Thursday, October 30, 2008

Samoa VS Tonga

Man what a match this is going to be! People say that this will be the clash of the entire tournament. The Samoan team are really strong because we have Ali Lautiti at second row and Ben Roberts at half back. Francis Meli at wing and Matt Utai at wing and Willie Talau as well. But my uncle is in the Samoan Rugby League team and is the captain!! His name is Nigel Vagana he is a center or a half back. He played for the Warriors in the 1996 and 1997 people say Toa Samoa.Toa means Brave . Did You know that the Toa Samoa Team have the same uniform as my team. Man I Just Can't WAIT FOR THE MATCH. GO TOA SAMOA!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Go For Green!!

This term Point England are learning about how to reuse reduce and how we should recycle. We are trying to keep our area clean and tidy we are trying to use things instead of using them once. Like for example you could use a Coke bottle for cold water bottle. You could use a box that was used for Chirscos to put toys In! There are so many things that you could use instead of chucking it away and creating more pollution. Go Green People and save Our World From Pollution!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

John Key Takes It !!

Man isn't that strange I thought that Helen Clark did a pretty cool job but John Key from National actually won it!! They are both pretty good at talking about what New Zealand needs to be a better country. I am going for National because when my school wanted to make a Point England Intermediate, the Minister of Education asked us if we wanted a Intermediate and we said yes but then he said no and then we were confused. He never answered our questions so GO NATIONAL!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Helen Clark or John Key? Vote Now!

Man! That was a serious debate between Helen Clark and John Key on TV1. The two of them had good explanations on why they should be New Zealand’s next Prime Minister. John Key kept saying ‘A bright FRESH future’…Helen Clarke kept a lot of different things. They talked about health, education, tax, the leaders of their parties.

I was really interested in the debate because they both argued and argued and Mark the TV host was having to say ‘Ok, ok, next question’. The You Tube questions were really good. The Party leaders really knew their topics really well because you never heard them say ‘Ummm’ for a few seconds then speak.

Did you see on TV how you could vote you could text or ring and it would cost you $1.00 – $0.99 just to vote!! That’s kind of unfair so I thought that you might want to vote for free right here on my blog.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have a poll for you to vote on. For now please let me know who you would vote for after that debate by commenting on my blog.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Totara Springs Superstar World Tour 08

Hi there readers!

I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve published a post so I thought that you would like to read about my first week of the holidays!!!!!

I was lucky enough to make it to the Totara Christian Child Centre or you could just call it Totara Springs. Before I went to camp I didn’t even want to go!! But then as you would know my parents would try to make me think that camp would be AWSOME!!! I went anyway. So then first thing in the morning at seven o’clock on the first day of the holidays, I saw everyone putting their luggage in the bus. Then we said a prayer to make sure that we all got there unharmed. Some of us went in the bus and some of us went in Mr Burt’s van. Then we took off! It was a very long ride it took about 2 hours to get there but it was worth waiting for.

As soon as we got there we took our luggage to our cabins then we went into the dining room. We had to take photos for our VIP passes to make sure that we were part of the camp. First of all we had morning tea and we had some yum stuff! After that we could have a little bit of free time so we played all kinds of things like cage soccer, touch, rugby, league and all kinds of other things!! Then we just started to sort our beds and bunks. Then we had some cool activities to do.

At night we had dinner and it was delightful! Every night we went to a different country so we went to Mexico and we had TACO’S!! They were fascinating!! Then we were told to go in to a room called the lecture theatre. There we had a thing called DEVOTION. It’s singing about Lord Jesus and talking about Jesus and learning about Jesus. The first thing we did in devotion was sing songs about him. My most favourite song was My Best Friends The Creator Of The Universe!! It was an awesome one!!! Then after that we would listen to our preacher or our entertainer. He was totally funny and was really good at telling us about things that we need to do if we wanted to ask Jesus into our lives. Have I mentioned that I’m a Christ follower? I go to Tamaki P.I.P.C.

One of my camp highlights was going on the hydroslide! Man it was awesome and freaky at the same time!! In the beginning of the slide you would go down a really steep ramp and then you would take a big turn then you would think that it was getting slow so you go down another ramp and then you swing from side to side like swinging on vines in the jungle!! My other favourite thing was when our area heads got kidnapped!! Then we had to find them with just a set of clues to help us!! I liked because it’s like you’re a real detective trying to solve a mystery.

Well those were things that I’ll always remember but I think that my BEST highlight would be a game called GET YOUR OWN BACK 2! It was awesome! It was campers versus leaders. We had to tag them and then we could take them to any station we wanted to, then we could like tip goo on them and baked beans!! And…make them slide down a slide full of sausages and avocados that were three months old and other things and the leaders could do that too!!

To finish I’d like to thank Mr Burt for helping us through the camp and for still being kind to us when we were a little bit naughty. Thanks to our other leaders like Peni, Max and Aquila for helping and keeping us safe through the night. I can’t wait until next year!!! Many thanks to the camp staff especially to Deagen who helped me think more about what I could do better in my life. You guys are awesome!! May God bless you all!