Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Putting myself into their shoes!

Throughout the week we have been doing a lot of literacy. The most recent subject would be writing. Our teacher Mrs Nua has told us about one of the highlights in her holiday. It was about her daughter who went on a Bungee Jump. She showed us shots of the moment. She gave us a very brief and descriptive story about when her daughter was getting ready to jump and when she had jumped. So our Teacher told us to put ourselves into her daughters shoes and to wright an exciting but short story so here is my story:

I stood there feeling crackled as I looked 40 metres down thinking about Bungee jumping made me want to puke. I stood there getting ready to jump 40 terrifying metres down off Hanmer Bridge. It was to late now, So I had no choice but to jump.

My stomach gurgled out loud like a jammed sewage pipe. I had a stomach ache. It was do or die now (die as in I would get a punishment from my mum because it cost a a lot of money to jump off a BRIDGE!!!) I jumped!! And my chest was as numb I took a jump of fright. "AAAHHH!!!!!!" I screamed like a helpless girl saying to myself, "I'm so stupid to think this was a cool idea!!"

I flew down like a Phoenix. As I was still screaming with terror I felt a nice cool breeze glide threw my non dyed hair. It felt so refreshing and terrifying at the same time in fact it was a mixed bag of emotions!! I was still falling and the ground got closer and closer,closer,closer ............AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I shut my eyes and was about to cry! But then suddenly BOOIIINNNGGG?!?! I opened eyes in question, "I'm alive? I"M ALIVE!!!" I suddenly feel a lot better knowing that I had survived that breathtaking jump!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All Stars VS Aborigenes WHAT A GAME!!

What a game that was!! The Indigenous All Stars stole the win out of the NRL All Stars by winning the match 12-16. It was amazing to see all the stars of last year play in that game. They all looked in very good shape they looked lean and mean ready to kick into the 2010 season!

It was sad to see "Big Dell" (Wendell Sailor) play his last game but he showed a bit of humour after scoring , when he scored the first try he ran straight to the corner post pulled it out of the ground and pretended that it was a didgeridoo, when he was playing his "instrument" all of the Indigenous players ran up to Wendell and started doing a dance it was quite funny to see all the Australians dancing!!

Manu "The Beast" Vatuvei played for the NRL all stars as a winger along with Israel Folau. Sam Burges had his first taste in playing with Australians. He was quite good with all the tackles and offloads he created. Micheal Jennings (SPEED MERCHANT!!!) also made a HUGE commitment to the game ,swerving,slipping,sliding threw the defence and gave the try to put the All Stars back into the game. It was classic game and people predict that this will be the new ORIGIN!! GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naruto Chronicles

Over the year I have slowly been watching a cartoon called "Naruto" it is about a boy named you guessed it Naruto and he goes on such crazy and exciting adventures to search for his best friend Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto is one of the Jinchuriki he has the nine tailed fox sealed in him which holds an incredible amount of power but they call the power Chakra. Naruto's friend Sasuke purposely runs away from home so that he could go to his EVIL brother Itachi Uchiha. Naruto has been looking for him but then had given up for a while and started training with a Pervy Sage (Grand Master) Jiraiya, they left the villiage for there training.

After two long years Naruto had finally completed his training with Pervy Sage and then headed back to the village. Now Naruto must search for Sasuke but now Sasuke has become one of the most dangerous fighters around and has joined a villianous group called the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki are made up of runaway villagers who are extremely powerfull. In my picture Naruto is in the middle Sasuke is on the left and Naruto team mate and crush "Sakura" is on the right. Thanks to for the picture

West Tigers young guns get a shot of GLORY

West Tigers will be playing against the North Queensland Cowboys this week on FRIDAY THE 12TH and basically MASTER coach Tim Sheens have put the up and coming superstar Young guns in there first pre season game for this year. I was abit shocked to see that the Tigers had no experienced first grade players but it would also be exciting to see who would be the shining youngsters for this year. I think that they will do well because of course there going to be the CHAMPS FOR 2010!!!!! GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!