Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiafia Night.......SPECTACULAR!!!!!

Just Last Term the kids of Point England produced a fantastic show with dance performances and singing. There were a lot of groups, they were all fantastic by the way.

The groups that I participated in were the Samoan group and the Kapa Haka group (Tangi Wai).
I loved the experience and I am hopeful that we can do it again. Here are some highlights from that wonderful night.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tigers Set For The Clash Of The Year (My Guess)

After holding on to beat the Canberra Raiders 26-24 in an absolute epic injury crisis the Tigers are to fight a Strong St George Dragons to get to the big one (The Grand Final).

This is set to be one of the biggest clashes all year. Memories are flowing back for Dragons fans who lost the exact same match in 2005 in an absolute thriller with the Tigers winning that game 20-12. That was when magic man Benji Marshall was at the top of his magical career, But I know that Benji can do the same as he did back then because HE'S BENJI!!!

Game analyser Phil Gould is right that this is the clash that we have all been waiting for. All week the Tigers have been saying the pressure is all on the Dragons to win the game and I am hopeful that the Tigers can use that pressure to put them away once again.

My guess is that Tigers can take the game, With the pressure rising on the Dragons and the Tigers looking like the underdogs hopefully they can use this position as an advantage to take the Dragons down. The game is at 9:30pm on Saturday this week I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tigers Live Another Day

Just recently on Saturday the Tigers went down to lose a heart breaking match against a sneaky Sydney Roosters. Winning that game would have sent the Tigers straight to the game where if you won it your in the Grand Final but unfortunately we lost in an absolute thriller losing 19-15.

The tragic things are that there are some huge names that are out injured, with Benji, Gareth Ellis and Liam Fulton all out (All who are key players in the team)!!!! They are in for one heck of a ride playing the red hot Raiders on Friday!!! The Raiders have managed to defeat the second placed Panthers 24-22.

I am really concerned with the injuries that we have but I am hopeful that Tim Sheens (Master Mind Coach) knows what to do with what he's got. COME ON TIGERS IT'S DO OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Team The Mennisota Vikings

As you may know I love the NRL team the West Tigers but I also have another team which plays in the NFL which is also know as the National Football League, The Minnesota Vikings. They have played three games this season and have managed to win two of them, their most recent game was against the Denver Broncos 31-24.

My favourite player from their team is monstrous Running Back Adrien Peterson. He has scored eighteen tries since he has been in the NFL. He is a very strong powerful runner who is also very speedy. He has a rival in the Tennesse Titans and his name is Chris Jonhson. He also has big expectations this year.

The Vikings have high expectations that I know that they can fill. They are playing the Saints who are in form this will be a good game. GO VIKINGS!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tigers Charge Towards First Semi

Failing to beat the Gold Coast Titans the Tigers finished third after the Panthers thrashed the Cronulla Sharks 50-12. Winning would have given the Warriors a chance to make the top four and hopefully get a home semi final!(My dad has season tickets).

Now that the Tigers have finished third they are forced to play the sixth placed Sydney Roosters. This will be a tough match for the Tigers as they have struggled against them in the regular season, losing both times against them will be hard to overcome, but I believe if we play to the best of our abilities we will win the game easily. But I think that the key to playing these games is to keep cool and wait for the right time to strike.

The West Tiger will play there game at the Sydney Football Stadium on Saturday this week.