Friday, October 28, 2011

Space Objects Measurements..

I just witnessed one of the freakiest things I have ever seen. This term we are studying space and beyond, and just this morning we were looking at a clip of the scale of stars and planets. Watching the planets getting bigger through measurement. the planets got bigger and bigger...... Mercury,Mars,Venus,Earth, Neptune, Uranus. I was amazed by how big the planets of this universe really were. Then the Sun popped up my eyes widened. 1,392,000 Ks!!!

I read all of the facts about it, I was about to quit of the clip knowing that their was nothing bigger then the sun, and then I read this: But wait there’s more.... I couldn’t believe it! There was something bigger then the Sun! OMG I was quite scared and excited to find what was bigger then the this humongous the star! My eyes were about to pop out watching these massive stars go on and off the screen, Sirius, Vega, Pollux, Arcturus, Aldebaran, Rigel, and more...

I finally reached the biggest star, the VV Cephei. It has an enormous measurement of 2,644,800,000 KM as it’s diameter! This clip really got us thinking how tiny our home really is? It’s actually quite scary if you think about! But the main question is: Are there any life forms around the universe?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The most important game in New Zealand Rugby history was about to begin. The game that would really show who was the the real number one team in the world. The All blacks were in the final showdown with the very fortunate French side. The All Blacks were heavy favourites with undeafeated streak, while France had already lost two pool games against New Zealand and Tonga!

I was watching the event on tv. The atmosphere was huge! Even I was getting nervous just watching the crowd build! The crowd roared before and throughout the game. The game was about to begin. The two teams were about to jogg onto the field. They came onto the field and sang their national athems (I stood up and sang it too!). The All Blacks performed their fearsome haka and the match was about to begin.

France came out flying quickly getting the ball into their possesion. Suprisingly the French were not kicking the ball away as they normally did intheir recent games. Instead they were using the ball spreading it quickly around the park trying to counter the might of the All Blacks defence. France were on the front foot in the first 20 minutes, dominating the set pieces with strong scrums and decisive line outs.

The All Blacks needed to establish themselves as the dominate team in this game. So they capitilized on a chance close to the Frech try line with a beautiful set piece move ending up with the prop Tony Woodcock cashing in for the first points. This was a big kick coming up, Weepu was given several chances to take the lead for the All Blacks but was denied both times. This kick would give the All Blacks a bit of breathing space but unfortunately Piri Weepu failed to convert. They went to halftime with the lead being 5-0.

The All Blacks were struck with yet another injury to young gun Aaron Cruden forcing Stephen Donald to come on and make his debut in the World Cup! Fortunatley Donald stepped up to the challenge and converted what would be the winning penalty! I was ready to faint in the dying minutes of the game with the clock ticking and the French behind by 1 but having the ball inside the All Blacks half. I nervously watched on as the clock ticked....... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The All Blacks were given a penalty, all they needed to do was win the line and hold onto the ball. YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! THE PLAGUE IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!! 24 YEARS OF WAITING HAVE FINALLY COME TO AN END!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Auckland Rugby League Tournament

Just last week our school League team went down to Cornwall park to challenge for the best school in Auckland at Rugby League. I was very excited about this and couldn't wait to go. I was confident that our team could go all the way, we had the right mix of fitness, speed and strength.

We already knew that this tournament would be nowhere near easy for us. We would have to dig deep and give all of the matches our best effort. We were put into a tough pool, with the big guns and reigning champions De La Salle College, a big team in Wesley College and the unknown Rosmini College. We were in for a tough ride if we wanted to make the semi finals.

We played to our potential and won all three matches, we were quite excited to be in the Semis and were prepared to go one step further. We were up against a fast moving Kedgley Intermediate.
We were unfortunate to lose by a try in extra time. I was quite stunned by the result seeing as it was the last time that we would be playing together as brothers, other than that I had an awesome time competing against other school. I just can’t wait until next year...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manu Samoa Did Us Proud

Though Samoa did not make the Quarter finals they did us proud by putting on a magnificent against the Mighty South Africans. They played with a lot of heart and dignity to keep the score board low. They showed that they should of had another chance by keeping the South Africans to one try.

The Samoans finished in 3rd place in pool D winning 2 games and losing 2. They were determined to make a statement that they were one of the better teams in the world. And though they didn't show it by making the qualifying, they showed with it by people wanting more of them in the World Cup. Congratulations for putting an enormous amount of effort into their performances. Our love and support will always be with you. MANU SAMOA!!!!