Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Almost Here!!!

The school year is coming to an end now and everyone is waiting for that special day,.........CHRISTMAS!!! Most kids just can't wait to get presents and some are waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus. On behalf of all the Year 7's at Point England School we would like to wish use all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new Wonderful Year!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Market Day Reflection

“YES!!!” I yelled our Point England market day had arrived we were excited an ready to go for the day. Our product that we were selling for the day were Bug Shakes (Milkshakes) and we were confident that our product was going to be a sell out!!!While the day was hot and the market day on we were sure we would gain a lot of money from the milkshakes.

We had three different flavours which were Scary Berry(Strawberry) Bugs In Mud (Chocolate) Butterfly Delight (Tropical). Our price for one large cup was $2.00 and we had a special, 2 for $3.00. We had loads of orders pre ordered by the way which meant that we had to get busy!!!

With customers surrounding our stand and people thirsty we had to work as fast as we possibly could. The favourite (Milkshake) was bugs in mud while butterfly delight and scary berry were also being ordered often. At the end our stall was all sold out raising close to $200!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the day we were happy with ourselves selling most of our products in the day. I really liked Market day and am hopefull that we will have more events like this soon...............Click on the link to watch how our market day went...........

Friday, December 3, 2010

JLD Bug Shakes

Since we have a market day NEXT WEEK ON MONDAY we have created add to help support our Market day product check out our add and come along to our Point England Market day!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

NEVOUS ALREADY!!!!.................

The countdown begins for the big day, the day when the top athletes of our intermediate take part in school participate in a big Eastern Zone Athletics competition, ATHLETICS!!!!!!!!

Even though I came third in the sprint races I was still chosen to participate in the following
events, Long Jump,200 metres and the sprint relays, boy I already nervous and the athletics is on Wednesday!!!

I am pretty excited to be in these events, it is going to be tough competition with students getting faster every year and more schools entering it is one heck of a competition. Hopefully later on in the week, I will give you some results on the athletics day!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Devastating Event Takes Place In The Pike River.....

A week of despair and anger has struck New Zealand with miners being trapped and killed under the toxic river "The Pike River" 29 miners to be exact, families were crushed by the news of the incident, many New Zealanders feel for this family and are also very sad about this incident.

Mine experts suspect that it will take a long time to recover all 29 bodys that were killed in the mind of the Pike river. May the lord help the families of the miners and may he please guide them through this time of despair............

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today our schools top athletes are going up against other schools around the area, this competition is taken very seriously, with some very fast runners and some very strong throwers. This athletics day is sure to be very entertaining for those who are spectating!!!

Many schools around the area will compete for the title of the most athletic school in the Tamaki area such as Glen Brae,Ruapotoka,Panmure Bridge and Saint Pius. The event will go on for most of the day, I am hopeful that I can bring you back some results to share with you...........

Monday, November 22, 2010

Explain Ready Task

This term we had to create an animation based on the word we were given, I was given the word "Chrysalis" and had to create an animation based on it, take a look.........

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today was a day that most of us had been waiting for, a day which would decide who was the fastest and who was the strongest. Yes, it was time for our school Athletics!!!

Coming into today I was not confident that I would get a place in the sports we participated in. Unfortunately I was right, not coming anything in any of the sports so far, but there was still one chance left, we had sprints for our final event and I really needed a place in this one. As I raced in the heats I made it into the finals. The finals for the sprints were after lunch and I was boisterously waiting to start the races.

As the younger ones had their races shocks of excitement went through my body, I could feel the adrenaline rise as the seconds went past. Suddenly I heard “12 year old boys please report to the racing tracks to get ready for your race”. Take your marks get set...................BANG!!!!!!! We were off we sprinted down the track as fast as we could, the race was close to the end I gave it all I had....YES!!! I came third in cheer I was proud of the result.........

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Just yesterday all of our year 7's had a received a netbook EACH!!!!

We are the first in the cluster of schools (Manaiakalani) to receive, while everyone gets there netbooks next year we get to use and test them out for the next four weeks.

We have really had a fun time with these amazing pieces of technology. Here's a photo I took of myself with one of the applications on the netbook!!!! ( HULK EFECT!!! )

Monday, November 15, 2010


WHAT A GAME!!!!! It left me breathing heavily, knowing that the Kiwis had won the game in the last seconds. The whole team had produced a huge effort after trying to get themselves out of that hole they dug last week.This game had it all, the big hits, brilliance shear heart and guts boy, what a game.

The Kiwis had managed to win the game with a miracle try with the final score being 12-16. The Aussies had dominated the first half scoring first in just the sixth minute. But with the Kiwis managing to hold on and stay in the hunt surprisingly the scores were tied with the Kiwis at six all.

The second half was absolutely classic, with the Australians scoring a try making it 12-6 leaving the Kiwis behind by six. Playing one of his best games ever, miracle Marshall (Benji Marshall) had brought the Kiwis right back into the game with one of the best ever grubbers set up for a winger. With the conversion meaning a lot at this point of time Marshall had slightly pushed it out and it had hit the post!!!!!! The score remained at 10-12 to the Aussies.

Their were only two minutes one and a half minutes left and the Kiwis were on the there on try line!!! Good runs by the Kiwis forwards pushed them up to the forty metre mark. It was the fifth and last tackle they gave it to the right with Marshall dummying the ball and then giving a gliding ball straight into the hands of Shaun Kenny Dowall, Kenny Dowall held onto the ball long enough to draw the winger in then giving the ball to Mr. Reliable Jason Nightingale who tip toed down thew side line then chucking the ball back inside for Marshall to catch then Marshall offloaded back into the the hands of Nathan Fien to score what would be the winning try!!!!!! YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A GAME THE KIWIS WERE NOW THE FOUR NATIONS CHAMPIONS AND THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kiwis Crumble, Aussies Rumble COME ON KIWIS!!!

Sadly the New Zealand Kiwis were defeated by the B team Australians. The Kiwis had created their own hype earlier this week coming into the game, but unfortunately they were stopped and lost the game 20-34.

As the game went on the crowd of Eden park (I was at the game) erupted in anger, throwing plastic bottles onto the field because of the Kiwis disappointing performance.
I thought that the Kiwis were bamboozled by the Aussies. The Aussies showed that they had a lot to offer through their plays and continued to dominate their way down the field to score a bunch of tries and take the game away from the Kiwis.

The Kiwis have one week to pick themselves up and get ready for the final against Australia.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Day I'll Will Never Forget.......

A day of excitement, an unbelievable day boy, how lucky were we getting to meet the TOP LEAGUE PLAYERS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!Seeing the Four Nations (New Zealand, Australia, England, Papa New Guinea) walk out onto the field of Eden Park ready to play with young Kiwi kids was a dream come true.

Part of this spectacular day was getting to play with the League Stars, a goal that I would like to achieve in the future! We took part in some activities with some of my favourite stars, Robbie Farah, Lote Tuquri, Chris Lawrence and way more. It was so cool also getting to talk to the stars and to get photos with them, was another dream that was fufilled.

What an awesome day it was, I'll never forget that day, and I'll treasure it forever.........

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Term 4 Is Here!!

Coming back to school? I wasn’t sure I wanted to. I had a great holiday, but it was unfortunetly only for two weeks.

When the bell rang the class walked into the school hall (That is now officially extended!!) wondering what interesting topic we would be studying this term (Our Last term for the year)?????? Everyone was a bit blank and confused, looking around seeing teachers dressed up up as insects and bugs. Moments later we were introduced to the topic with a mosquito like Mr.Burt, the new topic was called “Little Critters.

All of the teachers put on some great acts talking to us about some facts that we would know soon enough. We all had a laugh and enjoyed it knowing this was going to be a great topic to study for this term!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Commonwealth Games Off To A Blazing Start!!

What a fiery start to the Commonwealth games with New Zealand winning a truck load of 17 Silver Medals along with 2 Gold Medals and 6 bronze medals.

The sport that I have really enjoyed watching so far is weightlifting. Just recently the island of Samoa have managed to win 3 gold medals all from Weightlifting which have all been won this weekend. Another amazing thing about this is that the people that won were all family. The surname is Opeloge with brother and sister Ele and Niusila managed to win by a long shot.

Watching these athletes compete in the games is amazing, seeing the best athletes in the world competing is something you do not want to miss!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiafia Night.......SPECTACULAR!!!!!

Just Last Term the kids of Point England produced a fantastic show with dance performances and singing. There were a lot of groups, they were all fantastic by the way.

The groups that I participated in were the Samoan group and the Kapa Haka group (Tangi Wai).
I loved the experience and I am hopeful that we can do it again. Here are some highlights from that wonderful night.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tigers Set For The Clash Of The Year (My Guess)

After holding on to beat the Canberra Raiders 26-24 in an absolute epic injury crisis the Tigers are to fight a Strong St George Dragons to get to the big one (The Grand Final).

This is set to be one of the biggest clashes all year. Memories are flowing back for Dragons fans who lost the exact same match in 2005 in an absolute thriller with the Tigers winning that game 20-12. That was when magic man Benji Marshall was at the top of his magical career, But I know that Benji can do the same as he did back then because HE'S BENJI!!!

Game analyser Phil Gould is right that this is the clash that we have all been waiting for. All week the Tigers have been saying the pressure is all on the Dragons to win the game and I am hopeful that the Tigers can use that pressure to put them away once again.

My guess is that Tigers can take the game, With the pressure rising on the Dragons and the Tigers looking like the underdogs hopefully they can use this position as an advantage to take the Dragons down. The game is at 9:30pm on Saturday this week I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tigers Live Another Day

Just recently on Saturday the Tigers went down to lose a heart breaking match against a sneaky Sydney Roosters. Winning that game would have sent the Tigers straight to the game where if you won it your in the Grand Final but unfortunately we lost in an absolute thriller losing 19-15.

The tragic things are that there are some huge names that are out injured, with Benji, Gareth Ellis and Liam Fulton all out (All who are key players in the team)!!!! They are in for one heck of a ride playing the red hot Raiders on Friday!!! The Raiders have managed to defeat the second placed Panthers 24-22.

I am really concerned with the injuries that we have but I am hopeful that Tim Sheens (Master Mind Coach) knows what to do with what he's got. COME ON TIGERS IT'S DO OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Team The Mennisota Vikings

As you may know I love the NRL team the West Tigers but I also have another team which plays in the NFL which is also know as the National Football League, The Minnesota Vikings. They have played three games this season and have managed to win two of them, their most recent game was against the Denver Broncos 31-24.

My favourite player from their team is monstrous Running Back Adrien Peterson. He has scored eighteen tries since he has been in the NFL. He is a very strong powerful runner who is also very speedy. He has a rival in the Tennesse Titans and his name is Chris Jonhson. He also has big expectations this year.

The Vikings have high expectations that I know that they can fill. They are playing the Saints who are in form this will be a good game. GO VIKINGS!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tigers Charge Towards First Semi

Failing to beat the Gold Coast Titans the Tigers finished third after the Panthers thrashed the Cronulla Sharks 50-12. Winning would have given the Warriors a chance to make the top four and hopefully get a home semi final!(My dad has season tickets).

Now that the Tigers have finished third they are forced to play the sixth placed Sydney Roosters. This will be a tough match for the Tigers as they have struggled against them in the regular season, losing both times against them will be hard to overcome, but I believe if we play to the best of our abilities we will win the game easily. But I think that the key to playing these games is to keep cool and wait for the right time to strike.

The West Tiger will play there game at the Sydney Football Stadium on Saturday this week.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

P.E Survive First Knock Out Round

Just last week on a wet Friday afternoon a shell shocked Tamaki Intermediate were defeated by a determined Point England side losing 29-7. We played with a lot of heart and courage and were able to thrash them on the score board.

The amazing thing about this game was that we had not trained or played together for 3-4 weeks!!! Another thing was that Tamaki were high in the rankings for this years championship school Competition.

At the beginning of the game we were forced to defend our area and came out successful, forcing them to knock it on just before the line. Luckily we were powerful enough to get to the other side of the field with Raven able to score in the corner making it 5-0!! Not long after Tamaki kicked it off to us and I caught the ball and ran towards the line BOOM!! I broke the line and was off!! Unfortunately I was caught 20 short of the line and my team was right behind me. Taking runs from the ruck our first five Jonty called a move. Running my hardest I crashed over the line and scored, YYYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!! The crowd of students roared converting the try Raven made it 12-0.

Secretly Tamaki had a secret weapon waiting on the bench. He was a monstrous forward who is currently playing for my league team (Mount Wellington Warriors), VINCENT!!!! After we had scored two tries their Weapon (Vincent) had just come on to the field. It was Tamaki’s ball, we formed a scrum kind of knowing that Vincent was going to take it from the back of the ruck. So I yelled out “WATCH VINCENT!!!” Though our team knew he was running he still managed to make a barnstorming run down the right side surging through our defense. Luckily we were able catch up to him and slow him down, he seemed unstoppable until our Number.8 Junior went flying into the air and crashed landed on Vincent who was finally put on the ground. Then again our determined team were able to make it to the opposition try line with another try to me!!

After that we had scored two more marvellous tries with Feki intercepting the ball to race 60 m for a try and Prop Semiliu crashing over from close range to make the final score 29-7.

Well done boys for playing such a game, hopefully we can do the same in the next game!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

M.I Test Result

Just recently we have taken an M.I test to see what our smarts were. I think that my M.I test result is Ideal and truthful. Although I was hopeful for high rankings in some of the smarts such as Logical it just comes to show I need to work harder!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tigers Secure first finals spot since"05"

Gracefully my team (West Tigers) have surely made the the cut for September footy. Winning against the Panthers last week (43-18) gave them a huge boost towards the end of the season giving them a top three spot! Having a really tough run home the Tigers have won four of their last six!! Though having disappointing defeats they have managed to pick up the scraps and have charged towards the finals.

The young guns in Andrew Fifita, Blake Ashyford and Robert Lui have really stepped up through the past month and have filled in the roles of others really well. The Tigers will be lurking for a top two spot in a race against the Titans.
(Tigers VS Storm 4:00pm New Zealand Time) GO TIGERS!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Basketball Trials, Did I make It???

Today I am finding out if I made the Basketball team or not, We had a trial last week and boy what a trial it was, some good shots, rebounds and intercepts. We went down to play at our local College
Tamaki College. They had A REC Centre there and we played on the Basketball court.

We split up into four teams and two teams would play a game and then another two teams would play. I think our team had the advantage of height and power, the team that we were up against had the advantage of speed and agility.

After the game we had defeated the other team 14-2 which I think is a hiding, I was very impressed with myself.

I will give you an update on if I made the team.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can Tigers Stay In The Top Four???

The most exciting attacking team and my personal favourite team in the NRL (The West Tigers) have been winning ugly for the past month and have been lucky enough to stay in the top three. After the Parramatta Eels came from behind and put the Second placed Panthers to the Sword the Tigers had a chance to leap into second, But that was only if they beat the in form Manly Sea Eagles, Unfortunately the Tigers failed to take u a golden opportunity and forced to lose 38-20.

After that game the Roosters had a chance to leap into third with the points differential meaning a lot these days. It was Monday Night footy and the Roosters were taking on a Strong Brisbane Broncos. After a thriller of a game the Roosters hung on to win 34-30 with Kiwi Veteran Shaun Kenny Dowall scoring four tries. After that game the Tigers droped to fourth and the Roosters jumped into third.

Lately the Tigers have been sloppy and have sometimes not made the right choices in crucial parts of the game, They need to kick it up a notch and secure that top four place that they have deserved for a long time. Tiger Vs Sharks On Saturday night GO THE TIGERS!!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Term Three Off To A Blazing Start!!!

Another term meant another topic and boy what a topic it is. It happens to be term 3 which is quite extraordinary because this has been a super fast year. But as they say time flies when your having fun!! This term is called "Mighty Mariners". It has a lot to do with ancient history between Pirates and Vikings,

All of our teachers came dressed like real ancient history up close, There costumes added that extra bit of excitement to the Assembly. Many teachers came as Vikings and Pirates and some came as the people who had found New Zealand! Each team had a performance
that excited the crowd. My personal favourite was the Pirate thief and explorer great Captain Cook!

With all the great preparation and a great motivation this sure to be a super term!!! MIGHTY MARINERS!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Holidays are here

Gleefully the holidays are here, I am in school right now counting down for the "Big Break". I have desperately needed this break as we have have been super busy throughout these past few weeks.

Right now, I'm looking at getting a bit of a rest. Sleeping in would be a great relaxation in the morning. It would also be a good time to hang out with my family out South and have a bit of fun.

There is so much to think about but I am just glad that the Holidays is here. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Team Of A Dream!!!

Lately around this area people have been sucked into Rugby League, chatting about the last game talking about the tries, the big hits, well you probably get the whole setting and stuff. So I have thought of a dream team that I would definitely follow:

1.Jaryd Hayne (Eels)
2.Taniela Tuiaki (Tigers)
3.Micheal Jennings (Panthers
4.Greg Inglis (Strom)
5.Manu Vatuvei (Warriors)
6.Benji Marshall (Tigers)
7.Scott Prince (Titans)
8.Frank Paul Nu'uasala(Roosters)
9.Robbie Farah (Tigers)
10.FuiFui Moimoi (Eels)
11.Frank Pritchard(Panthers)
12.Gareth Ellis (Tigers)
13.Bronson Harrison (Raiders)

I guarantee that if this was a team there would be some serious Salary Cap Issues!!!
Be sure to watch all of these guys play they are all coming and present SUPERSTARS!!!! GO THE TIGERS.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Animation

For this term we have had to create an animation for a Volcano in Auckland. I have chosen my local Mountain Mount Wellington. We had to include some facts in the animation.

Check this out!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kapa Haka Performance:WOW!!

On the 20th of June Pt England School's Senior Kapa Haka group (Tangi Wai) were chosen to perform for the opening of a movie awards night! We had a lot of fun and performed really well. Please leave us a comment about it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Countdown.......

Hours away of knowing the result of the All Whites Fate is really getting to my head. It is quite exciting to know that New Zealand have a chance of making the second round. Watching a show on Sky Sport two that is called "In South Africa", it is quite an interesting watching this show. It has a bus of of tourist there for the world cup. They've just finished soccer with the locals. It gives a perfect build up to a game of the Soccer World Cup. The All Whites are going to give the Paraguay people a good run for their money surely, ALLLLLL WHIIIIIITES!!!!!!!!! 1.30am - will you be there?

All White Fever!!!

A time that will be remembered in our lives forever, kiwi kids making space in their living rooms to play soccer with tennis balls, soccer balls being kicked all over school fields up and down the country, it's soccer fever!

What a result for the All Whites coming out of the pool drawing both of there games against way higher ranked teams in the world. But highlight of the tournament was the All Whites drawing with one of the top five teams of the world!!!! The All whites have finally come to there peak, They're........THE NEW BEGINNING!!!!!!

The All Whites are succesfully coming second equal with the reigning Fifa world Cup champions Italy and in first place is Paraguay. The All Whites will surely make the second round if they win against them, but if we draw it could get a bit rough. Be a real Kiwi and watch the All Whites at 1.30 am, GO THE ALL WHITES!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yesterday was a day when we took our physical sports to another level. Our year seven
boys (including me) had just come back from pure Rugby. It was a probably a day we would never forget.

We went into the battle zone without the confidence that we usually have in ourselves.
We were surely the Underdogs in the competition. Although we only had Year sevens in our team we did really well.

We came across some fearsome teams in Tamaki Intermediate, Sacred Heart School, Bailey Road and Sylvia Park. Our first game was a cracker...! as we unbelievably drew with the fearsome Tamaki Intermediate.

Secondly we clashed with a huge Sacred Heart team who unfortunately were more organised and a bit too powerful through the outside backs. We went through two more games with a lot more Spirit and confidence against Bailey Road and Sylvia Park.

After a long day of Rugby we were successful and made the Semi finals. We came up against a monstrous Sacred Heart and were sadly defeated. But we had played picked on confidence and spirit. Next time we'll be ready...........

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Acrostic Poem

Our class have been working on our Writing and we have been able to produce an acrostic poem about our names. Some of us came up with some very funny ideas and enjoyed creating the poems. Take a look and see what I created.

Terrifically speedy at maths

Always thinking actively

Never giving up

Interested in journalism

East Auckland Representative

League crazy

Unspeakably creative

My Self Portrait

A few weeks ago our class was working on or own self Portrait. I am very proud with my portrait as I am not a specialist in drawing and art.

I have tried and have come up with a result that I am very proud of. Take a look and enjoy the view!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tigers Fury Turns Into Beauty!!!

The most unpredictable team in the NRL (West Tigers) have won three games in a row.
Winning against the Knights first 23-6. Then a memorable thrashing against the New Zealand Warriors 50-6, and now winning against a determined Canterbury Bankstown 19-12.

With the Tigers needing to win this game they executed their game but in a very sloppy way. The Tigers heading in to a bye will get two free points which will give them a bit of a break.

The Tigers are looking to play some new signed players in Big Tame Tupou and silent but deadly Arana Taumata. Both of these players coming back from disappointing injuries which have held them back from NRL glory. Tame Tupou making good progress after just getting back onto the training paddock. And the heroic Keith Galloway will soon be back, while Blake Ashyford looks ready to go.

With the Tigers heading into the bye they will be playing the Canberra Raiders in round fifteen. And then two big weeks after playing against the Raiders, they will play the Dragons and the Brisbane Broncos. GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Tigers Back On Track While Crushing Warriors

West Tigers starting a thrilling week of NRL won against the Warriors 50-6 WHAT A SCORE!!! In the beginning it was a bit nervous watching the Warriors play, They had won two games against the messy Cowboys, And against the in form Rabbitohs. The thought of the Warriors winning against the Rabbitohs and the Tigers just coming back from one victory really occurred to me that this would be a game to remember!

Even though in did not turn out the way I thought it would it was still a game to remember with the Tigers razzling the dazzle winning by quite a good margin.

New coming centre Geoff Daniela had a spectacular game scoring three entertaining tries while having a blister of a game.

Hope that the Tigers will make it three in a row against the Bulldogs GO THE TIGERS!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Term Two Animation

This term we have been studying Volcanoes and we had to create an animation with five or more facts in it. I have created an animation based on the Shield Volcano and Strato Volcano. Take a look!!

Tigers Back On Track, Warriors On Fire

The West Tigers have successfully broken there four game losing streak by taming the Newcastle Knights to win 23-6. While celebrating the victory the Warriors overcame a confident South Sydney Rabbitohs wining an absolute thriller 26-24. Both teams from this weekend have gained a lot of confidence in themselves and are looking to continue being victorious as they go head to head.This will be a good match as it has been an annual big battle. Hope the Tigers thrash the Warriors GO TIGERS!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tigers:That Time Of THE Year

My favourite NRL Team the West Tigers have had four disappointing weeks of losing.They have not played as well as they can losing to the Rabbits a big 10-50 score. They are putting to much pressure on them selves by making pitifully mistakes by dropping the ball while trying to develop trys. They are now coming in ninth in the competition behind the Warriors. They need to do something before it is to late for them. There play makers in Benji and Farah need to step up by showing them the way to a few victories.

Magic Coach Tim Sheens will surely be setting up a tough training this week for the Tigers. The boys need to think of the positives of there season and turn it around while they still can. I believe that they can do anything if they play to there best in the next part of this season.

There next game is against the Newcastle Knights on Friday night. I hope they will get there confidence back from this game. GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yr7 Rugby: Never Give Up

Point England played their first ever intermediate match with Year seven boys in our history. We played against St Marys. We had quite a rough game. They had some huge boys who caused a problem for our team, but we managed to make some spectacular tackles which gave us a bit of pride in ourselves. We gave it a certain amount of an effort but it wasn't enough to take down the big boys. But we did manage to make a movie of our fantastic highlights. Take a look!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kiwis:Almost There Boys

The Kiwi Jersey brought an unexpected attitude to the game. They played a lot better than expected and could of drawn but lost to the Australians 8-12. The young pack of Kiwis played with loads of momentum and had the Aussies on there feet for quite a while. Debutant Zeb Taia had a good game for a start. He made a few yards and gave them a few offloads.

The Kiwis were well in the game throughout the opening half but the score went to the Australians 6-0. But through the beginning of the second half the Australians ran in a try for Dragon Winger Brett Morris which gave him two tries for the night. With ten minutes on the clock the Kiwis had to do something. So a Kiwis move and a perfect execution from Lance Hohaia gave Dragons right side Winger Jason Nightingale a try in the corner. Rabbitohs superstar hooker Issac Luke missed the kick from out wide and the score remained 12-4.

With five minutes left the Kiwis sent Junior Sau over the line with his incredible strength. Once again Issac Luke missed the conversion and the game seemed like it was over with the score 8 to 12. In the end the Kiwis played a really good game losing by 4 points this was only because of conversions.

Let's hope the Kiwis will take the confidence from that game and crush them in the Four Nations Thanks to for the picture. GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!(Next game against the Rabbitohs!!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kiwis Squad:Where's The Power?

After watching the League show 40/20 I was a bit, in fact, hugely shocked on the selection of the New Zealand Kiwis to take on the fearsome Australians. Before I saw the selection I asked my dad "Do you think the Kiwis will win against Australia?" Not surprisingly he said "Yes". I asked him why New Zealand would have the upper hand on this. He said they would win because we have the forward pack. I thought for a minute and he was right. We got Moimoi,Pritchard,Blair,Lima and Bronson Harrison. That really would have made the difference to the game on Friday because the only exceptional Prop from Australia would Petero Civinacioeva. But to my surprise Moimoi and Jeff Lima were not selected. Stephen Kearney has probably left out one of the most Dynamic Props in the game right now.

The Kiwis Squad:                                                                                                                                     Adam Blair (Melbourne), Kieran Foran (Manly), Alex Glenn (Brisbane), Bronson Harrison (Canberra), Aaron Heremaia (New Zealand), Lance Hohaia (New Zealand), Issac Luke (South Sydney), Sika Manu (Melbourne), Benji Marshall (Wests Tigers), Steve Matai (Manly), Ben Matulino (New Zealand), Jason Nightingale (St George Illawarra), Frank-Paul Nuuausala (Sydney), Sam Perrett (Sydney), Sam Rapira (New Zealand), Junior Sa'u (Newcastle), Zeb Taia (Newcastle), Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Sydney) 

The game on Friday will be one game to watch as we see three debutant's playing for the Kiwis and they are Alex Glenn,Zeb Taia and Warrior's hooker Aaron Heremaia. It will be intresting to see the pressure on these spectacular debutant's. Watch the game this Friday at 9:30 PM GO THE KIWIS!!!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Deal:You Spoke To The Mayor Of Auckland

It was one extraordinary day, You know why? I got up close and personal to the MAYOR OF AUCKLAND!!!

THE Mayors name was John Banks. He came to our school to talk about some issues that we have here at our school. Helen Tui and Paulitia introduced him to our school and brought him into the room where we normally have our meetings. As soon as he came into the room our presenting team started to present.

I was a bit nervous when it was my turn but once I settled into my speech I was comfortable to talk. After we finished our presentation we sat down and had a korero with the Mayor. We gave him a presentation on how our changing rooms at our local beach are always locked. We also talked to him in depth about the cost of our local pools and how we could solve the problem.

He was very impressed with the way we showed him our presentation.
He started talking, but the thing I was most interested in was when he said "I could easily go back to my office, take these papers and get to the bottom of this," But! "I'm going to make you guys speak for yourselves! It was quite cool to know that John Banks knew that we could speak for ourselves!! He then said " First you're going to make a presentation for the Community Board" "WOW!!!" I thought in my head. But if that doesn't work out then your going to make another presentation for the AUCKLAND City Council. That was so cool to know!!!
"I'm sending you on a journey" is what he said to us. When I thought about what we had just accomplished. It seemed like we had done we had done a good job. I can't wait for what lies ahead for the future of our school

Monday, April 26, 2010

Storm Result: We Show NO Mercy

The Storm came into the match with a furious strike showing that the incident had no part of their emotions in the thrashing against the Warriors. The ending score was 40-6! The Warriors played the role of sitting duck's. The Storm sent the Warriors under the pump through out the whole game.

Some of the Storm players were a bit dirty, starting scraps, causing arguments and people getting on report. The Storm fired with thunder forgetting what had happened. Warriors fill in Captain Micheal Luck was deeply considering trouble maker Brett White as a nasty little man. White was quite disturbing to the Warriors Captain gave him a piece of his mind chucking in a few blows before team mates stopped him. The Warriors only try went to the Tongan Powerhouse Ukuma Ta'ai. Ukuma took a bit of anger off his shoulders chucking the ball at Billy Slater's head which caused a bit of grief between the to teams. It was a fantastic display of footy by the Storm , they have to keep playing like that if they want to get through this season.....GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Storm: Lost In The Clouds

The magnificent NRL Melbourne Storm have been devastated to know that they have been stripped of two premiership titles, 3 minor Priemierships. And are as good as disqualified because they will be stripped of all their Competition points of this season. This all came from a sneaky staff member of the Storm. They were busted for cheating with their Salary Cap over paying their stars so they could keep their stars interested in there team.

You might be thinking "Why is this bad?". Well it is quite simple, it is because you have a particular amount of money
to spend on your players, What the Storm did was they spent too much money on their players so that they could put together a super team. The reason they have a budget to stick to is that every team has an even chance at the upcoming season.

The Storm have been doing this for quite a while now and that's why they have been stripped of so much that they won. The funny thing is the Warriors are playing them tonight, it will be great to see how the Storm will turn up. Will they fire up?, Or will they fail.....WATCH THE GAME TONIGHT!!!! (Sunday 25th April) GO THE TIGERS!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuakana Teina

This year the yr 7's are doing a new activitie. While some of us are in music some of us are in a new thing we call " Tuakana Teina". We are helping new entrants kid's with there Elearning (Computer Work). We go into classes between room 1-7.

It is cool to work with little kids. Our aim is to help kids learn how to use Computers properly. I was working with one kid and he was really good at drawing for his age. You might be able to see some of there blogs. Maybe you could go to Room One Rock Stars. Tuakana Teina is so cool!!!


Both the Tigers and the Warriors had terrific games. With the Tigers making a big upset 23-12 and the Warriors soaring past the Broncos and winning 48-16. Both teams played superb football outdoing there opposition.

It was the first game of last week between Tigers and the Eels. This I knew was going to be a fearsome yet heart breaking match. The teams looked precise and ready for action. They ran and out of the tunnel came the sleek men of the Eels. Then came out the champs of 2005 and yet to win 2010,...... the Tigers!!

The game had begun and the Eels kicked off. It was intense set of plays with great ball running and rough defence. Versatile winger Lote Tuquri scored a spectacular try which was given to him by a terrific Benji Marshall grubber. Marshall attempted the kick from out wide but missed slightly and the score remained 4-0. The Eels gained some very helpful position but they failed to turn the position into points. The Tigers then gained perfect position after Eels backrower Ben Smith made a late shot on Tigers Loose forward Chris Heighton. Tigers were near finishing there set , Fill in half back Tim Moltzen grubbered the ball into the goal line and centre Blake Ashyford touched down for a another try and made the score 8-0. At the end of the half with nobody looking Marshall hit a sweet drop goal superbly, It went right over the black dot. At half time the score was 9-0 to the TIGERS!!! The game went on and the second half started the Eels scored two hopeful trys but it wasn't enough as the Tigers dominated and won the game 23-12.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Camp Kindness Was KIND!!!!!!!

WWWOOOOOWWW!!!! THAT WAS KIND!!!!!! I was absolutely stunned about how awesome this Camp was. It was so cool to try new activities that we had seen on TV. Say for example a Dunking Tank was available (Quite scary), Archery was also available and my favourite activity, : Log Jousting. Log Jousting was my favourite activity because it was quite an aggressive game but a lot of us got stuck into it. There were some pretty intense battles but only the best came out on top. I had a rival ready to battle and he was: Semiliu. an evil glare looking like he wanted to beat me to the death. After a while Semiliu and I decided to fight for the first time. We picked up our shields and our weapon, we put on our head gear and were ready for a fearsome battle. We both climbed up a stilt and stood on the log. ''Fighters are you ready?" is what the rock up instructor said. "YES!!!" We screamed back. "Fighters touch shields" (She said this for sportsmanship), we touched shield with roughness. FIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!!!!! We started THE FIGHT and we started laying on the big blows. Semiliu was slashing his weapon across my shoulders, pain was about to hurt my shoulder so I decided to attack, I swung my weapon and it clashed with his hip, it made him wobble. I saw this as a chance to take him down, so I then I prepared my weapon and struck!!!! SMACK!!!! Semiliu went flying to the ground and it was 1-0 to me. The second round was about to begin "FIGHT".......SMACK,BANG,WACK,POW!!!
This was intense match and the referee decided to give the victory to Semiliu. This was the third and final round. We stood up on the log waiting for the signal. But before the fight began I came up with a plan. "FIGHT!!!" SMACK!!!! As planned Semiilu was going for all the heavy blows, he was to busy attacking then defending. So when he was tired and the time was right I targeted his legs. "SMACK!!!" IT WAS VICTORY FOR THE CONSIDERATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My team!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Warriors Beat Sharks To The Death! West Tigers Fail

WOW!! The Warriors have taken there first victory away to give them there first points of the NRL season, as for my team the Tigers, they lost unfortunately lost to the Roosters 44-32.

The Warriors played there first home game and won against the Cronulla Sharks 30-16. The BEAST Manu Vatuvei scored a monstrous three tries which gave the Warriors the victory. Both teams played a fair bit of footy, playing with the ball trying to steel some points. It was Malone scoring first for the Warriors giving them a bit of confidence to keep that momentum going. Then it was Manu's time to shine as he scored one of his three tries. The game went on and the Warriors were in a comfortable position leading by more than 10 points. New hooker Aaron Heremaia scored a good try and put them in a good position. Also big Kiwi prop Sam Rapira scored by barging over the line right under the post.

The Tigers threw away a win while giving the victory to the versatile side "The Sydney Roosters". The Tigers dominated the opening minutes by scoring two wonderful tries in only thirteen minutes. Benji Marshall scored the first try going swiftly threw the defence and scored in the best possible place "under the post. Marshall then converted and it became 6-0. The Roosters had just kicked the ball and the Tigers retrieved it. Star Hooker Robbie Farah then drew in a payer and popped the ball to new recruit Mark Flanagan. Flanagan ran with the ball threw a terrific dummy and sprinted as fast as he could. Behind him was winger Sam Perret. Flanagan then offloaded to Lote Tuquri. Lote Tuquri sprinted seventy metres to score a terrific try. Marshall converted and the score became 12-0. From then on the Roosters took over and eventually at half time the score was 20-12.

In the second half the Roosters had already won pouring on a huge 24 points. But the Tigers added a few constilation tries making the full time score 32-44. The Tigers next game is on Friday night, against the fearsome Paramatta Eels. GO THE TIGERS!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"MAN!!" The year has gone super fast in fact, it's already time for CAMP!!! This year our theme for camp is:Kindness. So this year our Camp is called Camp Kindness. It is going to be different to all the other camps that we have been on. Mrs Nua (Our Teacher) said that we would be doing different things to the year five and sixes. It was very exciting to hear that.

I am a leader for my group, our group's name is ,"Considerators", our group (Considerators) got together and made a chant. We were very cooperative and got used to being a group. We had to choose a song from a lucky dip because instead of performing on the concert night we would have to make a MTV from a song, But the thing about it was that it had to be a New Zealand based song. So I went up and chose a song out of a hat. The song was called "Waka" I have no idea what the song is but I'll learn it through camp. CAMP STARTS TOMOORROW!!!!!!!!!! CONSIDERATORS!!!!

Tigers Race Back To Make A SUPER WIN!!

WOW!!! That was the best match for the round!! Seeing my team (West Tigers) make a terrific come back against the fearsome, Manly Sea Eagles. We were behind in the first half 20-4 and made a gutsy comeback and eventually won the game 26-22.

When the game begun the Sea Eagles kicked off, the Tigers retrieved the ball. They done some good solid tackles and fortunately the Tigers got a penalty for being held down, So the Tigers got another set of tackles.

A while later the West Tigers were near the Eagles try line and again the Tigers got another penalty. The Tigers had the position, A set of tackles, boy the Tigers just HAD to score!!! It was the third tackle and the Tigers had spread out ready for a move, they passed it behind the decoy and dummyed the inside and gave to the outside which actually was Chris Lawrence. Chris Lawrence drew in some players which is exactly what the Tigers wanted Chris Lawerence was about to be put to ground but his hands were lose. Lawrence offloaded to his side and MONSTER, LOTE TUQURI scooped up the ball and scored!!! The Tigers had scored the first try and it was four-zip to the Tigers. Those were the only points the Tigers scored in that half, Marshall had missed the kick and Manly dominate and were winning 20-4.

The second half had begun and the Tigers were kicking off. In the 56th minute the Eagles recieved a penalty and decided to go for a kick which is worth two points the score was then 22-4. The Tigers then recieved a penalty in Manly's half and gave it out to Moltzen to split the defence and offload to Blake Ashyfrod to. Marshall converted from out wide and made the score 22-1o. Some super skills by Marshall and Moltzen saw Moltzen run away and send Liam Fulton 40 metres down to score and make it 14-22. Again the Tigers got some terrific position from a fumble from Eagle Brett Stewart. On the very next tackle the Tigers out done the oppisition by seeing Lawrence cross the try line for a try!!! The try was then converted and was made 20-22 with eight minutes to go. With five minutes to go ,yet another penalty saw Robbi Farah grubber in goal for Ellis to score HIS FIRST EVER NRL TRY!!!!!! What looked like a victory for the Tigers, Eagles prop George Rose put a dirty shot over and old but new recruit Daniel Fitzhenry. Team Mate Bryce Gibbs came in to defend him and was throwing a few blows at the dirty forward. In the end that gave the Tigers a penalty and Robbie Farah was told to kick the ball out. The game had been won. This was a very famous victory to look back at for both teams. WHAT A GAME GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Thrilling Start To The NRL!!!

WOW!! What a spectacular start to a fresh NRL season. The Eels took on the Dragons losing 12-18. It was an intense game, watching both teams do freaky stunts with the ball, offloading, freakish passes, big hits; it had it all in Round One.
The Eels Prodigal Son Timana Tahu made a terrific first impression to the game with his good old big hitting shoulders, putting big hits on Saint George, taking the game to another level. The Dragons took the first try with a Nathan Fien grubber which was retrieved just before the touch line by skipper Ben Hornby. After a while the score was 12 all and the game was starting to get rough. It was so good to see a Versatile Winger Eric Grothe Jr (Eels) run it up straight. At the end of the game the Dragons held on to win the game 12-18 against the Eels.

There was another game that was on, it was the great Queensland Clash between the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys. This was a fascinating game to watch as the Broncos were winning 24 nill against the Cowboys. The fascinating part had just begun as the Cowboys were making a major comeback. After three quarters of a thrilling 2nd half it was all locked up at twenty four all. WOW!! What a finish this was going to be, with seventy eight minutes gone and two minutes to go. This was going to be one crazy ride, The Broncos had the ball in there position. The Broncos had spread the ball out wide, the gap was there for Denan Kempt, Denan Kempt pumped his legs ,he had to beat the winger, HE SMOKED HIM!! WHAT A TRY!!!! The game was saved from going extra time because Broncos. What a game!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Comic life way

In our class we all gathered into groups and took a few photos about all the korero's we knew. We then downloaded our photos and put them into Comic life please enjoy!

It was quite cool getting to go around the school, it almost felt like a SCAVENGER HUNT!!!


Boy! I just can't wait to see how each team has improved in their skills and agility! This season is going to be tough, as it has grown stronger in young rookies getting ready to take the spotlight. Of course the West Tigers ( My favourite League team) are looking to make a first good impression by beating the Sea Eagles of Manly. they are playing on March the 15th which is this coming Monday! Australian winger Lote Tuquri will make it in time to play his first game with the Tigers.

Another cracker - jack game that is sure to be a cliff hanger is the Runners Up of last year "The Paramatta Eels and the red hot Saint George Dragons. This will be a good match because star recruit "Timana Tahu" will be playing his come back game. It is quite sad to kn ow that "Big Dell"
(Wendell Sailor) has retired but, he knows that it's right because all the rookies will be coming through this year.

Wow! This is going to be an exciting season. NRL 2010 IS HERE!!! GO THE TIGERS!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Charity Shield 2010

MAN!! What a game that was, I had just finished watching one breath taking game between the Rabbits and the Dragons. I had been wanting to watch this game for the whole week, it seemed that both teams look really good and ready for the new season. As the teams were in the sheds getting ready for the game they showed the line up for both teams. Both line ups were very fearsome and dangerous.

The Rabbits line up involved English Powerhouse Sam Burgess he was looking to make a good impression to his 2ND 1st grade game which was going to be an absolute cliff hanger!! The Dragons also had a strong pack (line up) with there general heroes, Jamie Soward,Brett Morris,Ben Craighe and...... well you would get it by now!!

It was a good game with a lot of big hits,good tries and a lot of ball skills. The Rabbits scored the first try with spectacular work up and a perfect ending. After a while Rabbits were on there last tackle and they were looking for yet another try. Some how star Fetuli Talanoa gathered up the ball and had put the ball down when his left foot was inches away from hitting the sideline ......WHAT A TRY!!! The Rabbits were in the lead and the Dragons needed to step up in there game.

Dragons had just gotten the ball they worked up field and had spread the ball out wide, Kiwi star Jason Nightingale ran down the sideline but he still had to beat the fullback Rhys Wesser, so he stepped in and had scored a try for the Dragons.

At half time the score was 16 all ,so then I went to bed. GO THE TIGERS!!!!!


WOW! That was a nail biting finish to the twenty, twenty test between the New Zealand Black Caps and the best Cricket team in the world (right now), the Australians. It was one good game to watch, seeing Brendon Mucullum hit some freaky shots!! Not only Mucullum was a stand out player, there were loads more like the cult hero Tim Southee with his fantastic bowls , Nathan Mucullum with his game saving fielding and……..well you could say that the WHOLE team played well!

At the end of the game it was all locked up at a tie. So the two cricket teams had a showdown by having a super over. A super over is when you only get one over (six bowls) to hit as many runs as you can. You only have two wickets in hand and if you lose all of your wickets….GAME OVER!!!! Australia batted first and New Zealand had picked Tim Southee to bowl this exciting over. I quivered with excitement knowing that this was going to get rough. Tim Southee had done a excellent job only giving the Australians six runs and he had taken away one wicket (Caught by Nathan Mucullum).

It was New Zealand’s turn to bat and they had chosen Brendon Mucullum and Mark Guptill to bat. It was a nerve racking moment as I saw Australia choose there fastest bowler Shawn Tait to bowl the super over. The over was about to begin and the first bowl went to Mucullum. SMACK Mucullum had hit it for a run and charged to the other side of the pitch. One of the fielders “Clarke” had chucked the ball curiously wanting to get the wicket. Mucullum saw the ball coming for the wicket so he dived wanting to survive the throw, luckily Clarke had missed the wickets by a inch. Mucullum Smiled with relief getting ready for the next bowl. Shawn Tait had throw another bowl and had made it go way too wide and that had given New Zealand a free run and another bowl. This only meant that New Zealand needed 4 more runs and they would be home free. After another two bowls the Black Caps had hit one run and had been given another free run. With two runs left and three bowls in hand New Zealand were looking for the kill. SMACK!!!! Mark Guptill had just won the game for New Zealand by hitting a beautiful four YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH KIWIS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Putting myself into their shoes!

Throughout the week we have been doing a lot of literacy. The most recent subject would be writing. Our teacher Mrs Nua has told us about one of the highlights in her holiday. It was about her daughter who went on a Bungee Jump. She showed us shots of the moment. She gave us a very brief and descriptive story about when her daughter was getting ready to jump and when she had jumped. So our Teacher told us to put ourselves into her daughters shoes and to wright an exciting but short story so here is my story:

I stood there feeling crackled as I looked 40 metres down thinking about Bungee jumping made me want to puke. I stood there getting ready to jump 40 terrifying metres down off Hanmer Bridge. It was to late now, So I had no choice but to jump.

My stomach gurgled out loud like a jammed sewage pipe. I had a stomach ache. It was do or die now (die as in I would get a punishment from my mum because it cost a a lot of money to jump off a BRIDGE!!!) I jumped!! And my chest was as numb I took a jump of fright. "AAAHHH!!!!!!" I screamed like a helpless girl saying to myself, "I'm so stupid to think this was a cool idea!!"

I flew down like a Phoenix. As I was still screaming with terror I felt a nice cool breeze glide threw my non dyed hair. It felt so refreshing and terrifying at the same time in fact it was a mixed bag of emotions!! I was still falling and the ground got closer and closer,closer,closer ............AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I shut my eyes and was about to cry! But then suddenly BOOIIINNNGGG?!?! I opened eyes in question, "I'm alive? I"M ALIVE!!!" I suddenly feel a lot better knowing that I had survived that breathtaking jump!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All Stars VS Aborigenes WHAT A GAME!!

What a game that was!! The Indigenous All Stars stole the win out of the NRL All Stars by winning the match 12-16. It was amazing to see all the stars of last year play in that game. They all looked in very good shape they looked lean and mean ready to kick into the 2010 season!

It was sad to see "Big Dell" (Wendell Sailor) play his last game but he showed a bit of humour after scoring , when he scored the first try he ran straight to the corner post pulled it out of the ground and pretended that it was a didgeridoo, when he was playing his "instrument" all of the Indigenous players ran up to Wendell and started doing a dance it was quite funny to see all the Australians dancing!!

Manu "The Beast" Vatuvei played for the NRL all stars as a winger along with Israel Folau. Sam Burges had his first taste in playing with Australians. He was quite good with all the tackles and offloads he created. Micheal Jennings (SPEED MERCHANT!!!) also made a HUGE commitment to the game ,swerving,slipping,sliding threw the defence and gave the try to put the All Stars back into the game. It was classic game and people predict that this will be the new ORIGIN!! GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naruto Chronicles

Over the year I have slowly been watching a cartoon called "Naruto" it is about a boy named you guessed it Naruto and he goes on such crazy and exciting adventures to search for his best friend Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto is one of the Jinchuriki he has the nine tailed fox sealed in him which holds an incredible amount of power but they call the power Chakra. Naruto's friend Sasuke purposely runs away from home so that he could go to his EVIL brother Itachi Uchiha. Naruto has been looking for him but then had given up for a while and started training with a Pervy Sage (Grand Master) Jiraiya, they left the villiage for there training.

After two long years Naruto had finally completed his training with Pervy Sage and then headed back to the village. Now Naruto must search for Sasuke but now Sasuke has become one of the most dangerous fighters around and has joined a villianous group called the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki are made up of runaway villagers who are extremely powerfull. In my picture Naruto is in the middle Sasuke is on the left and Naruto team mate and crush "Sakura" is on the right. Thanks to for the picture

West Tigers young guns get a shot of GLORY

West Tigers will be playing against the North Queensland Cowboys this week on FRIDAY THE 12TH and basically MASTER coach Tim Sheens have put the up and coming superstar Young guns in there first pre season game for this year. I was abit shocked to see that the Tigers had no experienced first grade players but it would also be exciting to see who would be the shining youngsters for this year. I think that they will do well because of course there going to be the CHAMPS FOR 2010!!!!! GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!