Intermediate.
We were unfortunate to lose by a try in extra time. I was quite stunned by the result seeing as it was the last time that we would be playing together as brothers, other than that I had an awesome time competing against other school. I just can’t wait until next year...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manu Samoa Did Us Proud

Though Samoa did not make the Quarter finals they did us proud by putting on a magnificent against the Mighty South Africans. They played with a lot of heart and dignity to keep the score board low. They showed that they should of had another chance by keeping the South Africans to one try.

The Samoans finished in 3rd place in pool D winning 2 games and losing 2. They were determined to make a statement that they were one of the better teams in the world. And though they didn't show it by making the qualifying, they showed with it by people wanting more of them in the World Cup. Congratulations for putting an enormous amount of effort into their performances. Our love and support will always be with you. MANU SAMOA!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aussie Rules

Willing to try out this sport that never heard about before, eager to learn and experience yet another opportunity that we were given. Room 21 were going to learn how to play Aussie Rules!

I had heard of this sport on tv before and have watched a few highlights from some of the games. It was quite entertaining to watch and when I heard that we would be learning how to play I was quite excited.

One of the things that we learnt from the instructors (Micheal and Lucy) was how to ruck the ball. I thought I knew what they were talking about but then my confidence went low after they told us what it was.We had to pair up with some one and then use another person to umpire the ruck.

The person who was umpiring the ruck would throw the ball up into the air and the other to people would compete for the ball by hitting it backwards. Moses and I were going to square off the ball Moses had an eye of a Tiger while I was almost closing my eyes with my eyes gleaming back at him. We gave each other a dirty look and crouched down hoping for the biggest possible leap.

Waiting for Zane to throw the ball into the air,.............swish, the grip of the ball left Zane's hand the ball went into the air. Our eyes bulged wide open waiting for the right moment, I knew I had the height advantage and leap at what I thought was the right moment. Moses leap at the exact same time, we jumped like frogs stretching our arms to our bodies maximum wage.....WACK!!! With all the power in my right arm I smacked the ball backwards into my possession. I had won the ruck and couldn't wait for the next turn!

Aussie Rules

Willing to try out this sport that never heard about before, eager to learn and experience yet another opportunity that we were given. Room 21 were going to learn how to play Aussie Rules!

I had heard of this sport on tv before and have watched a few highlights from some of the games. It was quite entertaining to watch and when I heard that we would be learning how to play I was quite excited.

One of the things that we learnt from the instructors (Micheal and Lucy) was how to ruck the ball. I thought I knew what they were talking about but then my confidence went low after they told us what it was.We had to pair up with some one and then use another person to umpire the ruck.

The person who was umpiring the ruck would throw the ball up into the air and the other to people would compete for the ball by hitting it backwards. Moses and I were going to square off the ball Moses had an eye of a Tiger while I was almost closing my eyes with my eyes gleaming back at him. We gave each other a dirty look and crouched down hoping for the biggest possible leap.

Waiting for Zane to throw the ball into the air,.............swish, the grip of the ball left Zane's hand the ball went into the air. Our eyes bulged wide open waiting for the right moment, I knew I had the height advantage and leap at what I thought was the right moment. Moses leap at the exact same time, we jumped like frogs stretching our arms to our bodies maximum wage.....WACK!!! With all the power in my right arm I smacked the ball backwards into my possession. I had won the ruck and couldn't wait for the next turn!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Manu Samoa Keep Their Cup Dreams Alive......

A decisive victory today has given Samoa the points that they needed to stay in the competition. Samoa played a very structured game today using penalty's very wisely with Tusi Pisi and his super boot cashing in 15 points. The Samoans look the most likely to score the first try but struggled to present continuous plays by creating errors.

Thankfully Samoa were able to back up those mistakes with some very impressive defence by keeping them scoreless in the opening half and one try in the whole game. Samoa scored to deserved tries two star halfback Khan Fotuali'i and the hard man George Stowers. The Fijians were given opportunities but could not capitalise also making mistakes.

The cool thing was that when the gave was over the two teams came together kneeled down in a circle and prayed to God, that was the highlight of the game! Fiji showed good sportsmanship and finished off the game with a thoroughly deserved try. Samoa are still in second place now with ten points. They would be helped a lot if the Namibians could pull off a miracle against a determined Wales side. COME ON SAMOA!!!! (WARRIORS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Favourite Samoan Sportsman....

Alesana Tuilagi is one of many feared Samoans, currently playing for Manu Samoa in this years World Cup. So far he has scored 3 trys from two games in the World Cup and will certainly be looking to add more to his tally. He is also my favourite Samoan because he is a man of God,he commonly after scoring trys does the sign of the crucifix on his chest and face which is a real inspiration to me. He is a beast of a man who tips the scale at 111kgs and plays in the position of Winger, (You don't usually see wingers his size!)

In the Sunday news it says that his diet when he was little was biscuits and Fanta. It wasn't surprising seeing how big he is. He currently plays for the Leicester Tigers who always do well in the English premiership competition. He is a superstar on YouTube, with most of his highlights showing him steamroll his opponents!

He is a cult hero for Manu Samoa and will need to shine for them if they want to have a decent shot at this years tournament. They need to beat Fiji to tomorrow to keep their hopes alive and well. Samoa are currently are in 2nd place in their pool and will need to stay in that position to keep their World Cup dreams alive.

Alesana Tuilagi has five other damaging brothers. They have all played at international and are probably the best sporting brothers around. To be honest I think that Samoa are good enough to make the semis if they play to their potential. With a mix of strength and skill they could possibly be major contenders. Samoa will play another Island in Fiji. This will a battle worth while, similar in the way with they play this should be a good match but I am hoping that Samoa can have the edge in this game.

I am hoping Samoa can leave a mark on this years World Cup. COME SAMMMOOOAAAA!!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Manu Samoa Off to an Impressive Start.....

As soon as the school bell rang I rang out to the street to quickly grab my bag and run, why you ask? Well Manu Samoa had already began their first match in the Rugby World Cup! The match began at 2:30. They were playing against Namibia, they were expected to win this game. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I just had to turn the corner and I would be at my house! I ran down the drive way and ran inside the door.

I found the TV was on, halftime had just begun. I looked at the score hoping that Samoa were doing well, YEEAAAHH!!! 25-0 was the score Samoa were in the lead. I sat down on the couch and watched the game.

Alesana Tuilagi the superstar winger for the Samoan side had scored two trys already, sprinting down the sideline for spectacular trys. At the moment Samoa were controlling the game with ease. With the forwards dominating the rucks and scrums which gave the backs plenty of opportunity's to create breaks out wide. The Namibians kept trying and were determined to put points on the board.

Samoa were set up in Namibia's half and were prepared to score yet again. The Samoans managed to cross the try line through Alesana Tuilagi. But the ref disagreed with the passage of play and called it a forward pass. The Samoans were frustrated with the call and struggled to complete phases with errors. But the Samoans were able to maintain pressure on the Africans and gained a penalty try by controlling the scrum and pushing the Namibians back several times. The score ended up being 49-12 to Samoa.

Samoa have made a fantastic debut in this years World Cup and will need to prove themselves
's as major contenders in this weeks match against the big hearted Wales side. This will be a fantastic match up with both teams urging to be i this years finals series. COME ON SAMOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE (Tigers Vs Warriors On Tonight!!!!!!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tigers VS Warriors...............

The game that I wanted to be the grand final is now being played this week in the semi finals of the NRL. The NRL finals series kicked off last week with the qualifying rounds with the West Tigers beating the Dragons in a spectacular encounter winning the match 21-12. The Warriors came up against the high flying Broncos. Sadly the Warriors were pummeled by the Broncos with the score ending up being 10-40. It was not an impressive start to the finals series, in fact that could have been the end of their campaign if other results were different!

In this collision of these two teams we find one team who are on a high after recording yet another win which made it nine consecutive vicotrys. While the other team are looking to get back on track after a heavy lost. Both teams have teams have players capable of winning the game just like that. With the Tigers being known for their offensive style of play spreading the ball from one end to another. While the Warriors have forwards who are capable of offloading the ball to create breaks and trys for their outside backs. And their outside backs are more then capable of creating havoc with the ball, trust me!

I want both teams to do well in this game but my heart is with the Tigers, but honestly I woudn't mind which team wins this game because I like both of these teams very much. Look for Benji to bring out the bag of tricks in this game as he will do everything and anything he can to get his team that one step closer to that premiership title. Also look out for the like of Shaun Johnson, James Maloney, Feleti Mateo and the big man himself Manu Vatuvei. All are very dangerous with the ball in hand.

This is sure to be a battle for the ages. COME ON TIGERS!

Hot Tip: Krisnan Inu is back in the line up for the Warriors this week with Joel Moon Out being injured.)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tauranga Journey Of A life Time

Just wondering how to start this story, it is so hard to explain how I felt and how much I loved being there. Well I will start off, the greatest experience of my life began when I arrived in Tauranga on Monday last week. Why you asked? Well our school sevens team coach Ms. Va’afusuaga thought that we had enough talent and skills to head down to one of the most anticipated events for schools around New Zealand, the New Zealand Aims Games Competition.

The thing was that I was supposed to head down with the sevens team on Sunday, but I was sick so I had to head down the next day. I was happy to know that I managed to stay awake the whole ride down from Auckland to Tauranga. And seeing the boys again really got me happy again. When we arrived I saw a nice big Marae which we were going to sleep in for the week. We were offered nice cozy mattresses by the Marae which ensured we would fall into nice deep sleeps!
After unpacking my things we headed down to the fields to see what kind of fields we would be playing on. We looked around and then headed off to different club grounds and started training. We were pretty sharp with our game p,an and trained well. We covered what we wanted to and then headed back to the Marae. We then ha showers and relaxed for a while.

After a while we had a delicious dinner of roasted chicken with potato, kumara and vegetables. Everyone enjoyed the meal which was cooked by Miss V’s sister Annie who was helping us out when we were down there. After our lovely meal we relaxed in the Marae.

Moments later we were told we were going to be doing some group games and activities. So later on in the night we started our games and activities. We were asked to name our groups and my group called themselves, “The Wackers”. We had a lot of fun that night playing all sorts of funny outrageous games. We then were told to go bed we did and were cozy on our mattresses!

Below is a movie that introduces our seven's team. I hope to bring you more footage from this amazing week!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Do The Tigers Have What It Takes?

I haven’t done a post about my favourite team (The West Tigers) in quite a while, but in that while they have stormed their way into top 8 contention with four spectacular victories in a row against all high flying teams the Cowboys,the Sea Eagles, the Dragons and the Roosters. Throughout that period they have had few bumps with some minor injuries with key players missing out on the big games but thankfully they have shown that they have enough depth and faith in themselves to win those big games.

This week they have Penrith and I believe that if they win this game it will lead them to a hopeful top four spot since they will be playing teams at the bottom of the table including the Cronulla Sharks and the Gold Coast Titans. The Tigers have been putting in the extra effort in the few weeks. They have to be careful that they do not get anyone else injured for the up coming games because they are absolutely crucial to their outcome of this year.

Obviously the key players in Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah have to be performing at their best to keep themselves in contention as well as there young guns in Robert Lui and Tim Moltzen. Honestly I think the best place that they can finish at the moment is in 5th place. Because with the top four teams way ahead in points probably there only hope is to hop in front of the Dragons who are in 5th place.

Everyone knows what the Tigers can do, they are the most damaging attacking team in the NRL for goodness sake! They can score from anywhere on the field, they create something from nothing. They are the West Tigers.............

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cross Country Recount

Wow what a day, well you would have guessed by now that our school has finally had it’s annual Cross Country. It was one that I honestly would never forget. I didn’t think I would run the whole thing honestly, but my my goal was to run the whole way and I reached that goal. We ran 3.5 KM and found it very challenging.

When we were called up to get ready to run I was ready to go. I was pumped and couldn't wait to get started. I breathed as much air as I could right before the three words,”Ready, Get Set...Go!!! We were off. Everyone was careful and made sure they ran at the right pace with no one sprinting right at the beginning. After we had just run through the gate of our school grounds, we ran down to the far corner of our local reserve which is located right next to our school. I slowly worked my way past a few people and got closer to the top ten competitors. When I got to the far corner of the reserve we turned onto a path which lead us to a bush track. It was quite challenging to catch up to the top ten runners through the bush walk. The track was very difficult with a lot of steps and hills we had to run up.

When I had finally made it out of the bush track I had to run back to the school grounds. My lungs were about collapse but gladly I was about to run into the gate to finish the race. But sadly I was told to run around the reserve one more time. My lungs were about to snap by the time I started running around the reserve again. My heart struggled stress fully to gather oxygen into my body, my calves were aching and I was just about ready to collapse. When I was approximately 100 metres away from the finish line I was determined to finish strongly. I ran hard and I finally finished the race,”YEEAAAA!!!!!!!” I said in my head (Because I was so puffed I could’nt speak!). I walked over to the water fountain and had the longest drink ever. In the end I finished proudly in 6th place. I was happy that I made the top 10.

That was one of the most tiring moments in my life. Man, that’s what I call a Cross Country....`

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Education 2011

Every year at Point England we have a special visitor and his name is Harold. He come to our school to teach us about very important periods in our life. He mostly talks to us about how important our body is and how we should use it. This year we are discussing a more serious matter,puberty.

When we sat down and got cozy we learnt that we were going through puberty right now. We learnt about how our body changes and how it could effect our behaviour and our attitude towards other people. We watched a few movies learning about people who took the wrong turn in life and ended up taking illegal drugs. I watched a young man who actually had a chance at making his Rugby and Rugby League big in his life but sadly took the wrong turn in life taking illegal drugs. And now he can’t even remember how he actually is. We learnt about how terrible drugs can be to the body. We also talked about how being kind to people you don’t usually talk to could change the whole outcome of their life.

Well after we left I learnt a very important lesson that I can take into my life. Never take my body for granted. Thankfully we still have two more lessons in the Life Education Caravan.

Monday, August 8, 2011

North VS South Region Of Origin Game 2

For the past few weeks I have been training for a team called the Auckland North U 13’s. We are playing a three match series against the South Auckland U 13’s. So far we have played 2 games, we won the first game 30-12, and just today we took the series out winning the match 38-4.

The field conditions were perfect not to hard and not to soft but the real problem for both sides was going to be the terrible wind. With the windy conditions going against the South boys North kicked off but soon recieved the ball back with the ball swaying and bouncing straight to the touch line. The South Aucklanders were able to hold us out early in the game. But when our monstrous forwards were able to get good quick balls while the South boys were still back peddaling caused by quick play the balls we managed to get on the score board first with a try. From this first try our forwards were able to get good with space to run which gave us good field possesion. So we ran out to a 12 point lead. Though the momentum had changed from a mistake in our own half with the South boys camping in our half ordering a try which was scored with some good quick hands out wide to score. The score was then 12 - 4 to North.

Dissappointed in our efforts to stop South from scoring we were able to get the ball back and our forwards to get us back out to a 12 point lead. The conversion succesful which meant that the score would 18-4. From that point on we dominated the game scoring try after try, the score ended up being 38-4. We were proud of our efforts and enjoyed the match. After the game I had a chat with some of my friends from the other team and had a good laugh. We are all looking forward to the last game. There is some talk that the last game will be played at Mt Smart Stadium!!! That would be a dream come true!

U13’s Game 2: 38-4 To North
U14’s Game 2: 16-16 DrawNorth VS South Region Of Origin Game 2

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Manu Samoa shock the Wallabies

Not so long ago I was playing video games and then my dad frantically yelled,”Quickly change it to the news!”. I wondered what was the big news was pushing the numbers as fast as I could. Breaking News, “Manu Samoa are now celebrating their biggest victory in the modern era winning against the world No.2 in Rugby the Wallabies 23-32. Watching the highlights again I was stunned watching Samoa score tries which carried them to victory. Samoa scoring through beastly winger Tuilagi, Pesi,Thompson and Williams all tries that they worked hard for.

Australia will certainly be disappointed in their efforts especially if they have just started there preparation for the World Cup and the Tri Nations. With the Australian team the Queensland Reds coming off a Super 15 Grand Final win Australia would've’e been looking to carry that hype onto the footy field but were unfortunately outclassed by Samoa.

Samoans from all over the world are surely proud of their country are hoping they can have as much heart as they did today when they prepare for the big one (The Rugby World Cup). What a proud moment for Samoans around the world, Samoa making world history beating Australia for the first time ever. CONGRATULATIONS TO SAMOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Part 4: Design A Sign Project

Sign 2 (insert image of screenshot or photo of your sign)

Plus:Minus:Interesting:Very Colourful
Same DesignVariety

My final design is:

I chose this design because:It includes different places in the street and it also includes a student in the design which would only appeal to the students more!

* Does your sign meet all the specifications and requirements of the brief? If so, how?Yes, It shows what not to do and where not to do it.
* What is the purpose of your sign? Do you think your sign will help eliminate a problem in the school or street? If so, how?
* What did you do well?Design and put a student into the sign which would be apealing to people.
* What difficulties did you come across while making your sign?
* What can you do next time to improve your project?
Be more organised in my planning and designing.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Part 3: Design A Sign Project

Brief Development: 1st Brief
Conceptual Statement:(What is the concept or idea behind your design brief? e.g “To produce a sign with a message that helps eliminate the issue of...”)
“To produce a sign with a message that helps eliminate the issue of People Running around the street. (It can cause massive danger to the things around us and may cause injuries,those this doesn’t seem so bad, it can lead to some big problems.)

Specifications:(The measurable must haves ie. the things that are important to designing an effective sign e.g. sign must be easy to read etc...)
1.Good Ideas 2.Co-operating3.Good Plan/Design4.Keeping Records Of Development5. clear message6. bright colours7. appealing to kids8.

Constraints:(Musts that are beyond my control e.g. Must be completed by the end of the term)
1.Design and finish this task2. due at end of week 73. message has got to help solve a problem4.5.

Resources:(things I need to make the sign)* photocopier* paper* wood

You need to come up with at least 2 different possible sign designs and complete a PMI for each. This should include some feedback from an adult or a peer around the school who would represent the stakeholders.
Sign 1 (insert image of screenshot or photo of your sign)

UnoriginalThe Design and Colours
Plus:A clever idea

Minus:Cannot see the full picture

Interesting: Students in my class like the sign.

The Design and Colours

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Part 2: Design A Sign Project

Planning LogKeep a record of both what you intend to do and what you did over the course of the next 3 weeks as we work through the Technology Process.
Week 5Week 6Week 7What I plan to doPlan and designDevelop and createFinal Touches/Finish OffMaterials I will needPlasticPaperLeatherPeople/Sources I need to consult for more information.TeachersStudentsSchoolWhat did you find difficult and why?Finding the right sources of information.
Thinking of a decent idea.
Finishing the project.
What I will do next as a result of any difficulties.Ask for help from someone who is
Search for information on the internet.
I did not need help.

STAKEHOLDERS The Stakeholders are the people who have an effect on the production of your productThe Primary Stakeholder is your client ie. the person or community of people that your sign is going to be created for. eg. ….Wider Community Stakeholders:Key Stakeholders:Primary Stakeholder:-School

The Senior Schoolyear 7 & 8 kids

ATTRIBUTES: These describe the physical (what it is like) and functional (what it will do) characteristics of a product. These characteristics are key or essential for the successful function of a product and should be re- evaluated at each stage of the design process.
With your sign in mind, complete the following attributes table:AttributeMethod of MeasurementSpecificationeg. Eye catchingsign will appeal (be noticed) by stakeholdersSign must be clear, stand out and be creativeSize2 Metres Long sign must be at least 2 metres long

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Part 1: Design A Sign Project

Our task is to design a sign that will clearly assist in eliminating a problem within our school.

- Make sure you are clear what the task is.
- Can you identify the key words in this task (highlight them and discuss it with a buddy)

Thinking about signs and signage (Make a list of all the signs you have seen ….. and the purpose of the sign )
Type of sign:Purpose of the sign:
No Smoking Stop Smoking In The area to make it more cleaner.
Give WayTo Cause less crashes in the area
Alcohol Free ZoneTo stop people from drinking alcohol
No Littering ZoneTo keep our area clean and non polluted

Brainstorm some Ideas/ problems that we have around our school environment.

*Wearing Hats
*Chewing Gum
*People Running
*Dirty Shoes in the class


You need to think and expand on your answers, one sentence is not sufficient.

What is your issue in our school?
I believe that the problem in the school area (The Street) there are to many people running at times when we have to sit down. Enough of a problem to put up as a sign. I recommend that it will be a good idea if we put up a sign which would stop this hazard from happening.

Who does it affect? People walking by may get bumped.

Why is it happening in our school? To many people playing games while eating.

When does it happen? Mostly beggining of Morning Tea and lunch times.

Where is it happening? In the street mostly.

What needs to happen to prevent this issue? People constantly patrolling the area. As well as putting up signs to make people think before they do.

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Team Of A Dream! NRL!!!!!!

My dream team is based on the form of NRL players throughout the year. So if I was a selector for a new team that was going to compete in the NRL I would call them, “The Auckland Wolves”. Here is my squad.

Josh Dugan (Raiders)
Anthony Minnichello (Roosters)
Jaryd Hayne (Eels)

Akuila Uate (Knights)
Manu Vatuvei (Warriors)
Lote Tuquri (Tigers)
Brett Morris (Dragons)

Micheal Jennings (Panthers)
William Hopoate (Sea Eagles)
Chris Lawrence (Tigers)
Steve Matai (Sea Eagles)

Benji Marshall (Tigers)
Jonathan Thurston (Cowboys)
Dally Cheri- Evans (Sea Eagles)
Jamie Soward (Dragons)

Cameron Smith (Storm)
Robbie Farah (Tigers)

Paul Gallen (Sharks)
Matthew Scott (Cowboys)
Fui Fui Moi Moi (Eels)
Andrew Fifita (Tigers)

2nd Rowers:
Anthony Wautmogh (Sea Eagles)
Frank Pritchard (Bulldogs),Feleti Mateo (Warriors),Lewis Brown (Warriors)
Loose Foward:Cory Parker (Broncos),Luke Lewis (Panthers),

Based On my Selection I have chosen 2 teams.

Team 1:
1.Anthony Minnichello
2.Akuila Uate
3.Micheal Jennings
4.Steve Matai
5.Manu Vatuvei
6.Benji Marshall
7.Jamie Soward
8.Paul Gallen
9.Cameron Smith
10.Fui Fui Moi Moi
11.Frank Pritchard
12.Feleti Mateo
13.Corey Parker

Team 2:
1.Josh Dugan
2.Jaryd Hayne
3.William Hopoate
4.Chris Lawrence
5.Lote Tuquri
6.Darren Lockyer
7.Jonathan Thurston
8.Matthew Scott
9.Robbie Farah
10.Fui Fui Moi Moi
11.Anthony Wautmogh
12.Lewis Brown
13.Luke Lewis