Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch in a Crisis

Even more sad events are happening at this very time in Christchurch New Zealand, the earthquakes are striking once again, there are many buildings that have been destroyed by this tragic happening, but even sadder things took place, the 3 news presenters have reported that more than 60 people have died from the earthquake.

They say that there may be a lot more people that have passed away, maybe even double. But some of the Christchurch citizens are helping rescue groups to save and rescue people that have been collapsed on by buildings, some may be badly injured, some might be found unconscious, and maybe even dead.

I saw many photos and footage of some destroyed buildings, the atmosphere for those people must be horrifying, God bless those who will work through the night to save others lives.

May God be with those people who are suffering and may he guide them to their safety........................

My Favourite NRL Guy...........HAS RETIRED!!!!!!!

At first I thought it was a joke, my dad saying that my favourite superstar TANIELA TUIAKI was looking like he was going to retire, but then I just got really worried so then I checked the NRL offical website, the top head line: Tuiaki Forced to retire......”NNNOOO!!!!” I yelled in my head I was so sad and frustrated at the same time, feeling so sorry for the best winger in the world.

Him and the Tigers were a five match winning streak until they came up against the red hot Eels, that was the game of the year but tragically they lost the barnstorming winger (Tuiaki) because of an awkward tackle, he broke his ankle and never played again.

Him announcing that he is retiring is very sad to me, and very sad to all the Tigers supporters, but the Tigers are still one of the best teams in the competition, they look sure to make some real damage this year. GOOO TIGERS!!!!!!(First Game VS Bulldogs!!!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tech Has Started

On the second week of school (just yesterday) we went to our very first tech lesson for the year. As some of you may know we walk down to Tamaki College for our Tech lessons and come back to school at interval. When the first week of school was almost done I learnt that I was taken Electronics as my first tech subject!!! I was excited yet wondering what electronics would be like............

The next week I was ready and eager to learn new things, we walked down to Tamaki and met the teachers, my teachers name was........HE DIDN'T TELL US HIS NAME!!!!!!! Most of the time he told us about what exciting things that we could create throughout the term, sound sensor lights,automatic window closers,fan hats, lazer alarms and way more awesome things.

Next week we are going to start our actual projects and I am looking to really get into it next week. TAMAKI TECH IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a

On the second week of school (just yesterday) we went to our very first tech lesson for the year. As some of you may know we walk down to Tamaki College for our Tech lessons and come back to school just in time for morning tea. Electronics is one awesome option for Tech at Tamaki. Looking forward to our next lesson. Maybe I'll get to make a transformer!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I'm looking Forward to this year........

There are a lot of things to look forward to this year, camp,sports,our new netbooks!! And so much more..........

One of the many things that I have mentioned that I am really looking forward to using this year are our Netbooks!!! Last year my class had the chance to learn with these wonderful learning tools as part of our learning experience, it was certainly a excellent experience that I am looking forward to doing again.

Another thing that I am looking forward to this year is participating in as many sporting events as I can, I am slowly learning that Point England do some real damage in the sport this year with the new Year 6’s being the reigning champs of rugby and our new Year 8’s being the Rugby League Eastern Zone champs this could be a very big year for Point England Sport.............

Tech was also a fun experience for me, especially cooking, I loved cooking different things each week ,money bags,pizza,chocolate Fudge,combination chowmein, just some of the many delicious things we made last year!! It is also cool seeing that you can cook meals for your family and friends. Cooking has always been a thing that I would love to do as part of my learning.

All those things make this year very exciting, I just hope that it will be one awesome year!!!.................