Friday, August 29, 2008


Our school Point England are having a production night and we call it OLYMPASIFIKA! It's a big word and it's a night when we all go in to groups of our own Cultures and we perform and do all sorts of things that they do as part of an Island. I am part of the Samoan group and the teacher of the group is my mother and her name is Andrea. She is the ICT teacher. There are many other Culture groups Asian Pacific, Tongan, Cook Island and the Niuean group . All of our parents are coming to watch us perform and do cool things. THIS NIGHT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cross Country Results!!

Yes! I just won 4th place and now I'm going to the school Interzones. Point England primary school had their school Cross Country. It was fanstastic, and things didn't end up the way they thought it would. When it was my turn to run I was shivering with fear but when other runners were just about finished, I gained my confidents and was ready to go!! Then a moment later... BOOM! and we were off! The ten year old boys were pacing them selves. A little while later I was coming in fourth which is a good position to be in. I was behind three boys and they were running together as if they were trying to make a plan for the end of the race. I was getting followed by another boy and I was worried that he might overtake me but I just pinned my ears back and ran until it was finished. When we were near the end I was so tired that I could just faint into the ground. I was near the finish line, the three leaders had already finished but never mind about that, I was worried about getting 4th. The boy behind me was still chasing, he was hot on my tail!!! So I closed my eyes and ran as hard as I could! And then guess what?? I couldn't even feel my legs and I just sped to the finish line and won 4th place. I was so relieved that I just fell to the ground to get my breathing back and thanked the Lord that I had finished the race. It was a heart thrilling race for me!!!!! I can't wait for the next time we have cross country. GO TAKITIMU!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We know that Usain Bolt is fantastic, we all know that Michel Phelps is the man. They're both fantastic but who's better out of them? Who's the bigger name in the Olympics? Is it the fastest man in the world?? One of the greatest swimmers in the World?? You decide! Votes close in three weeks. I reckon that Usain Bolt is the favourite. But anyway just vote for your favourite person now!! Limited time only. Go USAIN BOLT!!!
But I reckon he's a bit too cocky don't you? Michel Phelps stay's loyal and is humble and he doesn't just go slowly in the last 200 meters and lift his hands. Anyway, JUST VOTE!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's the champ of the Kiwis?????

Well the Olympics was huge and we all know who's the star of the Jamaicans...and there is no contest - it is Usain Bolt! And we all know who's the star of America...and there's no contest there either, it would have to be Michel Phelps! But who do you think would be the star of our country, the Kiwis? There are many but you just can't choose so vote for your most loved athlete and post a comment and type down the results. In two weeks we will see who wins. Good luck!! To tell you the truth I think that Nick Willis would do well but any way VOTE FOR SOMEONE and QUICKLY because you have only got TWO weeks.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hard Luck Kiwis!!

Man Fouhy and the K2 guys kind of just missed out on being in the top 4 but at least they gave it their best right? Well you may agree that Ben Fouhy tried his very best but just couldn't get there. Did you here about the BMX competitors. That was very sad that one of them crashed and was about to win a Medal!!! The closing Ceremony was totally awsome and I can't wait untill we have the Olympics in London England!! Did you know that a lady that was from Samoa was in weight lifting and was just about to win the first medal in history for Samoa but just needed to hold it for one more second but she just couldn't hold for 1 more second!! Hard luck for Samoa but maybe next time !! By for now

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Medal Tally

The medal tally so far for the Kiwis is going pretty well and so far we have 9 medals in total - 3 golds, 1 silver and 5 Bronze we have many more medals to come from the canoeing and it is going to be fantastic!! Our most succesfull Olympics was in 1984 when we won 8 gold medals. Ben Fouhy the canoer is looking pretty good by the looks of him he needs to go at a good pace in the beginning and stay with the others and stay put until the final metres are coming he can just go for it and give it all he's got and he might just win us a medal!! There are a few more days until the Olympics ends so New Zealand better make the most of it before it's to late!! and go the Kiwis!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go the mighty Ben Fouhy!!

Yes !!! We're into the finals and boy what a comeback by the one and only Ben Fouhy. He was fantastic and I sure hope that he can win us a medal. My highlights of watching that race was when this one person was still canoeing and my dad said go Samoa but he was just joking right, but then all of a sudden when you look at the list where it shows you who came where guess what? The person who came last was actually from Samoa !!! Can you believe the small Island was actually in the semi finals?? I think that's awesome!

Back to Ben Fouhy he will be in the finals tomorrow. I watched Mike Walker and Steve Ferguson (Ian Ferguson's son) came second in the semi finals too. So we have more chances of winning medals.

Nick Willis Bronze Medal!!!

Nick Willis come on you can do it come the last few metres are coming anddddddd yesss !!!! Another Bronze medal for the mighty Kiwis and what a tounge biting match! Man he was absoulutely facinating and guess what I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning! I am very desperate to watch any Kiwi competitor in the finals. New Zealand had'nt won a medal for running in 32 whole years but now it is broken . He was incredible I couldn't describe him by the way he ran and as I always say go the kiwis!! And go Nick Willis!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mahe Drysdale

All right !!! we got another medal from our rowing super man and his name is Mahe Drysdale and he won a Bronze medal! How awsome is that?! This took place on saturday and it was fantastic and he was so sick that he vomited at the end of the race which is sad. We are looking forward to another awsome person to win a medal. Remember I am still uptating you with every part of the Olympics. This has been Tanielu reporting from room fifteen, updates on the Olympic news. Catch you later and can't wait for another medal!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Valerie Vili Gold Medal!!

Yahooooo we won a gold medal and guess who won it ? it was the giant Togan ladie Valerie Vili she was fanstactic and she was so good that she broke her record on her first throw is'nt that awsome? man we have some pretty sharp athletes from New Zealand.There were many huge ladies and I mean huge but she still showed how good she was by winnig a gold medal for her country.She was very exicited when she got her medal. I can't wait for another medal or even a gold medal this has been Tanielu updating you on the Beijing Olympics 2008 I will update you next time see you later Olympic fans.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Late Night Olympics

Guess what? My game has been cancelled again! Im not too disappointed because I can stay up and watch some more Olympics but all night long! Last week I couldn’t stay up so I had to watch the replays, but this time I am determined to stay up and watch as much as I can. Because the Olympics only comes around every four years I want to make the most of it by watching all these world class athletes compete in some very exciting tournaments. I even had a cup of coffee just to keep me awake and it was too strong and disgusting next time I’ll stick with milo. The main event that I am waiting for tonight to watch is the 1500 meters. Why? because there is a runner from New Zealand and his name is Nick Willis. Did you know that he is a christian? He said on the news when ever he goes to tournaments he always takes his Bible with him. He even prays before his races. What a great man he is. Also coming up tonight is cycling and Hayden Roulston is competing for New Zealand. Go the Kiwis!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Micheal Phelps and Moss Burmester

Man he was so close to beating one of the best swimmers in the whole world the world famous Micheal Phelps he himself has already won 5 medals that is incredible is'nt it?! When the swimmers dived into the pool Moss stayed with the top 4 all the way . He almost won, he was keeping up with the others but on the last quater of the race he was tired and slowed down a tiny bit and came fourth. It was very exiciting I can't wait to see another swimming race of the Olmypics.

The reporter who interviewed Moss after the final could have done a better job. I think they should wait until our athletes catch their breath and have some time to themselves after competing. Her questions weren't very good. I think she should have said more to cheer him up and encourage him after coming fourth which is awesome for New Zealand!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Rugby

Try! And the crowd goes wild like animals in the jungle! I love playing school rugby games because it is fun and I love getting tries. We have a good team and are undefeated. We have deafeated Holy Cross primary school, Vicount primary and Fairburn primary. We are going well and we are going to be in the semi finals. It is going to be exiciting when it is game day for the over 45kgs rugby team. Our coach is in to sport and his name is Reece Palmer. He is like he is part of every sport that we play for the school. We have won many rugby titles like last year and in 2005, and hopefully we will win this year again . Go the mighty Point England school!!!!!!!! And thanks Mr Palmer for coaching the team very well and thanks to our supporters. Here are some pictures of me representing my school in rugby.

Nadia Comaneci

Do you know Nadia Comaneci? She was the first ever person to get a ten in the Olmypics ever in history!!! She loved jumping and running so much that she broke four of her family's couches!! She went to the Olympics at the age of 14 that is facinating to go to the Olmpics at nthat kind of age. The years after she got a ten she got seven tens how awsome is that?. But sadly when she grew up she ran away from her home Country Romania and left to travel over to the United states of America. She coached the Usa team in the Olympics and got married to a man who also did the same sport and his name is Bart Conner and he won a medal to. But when Nadia left Romania she left every thing behind even her medals not even her family that is a very big decision o make that would be a huge sacrifice that she made. But now she is happy with her family.

My Family

My family are some times funny some times kind and loving and some times they are mean but I deserve it. My dad's name is Ray he is 36 and just loves watching sports and of course he loves going for the Warrios and the Kiwis and even New South Wales . My sisters name is Toreka and she is 8 years old and loves playing with her dolls and playing with her cousins. My mum's name is Andrea. She is a teacher here at Point England school she cooks every thing at home and she is a responsible person. I also have a little brother named Justus and he is two years old and loves pulling my hair and being naughty. my family are full of suprises and fun. I love my family and freinds very much.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life Education Van

Wow!! I didn't know that. Room15 were in the life caravan and we found out many strange things. We were food dectectives and we found out what things what we should eat less of and some of and most important lots of. I found out that just juice had more sugar then coke but the thing was that it had more natrual sugar then the bad sugar. When we were singing with Harold it was fun because we sang a rap song and I liked the part when we sang stay fit stay healthy over and over again it was very funny. And we also learnt about the body parts and how they work we mostly learnt about the liver. The liver sorts out the good food that we need and what we don't need. It has been fun with Harold and Bernie I hope that they will come back next year.

Rock Our World

Rock our world is a project that many Countrys are invovled and we the Point England extension group were representing Auckland. The host is American and there is a website about Rock Our World. The year 5 and 6 extension had a sleep over at Mr and Mrs Burts church and it was awesome to be part of it we had to do the haka we had to sing a song and tell them what Point England school had been up too. It was even cooler because we got to watch a karate movie called The karate kid and it is really cool. My most favourite part of the event was that we were allowed to stay up untill 5:00 It was awesome being part of the event. Rock Our World rules.

After The Ceremony

When I saw the ceremony it was unbeliveable they were fantastic. There were bangs and there were booms there were fireworks and there was even a globe of the world. The 29 fireworks represented the 29th Olympic games. There were even 2008 people druming that was a symbol of the year 2008. I knew it was going to be exciting because of all the different sport people and sport. The sport that I am really looking forward to is the sprinting. Speaking of sprinting have you heard of the world famous Jesse Owens? He was one of the fastest people in the world. When he was little he lived on a farm and had a track for him to practise if your thinking I made it up Im not because I got It from a book called sport heroes read it you'll see. The Olympics is one of the most entertaining events in the world and wait till you see Valerie Ville and Beatrice Famiuina they are huge ladies one of them one a gold medal do you know who it is? I love watching sport escpecillay the olympics. It is is going to be superb.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Wow is it a bird? is it a plane? no its MANU SAMOA BOY!!!!. The movie making room15 show that they to made a super hero and boy was he super! They called him Manu Samoa Boy. They made a very good movie it even makes him fly. No one really knows if the hero is real but he is! it is meeeeeeee!!!!! and I am the son of the world famous Manu Samoa Girl. I can't wait to get back in action to help Point England and what they get up to!!!!. My most favourite part of making the movie was getting help from room15 to help me fly again, and flying again. I even had a strange sounding teacher help out too. Most of the movie was my story that I wrote down.

Rippa Rugby Day

Today on the tenth of August 2008 on sunday people from Point England school were chosen to be in the Rippa rugby day on the number 1 field of Eden park. It was cool for me because I was chosen to be the captain of the team because I had to experience what it is like to be captain because there will be no one to be the captain so I will have to fill in. We all met at school to get ready for the game. When we all got there, there were many schools there and we had a match against a school from over the north shore. After a while we came home with a win and got to get a feed for free. We even got some autographs from some Auckland players. We stayed to watch the Auckland vs Taranaki match. It was a cool and exciting day for me and the team.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mount V'S Richmond

''Crunch''! what a tackle that was.

Today I had a game of rugby league and guess what? we won against the Richmond Bulldogs
and the score was 31-19. I scored 2 tries. I love scoring tries! I also made many tackles in the game because I was fit from my cross country practises. We had many cancellations before this game about 5 to be exact because of the massive weather bomb. It was very muddy on the field because it was very rainy and there were not many people watching. They must have all been in their beds nice and snug.
It was a very good game because we protected our line very well.
The Richmond team thought I did very well that they gave me a prize for the best forward of the day. The prize was two big bars of chocolate. My mum opened up one and had a bit, she deserves it after all the videoing she does of me!
I'm looking foward to next week's game, should be another good match!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympic Games

Olympics begin all of the sports and entertainment and all the countrys that are particapating in it. The most sucessfull Olmypics for NZ was 1984 winning 8 medals I know that sounds small but its like hundreds of countrys are going for only one just one gold medal so you have to give it all you got. If you want to win a gold medal you must have strength speed and agility. The athlete that I am studying is Ben Fouhy he is going to canoe at the Olympics he is very good.
We where lucky anough to get him to come to our school. He won the Silver medal in Athens Greece. He even clocked the second fastest time in the K1 events in Poland in history. We study the Olmpics every 4 years. Just to be at the ceremony will cost a million$.
Right now my sister and I are waiting up to watch the opening ceremony. My dad has let us stay up late. I hope we don't fall asleep or else we will have to wait another four years for the next one!

The Big Storm

''Kaboom'' man that was huge that almost made me faint. Did you hear about that big thunder storm? On the news there were many bad things that happened to people. Some died by floods crashes and even for just going out side. I didn't even get to go outside on the day.
It was extremely dangerous that even power lines fell down and then they didn't have any electricity. But now it is getting better and the sun is shining.I hope that there won't be any more big thunder storm again like that any more. It was like it was going to be the end of the world when it started. It went on for a very long time.

Cross Country Pratice

Yes! I beat my record from yesterday. The whole of team 4 had cross country practise and it was cool! We all got given a time and we had to memerise it to time how long we took. When it was my classes turn, everyone was cheating because they all moved before the magic word - Go!!! says Mrs Nua and we were off like a pack of dogs chasing a bunch of cats . After a few minutes I knew people were tired. That is why you must not run to quick. It was like you were at the Warehouses annual toy sale. When I got up to the last part I had to give it all I had I was sprinting like a wild cheetah and I had just about finished. Guess what happened? I broke my recored by 45 seconds which is pretty good and I was getting better all ready. This will also help with my fitness when I play league on Saturdays.

Immersion Assembly

Wow that was cool my eyes were nearly full of tears.It was the first day of term 3
Our new topic is called we are the champions!!! There where many funny chanpions.Every where in the whole school school looked pretty orquid but the most funniest champion was Ta-Na-Umaga Wild because she kept chanting her name time after time .There was even a world famous Cashy Lukes and the horse riding champion Mark Todd. My mum Mrs Tele'a was dressed up as Beatrice Famauina and the gold winnig Valerie Ville. Mrs Squires was dressed up as basket ball all star champion and the meanest at at slam dunks world famous Michel Jordan. It was a pretty cool Immersion assembly.