Thursday, September 18, 2008

White Sunday

White Sunday is an event that takes place in every kind of church. It invavles many countrys that belive in God and in Jesus. Churches usely do this event on the day of there anivesery day. They speak the language that there church is. This event I'm not sure I can do it because we have to speak Samoan but I should know how to speak becase that is part of my Culture. THIS IS GOING TO BE COOL!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Warriors Calm The Storm!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm jumping around as if ants were in my pants! Because...guess who won between the Warriors and the Storm??? The Mighty Warriors that's who!! It was so thrilling that me and my family were jumping up and down like rock star legends!!!!! We were on the couches and on the bed's as if we were on bouncy castles! Did you see that last try?? If you didn't then I'm really sorry because that is the best try for the ten years that I've been alive and seen with my own two eyes!!!

When there were only three minutes left on the clock, one of the commentators said "It looks like it's the end of season for the Warriors... there's a very long way for the one pointer". There were two minutes left to play then all of a sudden Ropati draws two people in and chucks a perfect offload to Manu Vatuvei and Manu runs down the sideline with Micheal Witt by his side just for support - in case he offloads. Then Witt cuts back in and Manu offloads it to Witt and he scores!!!!

Did you see how put it down?? It could have had a different ending - with Witt holding on to the ball for so long. Storm skipper Cameron Smith was right there and could have kicked the ball out of his hands. Anyway in reality we have made history, the only 8th finalist to beat the Minor Premiers!! Woo hoo!!

All of his team mates jumped on him as if he was a magnet attracting metal. The Warriors won 18-15 and are playing a knockout round against the Sydney Roosteres at home there's still faith in them WE CAN DO IT BECAUSE WE ARE THE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Chirtstina stood on to the platform with fear. She was so nervous that she shivered as if two tons of the most coldest snow fell on her and it went fom head to toe. But as she was getting ready to jump she was full of nevers. It was the first time that she was goung to jump the tornado on the playground!! She thought it was now or never. So she jumped as if she was reaching for a vine to get away from a jungle that was jam packed with wild animals.She .................. JUST MADE IT!! as she swung with releive as if i was the 25th of Decmeber which means that it is Christmas . She went ime after time and it nwas like she was a proffeser of jumping on to the tornado all just from his first jump ever. As soon it was lunch time Chirtstina was the first person on the playground and she jumped time after time on the playground until the bell rang.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Toa Samoa Under 10's

Guess what?? I have been chosen for the Samoan Under 10s Rugby League team. Our nickname is Toa Samoa. Toa is Samoan for brave! So I guess we are the brave Samoans! My aunty is the manager. I am the only one that comes from East Auckland and from Mount Wellington. It's going to ge a crackerjack tournament to watch. Come along and watch the Samoa Under 10's and what wev'e got. I will let you know soon exactly where the tournament will be held and of course, I will give you a report when its finished. Come and watch, you never know there might be some future NZ WARRIORS amongst us?? Go the Toa Samoa!!!

Update 11/10/08 - Well the Toa Samoa Under 10's have finished their tournament with big smiles all around! Why?? Because we were the champions of the tournament! It was exciting and funny at the same time! At prizegiving today I got the Most Valuable Player for the team! I was the top tryscorer and my family were proud of me! I hope to see my friends from the team some time next year. Its been an honour to have such cool friends and coaches!

Well now that my season is FINALLY over its a good time for me to rest my body and look back at what I can do better.

Here are some highlights from the tournament!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yes!! Our first gold medal already in the Beijing Para Olympics for the New Zealanders?? This is fantastic. It's from a lady, she was part of the cycling contest. I also think that there is another person who won a gold medal for us but I don't know who it might be but I'll try to tell you more about that later on. Hang on I know it was a 15 year old girl who's name is Sophie. Actually I think she's won two. I better check that out!

Did you see that Opening ceremony it was fantastic!!! Did you see that fire going around that masive twirling thing it went round and round like a merry-go -round it was amazing !!! I can't wait for some more updates on the PARALYMPICS!!!


Hi there,room fifteen have been learning about how to become champions when some Leoden and Paulitia can't think of a speech for an upcoming event they see in the newspaper an old friend in Bejing with the world class athletes. Wait isn't that MSB . When room fifteen come up with a very clever plan they think that will change everything. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS ON OUR VERY OWN BLOG What will happen???


The Warriors came home with a great win and the score was 28-6. That was an awesome game for Manu Vatuvei because he got three tries for us. How fantastic is that? We are now in the top eight and are playing SEMIS to get into the finals. Have you heard of the other winger Malo Solomona? He is actually my uncle. He got three tries against the Bulldogs. I can't wait to tell you more about the other Warriors - they are all stars. Let's see the Warriors show us how CLASSY we are. I can't wait until the Warriors give the Melbourne Storm a lesson. If my uncle plays this game it will be his first time playing SEMIS football BUT for first grade for the NRL premeirship cup for 2008. My dad is a member of the VODAFONE ONE TRIBE. It's for people who sit on the EAST stand can go to special occasions for the Warriors and the people who are injured or weren't playing for the Warrios would come to these things and we would win some prizes and we could even get AUTOGRAPHS. How awesome is that?! It's going to be a JAW BITING SEPTEMBER SEMI FINALS WEEK. GO THE MIGHTY VODAFONE or the NEW ZEALAND WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two Special Days In A Row

Man what an awesome weekend that was! First it was my dad's birthday and then the next day it was fathers day. It was awesome on my dad's birthday because we went to the movies and watched a movie called THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. It's a really cool movie. It's about one of the stories in the Bible and the book is called Exodus.

Then after we went to the movies, we went over to my uncle Mark's to play karaoke and watch the Warriors give the Eels a hiding!! (sorry to those who are Parramata fans) Then we had some dinner and it was an enjoyable night. The score was 28-6 and the 'Beast' Manu Vatuvei scored a magnificent hattrick!! I'll write up my report for this soon!

The next morning it was father's day (which was today) We went to Sunday school to learn about our Father in heaven (God) then we came back home and tidied up for when my mum's side of the family came over to celebrate father's day. We also had an enjoyable family lunch time and a yummy dessert. Then we went to watch a movie called Wall.E. We went to the Newmarket theatres.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


My hero is a website on Google and it is totally awesome you can go on that website and there are many kinds on different heroes like sporting hero's and animal heroes and people in the public's heroes and well you get the picture oh and there are some short films as well there really cool and exiciting. My Hero the website RULE"S!!!!!!! and don't forget to go on it.

I Tanielu am in a group at school that we call the extension and we are making our own page and we choose our hero's and then we had to come up with a story about our hero. We had to make a movie about our hero and they looking absolutely fantastic!! I can't wait to show you my movie that I've created for you to watch. See you in the next story or you could call them post.

By the way COME ON PEOPLE VOTE FOR USAIN BOLT because I want him to be known as the biggest Olympian star in Beijing 2008!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Para Olympics??

What are the PARAlympics? Do you know what that means? It's an Olympics but for the PARALYSED and disabled people. Isn't that awsome?? I can't wait till this happens it's going to be just as fun as the Summer Olympics that were in Beijing just a few weeks ago. Im going to try and keep up with all the ParaOlympic news. It's going to be awsome!! And especially when they play Basket Ball. This is going to be Tanielu Tele'a for Para Olympic NEWS!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Random Act Of Kindness Day

Random Act of Kindness Day is a day where you have to choose someone to be kind to. I don't know who I'm going to be kind to yet but it's going to be cool . At the end of this week we are going to celebrate by having a day that we call mufty day. We can wear any kind of clothes we want to and everyone is going to look WACKY ! HAPPY RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!

Ruben Wiki

Man that was a good way to end Wiki's career at Mt Smart. And the way the Warriors won their match against the Penrith Panthers was awesome! We won the match by 42 points to 20 and that is a hiding! We hope to see you some other time Ruben. Thanks for shaking my hand and signing my flag after the game too! We will always remember you by the way you played. Ruben was the first Kiwi to play more than 300 first grade games in the NRL and that is what you call a true Legend!! Or you could call him your Hero for Rugby League!