Sunday, March 29, 2009

Swimming Sports

Last week on Friday Point England Primary school had their annual swimming sports. We had it at the YMCA swimming centre. We all had a really good time swimming and having FUN!!

I am a house captain for a team called ''Takitimu''. Every year we have groups from our school when we competing against each other in sporting events. So I was chosen to be leader for Takitimu our house colour was Yellow.

I was chosen for two strokes Freestyle and Backstroke. I think I am pretty good at freestyle but the only thing that stood in the way of me getting was a boy named Jordan Pritchard he is the fastest swimmer in our school he is as fast as a fish!!

As the race was about to start. Mr Jacobsen called out ''HEAT ONE FREESTYLE!!"THREE TWO ONE"GOOOO!!!!" We were off like fish freed from a nasty trap I was rotating my arms in and out of the water like a motor cycles wheels going round and round. I was coming second then suddenly a boy named Trey Ngate was catching up to me. I was in front buy a nose it was so close we were near the finish line Trey was getting closer by the second he was gaining on me we were coming a tye ANDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! The race had just finished and I had won by a hand!! What a race a magnificent effort but the good thing about Trey was that he qwas in the sasme team as ME!!!

Family Service At Church

On Sunday the 28Th of March I had a family service at my church. My class and my sisters class had to come up with things to do with a Bible Reading from Matthew chapter 13. Our theme for the family service was what type of soil are you?? The different types of soils were,Packed Soil,Rocky Ground,Thorn Bushes and of course we had good soil.

Packed Soil Means That someone comes and takes the message of God from you like seeds just sitting on the path waiting for the birds to come and eat them up. The rocky ground in the story represents a person who receives the message of God gladly but the message does not sink deep into them and when persecution comes they give up at once.Thorn bushes make you worry about  other things instead of thanking God for what we have. And finally good soil,good soil sinks deep into us and we spread the message to others. Now you can imagine what our play and skit would be like we also done an awesome creative dance!!!!


MAN that was a tough game between these two teams. It was a tiring time for the Warriors having to make so many tackles because of the ball errors that they keep making. The score was 26-10 to the Brisbane Broncos. Maybe the reason why the Warriors lost is that there forward pack were as big as a PACK OF MONSTERS!! Did you see that number eleven from the Broncos man he was like the size of a Bulldozer. We got two good tries one from Simon Mannering and one to a new bee Ukuma Ta'ai with a beautiful barge over the line.  Stacey Jones played and started up a bit of spark but not enough to make the Warriors come back to win!

Even though the Warriors did not win the match they gave it all they had. Well done to the Broncos for winning that tough match.

It was a game where ball skills and big MUSCLES mattered!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soap Derby Competition

On Sunday the 22ND of March Point England Primary entered the Soap Box Derby competition at the Stone Fields. It was totally awesome!! There were lots of other schools that were competing to get into the Regional racing competition of New Zealand.  We came 2nd overall and now have qualified for the regionals. If we win this we could go to AMERICA!!

Our first race was against Sacred Heart College,our first driver was Cruz Ona Sue. He won by at least a few meters (even though they are a college!!) Our top sponsor was KORKOR it is a digital two way Radio. They gave us these high quality radios that were just like Walkie- Talkies which was pretty cool - compared to other schools we looked very flash with our two way radios, they even gave us a Sausage Sizzle. It was absolutely DELICIOUS- because it had  Onions and cheese and sauce and.....well you get the idea!!  It was also for all our supporters like our families and friends.

I was part of the pit crew,in the pit crew you do some final touches on the car and you transport the car to places. It was pretty tiring but it was worth it because we got an award..... Our drivers were Tevita F, Shontal S,Cruz S,Jacob L and Nathaneil T. 

All of our drivers did really well they all had a great time. We had won 13 out of 14 races which is pretty good.   After we had finished all the races it was time to have the awards.  We picked up FOUR trophies.  They were for:
1. Runners up for the fastest race 
2. Best designed car
3. Best pit crew
4. Fastest driver - Jacob

We need to say thank you to Mr Jacobsen, Mr Molloy, our parents and supporters, the entire PES driving team and of course our top sponsor Korkor!!  You are all fantastic people! Im looking forward to the North Shore Regionals!! 
Come along and support us in about two weeks time(April the 6th).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Camp Aratika

Last week on March 18th Point England had there 19th year five and six camp. It was a totally awesome THREE day camp that's right THREE day camp. We had a bucket full of fun. We went Rock climbing,Tenpin bowling,Orienteering and lots more other cool places!!

Of course my favourite activity was Rock climbing because there was one wall that was a Jungle type and the cool thing about it is that you were able to walk across parts!! People think it is FREAKY but once you walk over the bridge you feel like it is easier to walk.

We also had heaps of fun Orienteering. Orienteering is when you travel using directions from a compass. We team up with a partner, using the compass - it leads you to a yellow card which has a letter on it and gives you the next clue to find the next letter. We also had our concert night which was totally awesome. Our teams (groups)came up with items to introduce their group.

And thats what I call one totally awesome camp!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Softball Competition

On Wednesay the 11th of March Point England school entered a Softball tournament it was very exciting. There were other local schools in the area that came to play. We played SIX games throughout the tournament. As it was my turn to bat I picked up the bat,put the bat in place and waited for the pitcher to pitch the ball to me I waited then finally the ball comes flying straight for me,then suddenly I hit the ball it rolled like a Super Sonic jet on the ground I ran as fast as I could then I ran as fast as I could to the first base. Then we had another game this game was to come second we played against Panmure Bridge. We won that game because I caught THREE thats right THREE balls in a row which made us catch up.

Podcasting At School

Podcasting is one of the things that make us famous here at Point England school. It also helps to get better at our reading and writing you could also call it litreacy for short. All you have to do is read a book,write a script with your patner. Then confrence with the teacher. Then finally when the teacher thinks your ready fo the next step you type up a script on the computer and then publish it. After you have practised a few times we go into a room called the podcasting room. One of you will be called the reader and one of you will be called the DJ. The DJ is the person that ask questions about the book. The reader talks about the book and gives the DJ and idea what it would be like to be a character in the book they also tell you what the moral is in the book. And then it gets published onto our KPE blog on the Point England primary website and then you can watch the podcast and leave comments to. You can also add photos to make the book more interesting.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holiday Recount

In the holidays I went to the Waiwera pools one of my favourite parts was going on the hydroslide.We stayed there for three days.Check out my anamation that I created in imovie for my ICT task!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Researching Top Treats

On Friday last week the extension group researched some of our favourite and new foods that have recently been open. Me and my partner Leoden reasearched Wendys I found out that it was created by a man by the name of Dave Thomas he was born in 1932 and was born in New Jersey Alantic City. In 1968 when he was 35 he became a MILLIONARE!!!!(What would you do with all that money??) As time went past he finally made his own restraunt named Wendys he named the restraunt after his daughter.

Thanks to for this photo.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Burger King...was Burger King really the top of the list for most favourite meal?? The Pt England extension group were investigating what the favourites were for this group. We had lots of fun finding out things we didn't know about our friends and classmates.
First of all we were given a task to somehow come up with an interesting way to show the favourites of this group. It was fun because we heard some very weird types of food from the students. We discovered that the things that we like more were sugary and fatty things (Obviously!).