Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thanks for the memories Michael Joseph Jackson

One of the most saddest things that has happened in the entire Music History if not the most saddest thing that has ever happened in Music history was "The death of Micheal Joseph Jackson" On June the 25th 2009 at he died at the age fifty. The King of Pop himself died of a heart attack. He was meant to make a return to his Original ways in England to show that he still has the spark or should I say the goodness in him.

Lot's and I mean a lot of people felt for him - some cried, others went into shock. At the moment on lot's of different Channels on TV they are playing special Tributes to him to remind us what about what he has done. Most of the music videos that I have watched are about encouraging people to do things for themselves and other people, you know like Heal the world, Man in the Mirror, Black Or White...AND his many other songs that are awesome in  singing , dancing - amazing amazing talent and may the list go on!! No one comes near him. 

The movie posted is of me and my Sunday School class performing thriller at our talent quest this year.  It has Cruz, Helen, Toreka, Jacob and Moses from school as well. We liked learning his moves.  We won - thanks Michael.

Warriors V'S Titans

Man Warriors what is going on? I mean first of all you had all the ball possesion in the game and you wasted all of it. Second of all the New Super and I mean Super - Star Kevin Locke the youngest in the team had to do all the work in fact, he saves THREE tries, kicked two goals and to me he was the player of the day! (Well to be precise Player of the Night!!)

I continually heard the Australian commentaters say 'The Warriors are capable of...." or "Have the potential to......" I say enough Warriors it's simply the time to show your stuff!
Warriors need the wins to keep themselves in hope of getting into the top eight. I hope that the Warriors can win their next match in round 17 against "THE BRISBANE BRONCOS" Now that the Broncos have their Queensland key players back. The Broncos will be looking for their first win in about three matches!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hamish Cambpell Paleontoligist Video Conference!

On Wednesday the 3rd of June the Point England Extension Group had a very special Video Conference with a New Zealander who is a Paleontologist and his name is Hamish Campbell. We spoke with him in one of our Brand-New buildings. There are three new buildings and they all have names.

He told us lots of things about how Dinosaurs became extinct and about a few people who found bones a very long time ago!! He also motioned that they used special rocks to identify how long these rocks were here for. If they were there millions of years ago then that would give them a kind of clue to their research on different types of fossils. He also told us that Paleontologists believe that when it was the time of extinction only animals that weighed under 25 kgs survived, and the rest all died and the animals that were still alive were mostly mammals.

It was great talking to him he said that we could Conference him any time because he really liked talking to us!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Highlights Of My Game

Hi there ! Do you like watching sports videos? Well if the answer is yes then this might be your lucky day!! Here are some highlights of me playing my favourite sport Rugby League. And by the way, this was my second game of the season and it was against the Mount Roskill Vikings!! And guess what, we won! I got one try and made lots of tackles. Check this out!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


OK since the Tigers LOST 14 nil I'm going to support a different team now!! NOT - I'm still going to support the Tigers!! For me the player of the day for the West Tigers would have to be Daine Laurie because of his big breaks in the tackle and his Barn Storming tackle on Manu Vatuvei. That was a thrilling game by the Warriors. I was wrong about the Tigers being better than the Warriors, they are both kind of equal to be honest.

And what a FANTASTIC first game for the up and coming Super Star ''The Rookie Kevin Locke". It was awesome to see him get TWO tries on his very first game he played. It was kind of like this Kiwi Boy last year who played for the Gold Coast Titans and his name was Jordan Rapana. He was stunning and scored two of the most spectacular tries of last year. Kevin Locke got his last try in the 74 minute. It was a very good one don't you think??

Well let's hope that the Tigers will win their next game against the PENRITH PANTHERS. Man, won't that be a match up!! GO THE TIGERS!!!!