Monday, February 23, 2009

World Cup at Pt England Primary

Last Friday at assembly, guess what came?????? THE RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD CUP!!!!

A man named Keith came to our school. Keith was part of the Auckland Rugby League Society. He is the PR .PR stands for public relationship. That means taking things that are special to Rugby League out into the public. Everyone was so excited that their eyes puffed up like big bowling balls as they saw the cups shiny light soar through the hall. The cup was like a fragrance. It lit up the room as it glittered.

Keith introduced himself and the cup with a speech of his own. Then we saw this totally awesome video clip that was out together for us. Everyone in the audience was amazed and made sounds. The music went really well with the footage and excitement of the game.

Everyone was was fascinated by the game, for example when Manu Vatuvei shoulder barged Billy Slater, every one said ''OOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!'' Everyone was AMAZED!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Holidays

WHOOOSH!!! As I went down the speedslide at the Waiwera pools. My family and I went to Orewa for a holiday. We stayed there for three whole days. It was fun and exciting. We were lucky because we stayed in a house that was right across the road from the Waiwera pools!

When we were at Waiwera we saw many slides that looked like fun. My dad and I went on the fastest slide. It was called the Speedslide . As we got into the line the guard was watching us. I said to my dad ''Lets go on the count of three'' '' ONE, TWO .... AND THEN I WAS OFF! I cheated by letting go of the bar on the count of two. My dad caught up anyway and when we were nearly finished he said ''Laters !'' Then we splashed into the water. My dad won just buy a second.

Then we went to where my mum was. She was in the hot pool or should I call it the...... MOVIE POOL!!! The movie pool is where you can watch movies, but in a hot pool. AND DO I MEAN HOOOOOTTT pool!

After we got out of the MOVIE POOL we went to where we sat, and packed up and went home.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kids To Kiwis Day

On Sunday February the first the Kiwis came to Otahuhu rugby league club. It was an absolutely AWESOME day. We got to meet all of the rugby league World CHAMPIONS!! We even got lessons from Isaac Luke on how to grubber the ball PERFECTLY. We got to play rob the nest with Sam Perret and play ball rush against David Fa'alogo and Sam Rapira. We also got to tackle the Kiwi forward Sika Manu.

When my dad went to buy me a a Kiwis T-shirt I snatched the T-shirt of him and ran to get the Kiwis autograph's because I was so EXCITED!!!!!I got everyone autograph on my shirt. Prime was actually recorded us LIVE can you believe it LIVE from 10:00 onward. THAT DAY WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!

Thanks to photo sport for these pictures.

Kiwi Sports Award Night

On the night of the 3rd of February on TV 1 we had the annual New Zealand Sports Awards evening.

Well I was really interested in the 'Team of the Year' award. I thought that the Kiwis would get it, they were nominated alongside the double skull champions - Ever-Swindell twins, the All Blacks?? and the cycling team.

Shockingly - Ever-Swindell twins won. Even though they are a great team of two, I think that the New Zealand Kiwi Team deserved the award. I think they should have won it because they have made history. As for the twins, they have made history too ... it was expected. As for the Kiwis it is their FIRST time ever - which is pretty special and stands out.

With the Ever-Swindell twins people all around the world expected them to win gold. But the Kiwis surprising win was not expected by many people so makes it so much more bigger and greater!!

I am not doing this just because I am a league fan but because I love sport and think that this time the Kiwis earned this award. Twins you are fantastic - but this time the Kiwis are number one.