Tuesday, August 31, 2010

P.E Survive First Knock Out Round

Just last week on a wet Friday afternoon a shell shocked Tamaki Intermediate were defeated by a determined Point England side losing 29-7. We played with a lot of heart and courage and were able to thrash them on the score board.

The amazing thing about this game was that we had not trained or played together for 3-4 weeks!!! Another thing was that Tamaki were high in the rankings for this years championship school Competition.

At the beginning of the game we were forced to defend our area and came out successful, forcing them to knock it on just before the line. Luckily we were powerful enough to get to the other side of the field with Raven able to score in the corner making it 5-0!! Not long after Tamaki kicked it off to us and I caught the ball and ran towards the line BOOM!! I broke the line and was off!! Unfortunately I was caught 20 short of the line and my team was right behind me. Taking runs from the ruck our first five Jonty called a move. Running my hardest I crashed over the line and scored, YYYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!! The crowd of students roared converting the try Raven made it 12-0.

Secretly Tamaki had a secret weapon waiting on the bench. He was a monstrous forward who is currently playing for my league team (Mount Wellington Warriors), VINCENT!!!! After we had scored two tries their Weapon (Vincent) had just come on to the field. It was Tamaki’s ball, we formed a scrum kind of knowing that Vincent was going to take it from the back of the ruck. So I yelled out “WATCH VINCENT!!!” Though our team knew he was running he still managed to make a barnstorming run down the right side surging through our defense. Luckily we were able catch up to him and slow him down, he seemed unstoppable until our Number.8 Junior went flying into the air and crashed landed on Vincent who was finally put on the ground. Then again our determined team were able to make it to the opposition try line with another try to me!!

After that we had scored two more marvellous tries with Feki intercepting the ball to race 60 m for a try and Prop Semiliu crashing over from close range to make the final score 29-7.

Well done boys for playing such a game, hopefully we can do the same in the next game!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

M.I Test Result

Just recently we have taken an M.I test to see what our smarts were. I think that my M.I test result is Ideal and truthful. Although I was hopeful for high rankings in some of the smarts such as Logical it just comes to show I need to work harder!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tigers Secure first finals spot since"05"

Gracefully my team (West Tigers) have surely made the the cut for September footy. Winning against the Panthers last week (43-18) gave them a huge boost towards the end of the season giving them a top three spot! Having a really tough run home the Tigers have won four of their last six!! Though having disappointing defeats they have managed to pick up the scraps and have charged towards the finals.

The young guns in Andrew Fifita, Blake Ashyford and Robert Lui have really stepped up through the past month and have filled in the roles of others really well. The Tigers will be lurking for a top two spot in a race against the Titans.
(Tigers VS Storm 4:00pm New Zealand Time) GO TIGERS!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Basketball Trials, Did I make It???

Today I am finding out if I made the Basketball team or not, We had a trial last week and boy what a trial it was, some good shots, rebounds and intercepts. We went down to play at our local College
Tamaki College. They had A REC Centre there and we played on the Basketball court.

We split up into four teams and two teams would play a game and then another two teams would play. I think our team had the advantage of height and power, the team that we were up against had the advantage of speed and agility.

After the game we had defeated the other team 14-2 which I think is a hiding, I was very impressed with myself.

I will give you an update on if I made the team.