Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dino Might!

Today was the first day of Term two, which meant there was an immersion assembly. The topic of the new term is 'Dino-Might'. We call it Dino-Might because the topic is about dinosaurs. We had an odd looking fellow drop in. His name was "Cracker the Cave Man".

He was from the pre-historic times. You could tell by the way he was dressed, with a funny looking hair-style, an animals fur for clothing, and last of all, he had a humungous club in his hand. It was for killing things so that he could eat.

We also had another pre-historic creature come too and his name was "Pterdactal Man". He looked like a part dinosaur, part man and part bird. Cracker the cave man tried to slay the Pteradactal man, but he was too good for Cracker the cave man.

The teachers had some cool and interesting items to share with us. I enjoyed watching Team Two showing their groovy dino dance. They were twirling, spinning and bobbling all over the place like people with thorns on their backs.

I am looking forward to studying about different dinosaurs and their names. So far I've learnt that dinosaurs were on Earth more than 200 million years ago and that humans have only been around for less than half a million years.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My First Game Of The Season

On Saturday last week I had my first Rugby League game of the year. Even though I am still ten and I am turning eleven this year,I am playing for the Mount Wellington Warriors Under 12s!!!

Our match was against the North Coat Tigers we played at our home ground which was ''Thompson Park" The North Coat Tigers are from the other side of the Harbour Bridge and they still came to play against us.

We were getting ready for the game,were in the changing rooms and we were given our Positions. I was in the first thirteen.  I started at Second Rower. I was in the first thirteen.  After calling out the positions we did a few warm ups to make our body prepared for the big game.

As we walked onto the field we saw giant people waiting for us to line up and stare at them. There was this one taller then all of them and his number was thirteen he was humungus, he looked as ferocious as a dinosaur!!

After a long and tough game we came out with a win 16-4.  We got four tries and they got one we didn't get any of their conversions though!!  Well that was a hard and rough game.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


For the year five and six extension throughout this term we have been focusing on a Global Project on the Internet called ''Rock Our World''. It's when kids from all over the world focus on the same topic. One time we focused on the sun,the extension group decided to come up with a movie based on a mythical story based in New Zealand it was ''Maui And The Sun''.

We were also focusing on a food Pyramid,a food pyramid is a basic graph that shows what is good or bad when we eat. In one of my other blogs I talked about what the extension liked the most in the food Pyramid we all looked at the food pyramid and found out our most favourite foods came from the fatty section,our main favourite was "Burger King".

We also had to come up with some recipes that had to do with''Banana,Rice, Potato,appetizers, ur favourite foods,and of course Desert. We have had fun coming up with some recipes. Some recipes that the extension group brought sounded delicious and tasty. We are all excited for this global project of Rock Our World!! R.O.W ROCKS!!!!!!!!

My Cousins Birthday!

On the 2nd of April 2009 it will be my cousins birthday, and his name is Ivan. He plays rugby for the Ponsonby Ponies. His team is going to have their first game of the year on Saturday, on the 4th of April 2009.

His birthday is going to be at a place by the name of ''Mini Golf''. It is near the Auckland airport and it is going to be absolutely FUN!! When I got the invitation it looked cool because you can putt on a pirate ship, it is a pirate set-up type of mini golf.

Then after that we will go to the Mangere Bridge Cafe where there is some delicious food! This birthday is going to be fantastic! Happy birthday Ivan!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Day With The Legendary RUBEN WIKI!!!

Last Year in 2008 Point England Primary School won the Auckland Rugby League competition for Primary Schools. We won the over 45kg section. As part of winning this competition we won a Hubbards Breakfast. This breakfast happened today!!

MAN!! What an awesome day! Today Point England Primary School was visited by the Auckland Rugby League Development,the Auckland Police and one of the BEST Kiwi in the history of Rugby League...he has played 312 games...guess who it is......RUBEN WIKI!!! Everybody was so excited when they heard the news that RUBEN WIKI was coming to our school! The other cool thing about this day was that we had a Hubbard's breakfast with the legend too! While we were eating breakfast we saw clips of Ruben when he was still playing Rugby League, he looked amazing in his League days but I'm not saying that he isn't good now!! He's still super!

After that we had some training drills with the Auckland Rugby League,the Police and of course RUBEN WIKI!! First of all we were split into three groups,then we were taken to one activity each. First I started with Jerry Seuseu (ex-Warrior, Kiwi) from the Auckland Rugby League association. My second station was with Keith who visited our school earlier this year with the Rugby League World Cup. My third and final station was with Ruben Wiki!! All three stations covered basics skill when you play Rugby League the whole time the police offices were helping out with activities too!

Our final game was a game by the name of ''Bullrush'' It is a game when some people stay in the middle of the field,some people are behind a line,after that one of the people in the middle will say ''Bullrush!!'' Then the people behind a line would try to get past the people who are in the middle without getting touched or tackled - it was fun watching the police running in their full uniforms!
After a while there were a few people left Jerry called out ''Bullrush!'' I ran into the biggest gap I could, I thought I was going to be safe but no I was wrong - straight ahead was a Policeman. I was frightened I tried to step him, he reached with a ball I jumped in the air and he had just missed me. He still hadn't given up yet, he was chasing me down the sideline. I said to him ''Laters!!'' I sprinted as hard as I could - the policeman had his serious face on as if he was chasing a real criminal! I dived over the line like Israel Folau just before the Policeman - what a day!!

I had the honour of thanking all the people who made today possible.
Thanks to Ruben Wiki you are truly a legend, I am very blessed to have had this day with you.
Thanks to Hubbards for all the yummy cereal, milk and fruit. My favourite cereal was Big Bugs in Mud! Delicious.
Thanks to ARL for our drills, the world cup and organising this for us. You have done a great job.
Our local Police officers - I'm glad that you came along and helped with the activities.
Last but not least thanks Miss Va'afusuaga for making this possible. None of this would of happened without you!!