Monday, December 14, 2009

Presenting For Point England 2009

As some of you may know I am part of the Pt England presenting team.
Through out the year I have presented to hundreds of visitors all about BLOGGING and I have really enjoyed it. When I present, pictures pop up on a screen above and they show what blogging can do and what it can be about. I am just one of the group of presenters including; Cruz,
Leoden, Sela, Helen and Paulitia. We all talk about something we are really good at. We wrote our own scripts and practised them until we got the hang of them.
Another thing about presenting is that we got to present
in front of lots of different people like ,CLOSE UP, MAORI TELEVISION and another interesting one, the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA.
WOW we are awesome! Here is a video clip showing I usually say to the visitors I present to!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The West Tigers Champs in 2010

You might be wondering why is Tanielu saying that the West Tigers are going to be the Champs of 2010? Well I'll tell you why I think that the West Tigers are going to win next year. Because they have so many new fantastic people playing for the club next year. Say for example they are getting the big Saint Helen's Forward his name is "Jason Cayless" he is a Kiwi and I guarantee that he's going to bring a lot of POWER to this Tigers forward pack. Ever since 2006 they have needed another BIG,POWERFUL FORWARD so they picked the right guy for sure and that is something that will really help the West Tigers next year.

Another big buy for next year is another Super League star and his name is "Mark Flanagan" he has been recently playing Lock and a Second Rower he is a HITMAN and has a good precise running structure so he'll be yet another good buy for the Tigers.

Now I've been looking forward to this signing the name of the man is "LOTE TUQURI" he is a from the Brisbane Broncos and has recently been playing Rugby Union for the Waratahs. He is damaging and has ULTRA SPEED. He has made history for the Broncos and he was a winger with Wendell Sailor.

There is a big fact there is a HUGE CHANCE that the Tigers will make it to the finals next year! Well that's it from me I hope to hear more exciting NEWS!!

Another AWESOME camp for Point England

"WOOOOHOOO" was what I yelled out when we were on the Ferry as we were on our way to KAWAU Island. It was for year six only and boy was I looking forward to having a so much fun!

We had so many cool activities. We had a " Confidence course" that's all about conquering your fear in different types of courses. There was also sailing which was actually my favourite activity because I was the controller of the boat and the waves took us on one heck of a ride. Another FANTASTIC experience was getting to absail it was absolutely 'Heart Pounding!!' I was hooked onto a rope and I had to lower myself down a wall. I'll let you guys on a little secret........ I'm scared of HEIGHTS!! I just can't stand tall buildings especially when I'm looking down!!

I will never forget the man who changed my taste buds life his name is Mr Coop - or you could just call him well I don't know THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD!!!! From the moment his world famous bread went into my mouth he had sent my mouth on one WILD ADVENTURE!!! I just couldn't believe what had happened to me!!

I was a leader and my group name was Kawau and we were the overall WINNERS. But when we had a Concert and everybody did an item we had come second and a group called the "Katz" won the item. My dad came along and helped out it was fun having my dad with me. He would tell jokes to everybody and they would start laughing!! I can't wait to go again (if I go again!) CAMP BENTZON ROOOOOOCCCCCKKKKKKSSSS!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

All Whites are off to Africa!!!

"WOOOHOOO!! ...YEEEAAAH!" was the sound I heard as the game had just finished! The All Whites had one this thrilling match 1-nill against the "Reds" (Bahrain). It was a great shot by Fallon with a head butt right in front of the post and straight pass the goaly of Bahrain. Speaking of goalys the goaly for New Zealand "Paston" was who I think was the player of the day . He saved countless Goals of the "Reds",I think he saved our lives!! . Let's hope that the All Whites will go all the way next year. Go the mighty ALL WHITES!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


WOW! What an amazing game! It was awesome to see the Kiwis give the Aussies one heck of a match as the Kiwis drew with Australia 20 all. The Kiwis acted like Immortals on defence...!!..and attacked with spirit and passion for the game. It seemed like every tackle the Kiwis made were debatable to be on “Best hits of the year!!”
Up and coming superstar Jarrod Hargreaves was like a new and improved Sonny Bill Williams. With his monstrous hits and his style of running the ball (Straight and hard!!!) Once again “The Bulldozer” Junior Sau making his second appearance for Kiwis had one heck of a match scoring one monstrous try to help the Kiwis draw with the Australians. As usual Sam Perret played a hard game with good confidence and toughness. There plenty more heroes of that kept the Kiwis going like Frank Pricthard, Frank Paul Nuuasala, Issac Luke, Iosia Soliola, OK I admit the whole Kiwis team played awesome!!

Let’s hope that the Kiwis can have the same Passion when they play against the French man because if we lose then we’ll be out!! GO THE KIWIS!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kiwis VS Tonga TONIGHT!

Tonight on the 14th of October the New Zealand Kiwis will have a warm up match against the Tongans to get ready for the FOUR Nations Tournament. You might have known that four players from the Kiwis are making a Debut for the Kiwis. One is Bryson Goodwin (Bulldogs) another is Tafeaga Junior Sau (Knights) Frank Paul Nuuasala and Jared Hargreaves. They all are very good players after all Bryson Goodwin scored NINETEEN tries through out 24 rounds of footy!! (But (Taniela Tuiaki scored more than him!! GO THE TIGERS) 

Speaking of Taniela Tuiaki him and Manu Vatuvei could have been our Kiwi wingers!! Just Imagine the two Tongan monsters TANIELA TUIAKI ......AND..........MANU VATUVEI!! Man that would have been so cool if they were both playing, infact I would bet anybody 1 million dollars that the Kiwis would cream the Aussies!! (But the Kiwis right now are still pretty good!) hope to see Benji Marshall (From the WEST TIGERS!!) create some magic (As always!!) we might also see him as captain!!

Anyway I think the Kiwis will win comfortably against Tonga like last year. And that they will win the Four Nations Tournament!! GO THE KIWIS!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mountain Warrior TUAnated

Although I am not really a Boxing supporter I HAD to watch this match because of the one and only DAVID TUA other wise know as "The Tuanater!" and he was fighting against the "Mountain Warrior" Shane Cameron, They called this match "THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY".

It was amazing to see on 3 news that David Tua had lost 26KGS which really helped him with his fight but the thing that I think really inspired him to knock the socks off Cameron was to hear the sad and tradgic news that Tua's aunty had pass away by the Samoan Tsunami. It had washed out part of Samoa like a Vacum.

Tua looked really pumped for the big fight while Cameron looked a bit nervous well I could be wrong. The bell rang and everybody was screaming there heads off!! Cameron took the first few Jabs going for Tua's shoulders and hips, Tua was keeping cool and calm waiting patiently to give a few blows. Tua gave a HUGE hit and knocked Cameron to the ground. Everybody thought that Cameron was gone for good as there were only a few seconds left on the clock for the first round but the referee called time out for some reason!

Then the bell rang to signal to say that the second round was about to start. After only seven seconds of the second round Tua Dominated the Mountain Warrior. Giving him his famous left hook and a glass breaking right hook which sealed Tua's 43rd knock out of his career. Man what a match - seeing Cameron getting Tuanated! Check out the highlights of Tua giving a few blows to Cameron.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Tigers Shock Win

After the West Tigers had lost their game against the Titans the Tigers season was all over. Even though they lost - they still had one more game to play and it was against .....THE BULLDOGS!! I was wondering if they were going to lose this match - making it three losses in a row!! But the West Tigers knew they had to go out there and finish their season in style. So they went out there feeling that they deserve to play finals footy.

One of the West Tigers favourite sons Dene Halutau was playing his last game for the Tigers (He's heading off to the Bulldogs). The Tigers gave him a good try which is something he will surely remember. One of the Legends of the game that is still playin now is Hazem El Masri. He didn't have an awesome game - it was averege for the point scoring machine. The score 34-12. The West Tigers will try to get better in the off season and work on their awesome attacking style. WATCH OUT FOR THE WEST TIGERS IN 2010!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

Today in the Point England Extension group I discovered something amazing!! I found out that there is a website called "Wordle". It's cool because it shows you what words you use the most in your Blog. When I went on my wordle page I found out that my most popular word was "Tigers" It's not very surprising because as you know I love the Tigers!

The other cool thing about Wordle is that you can change the type of font, colour and Layout!! I chose this wordle page because it was my favourite. As you can see another big word is "Earthquake" if you can guess why that word is big then leave me a comment. And if you want to find out more about wordle click on the word "Wordle" up the top!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Point England X Country

Man what a retiring run that was!! Point England Primary just had there 2009 annual Cross Country. At our school we have teams for sports. One of the teams is called "Takitimu" And it's colour is "Yellow",their is also another team that is named "Matatua" there colour is "Green". There is also another team and there name is "Tainui" there colour is Blue (Which is my favourite colour). And another team called "Te Arawa" Which is Red

I am one of the leaders for Takitimu! (Yellow) Which meant that I had a big responsibility........ TO LOOK AFTER TAKITIMU. We cheer , we shout ,we scream , we do all kinds of crazy things to support our team colours!! When it was my turn for Cross Country I felt like I had so many Butterfly's in my stomach that my stomach wanted to explode like a Volcano!!! So then I was off!!

Over all I came 5th place which meant that I took the final spot to get into the school Cross Country Inter zones!!!!! Here are some short clips of me go hard out for the BEST TEAM EVER!! TAKITIMU!!!!! Ops I almost forgot I'm the guy wearing Yellow Tights!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Yesterdays game for the West Tigers against the Cronulla Sharks was absolutely magnificent!! That is some of the magical razzle dazzle I have seen the Tigers play in the entire year!! Benji Marshall playing his 100th game of NRL was amazing, He had rediscovered some of his most magical work ever. But It wasn't just him that stood out certainly not!!

It was also Tim Moltzen the skill full youngster that set up some amazing tries for the Tigers. He would side step, fend ,offload, and even break threw the big guys! Of course the Tongan Monster Taniela Tuiaki had an awesome game scoring THREE that's right people THREE tries to take him to the top of the try scoring ladder with 21 tries which means he has scored 84 points so far (Which also means that the Tongan Monster has broken the record for the West Tigers!! . And the Rough and tough Tiger Robbie Farah had aye great game. Getting aye quick platform from the ruck giving a try to Marshall and one to Tuiaki.

Their was also a youngster who made his debut for the first game and for the West Tigers his name is "Robert Lui" He made good breaks and a good grubber kick helping Blake Ashford getting across the line for a double. My most favourite try that the West Tigers scored was when "Beau Ryan" scored from a great long ball from Robbie Farah, I also liked the first try from the Tigers when Robbie Farah saw a big gap in the Sharks line so he picked up the ball from the ruck and ran to the gap, since the Sharks saw Robbie Farah coming a defender came to close the gap which was Robbie Farahs plan! Farahs plan to draw in aye player to make an even bigger gap for Marshall to get throuh! So he gave the ball to Marshall he was off he then passed it off to Tim Moltzen but they still had the Fullback to beat so Moltzen passed back to Marshall and Marshall went in to score the first TRY!!The Tigers next game is against the PARAMATA EELS man what a cracker Jack game that would be I guess who ever loses the next game is done for the season!! GO THE TIGERS RRRROOOOOAAAAARRRR!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The West Tigers came back with two wins to barge there way into the top eight. With an absolute cliff hanger of a match when they won against the Manly Sea Eagles who were coming seventh, It was one good score 19-18 to the West Tigers and another win to the Sydney Roosters 17-10 it was a scrappy win but it was enough to send them into the top eight!! (The top seven to be exact!) 

Through out the past four matches Taniela Tuiaki has been in devastating form for the Tigers he has scored EIGHTEEN that's right EIGHTEEN tries through out the whole season. That is how many tries Paul Whatuira scored for the Tigers in 2005. But the record for the Tigers try scoring is Pat Richards with 20 tries in 2005. Lot's of Tigers got heaps of tries in 2005 that's because they were the champions in 2005!!!

There next match is against the Cronulla Sharks I hope they win this next game because if the Cowboys lose there next game against the Canterbury Bulldogs the West Tigers will go into 6th place. It's going to be one cliff hanger of the match but I want the Bulldogs to win this!! Let's hope the Tigers win for a start aye?!?!?!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


"WOW WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!" Today on the 4th of August the Point England Primary school extension group all had an amazing video conference with a Paleontologist/Geologist Hamish Campbell!! We had such an amazing chat with him . By the way have you heard about the MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE that happened in New Zealand? Well if not it was on July the 16th in the South island in fact it was in Fiorldland a small place in the South Island.

As he explained to us how and why an earthquake is created we were so amazed that all of our mouths nearly dropped on the ground like a RAIN DROP!!! We were also amazed that this Earth Quake in New Zealand was the BIGGEST EARTH QUAKE IN 80 years - THAT'S RIGHT 80 YEARS!!

Did you know that an earthquake travels at least 20,000 km PER HOUR!!! That is like Super Sonic ,ULTRA,MEGA,DELUXE SPPPPPEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!!! In fact it is 5 times faster than a Bullet!! It was so hard for me to take in - that an Earthquake went that FAST!! So that is why we cannot track when an Earthquake is about to happen!

Hamish also told us about how an earthquake is actually caused.  It is actually caused by big GIANT THINGS called plates. See all of these plates are under the Water/Ocean/Sea and if they collide/hit/touch each other than it would cause an earthquake

We also got to make some home made Seismometers. I made mine with Moses and Blessing. They measure how big an Earthquake is. We showed Hamish our Seismometers and he was very impressed!! He said to us"Some of you might become scientists!!" We enjoyed talking to Hamish - once again we asked him if we could talk  again - Dianan Grace and Hamish said "Of course"

Monday, July 27, 2009

The West Tigers Storming There Way Back!!

Man what an exciting come back from the Tigers!! After losing ten of there games the Tigers hopes of making the top eight were sinking fast! The Tigers had to win more of there games to get a chance of making it to the finals. So the Tigers have won 3 matches in a row which is a big improvement. And there latest win was against the Canbera Raiders winnig 25-4! The Tigers were really good at defence on that game,moving up and making good tackels. Tim Moltzen had a great game scoring two tries in a row.

Threw out the whole season of the NRL Taniela Tuiaki has been one of the top try scorers of the season. So far he has scored 16 tries and is coming second in the top try scoring list.

Benji Marshall (The Magic Man) has produced some good set plays and some produced some awesome tries!!

Right now the Tigers are coming tenth,and one more win will send them into the top eight!! GO THE TIGERS!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


WOW!! What an awesome experience getting to meet the PRIME MINISTER OF NEW ZEALAND (JOHN KEY!!!). As I heard the news that I was one of four who were going to meet him and one of the two who were going to interview him, I nearly jumped out of my skin!! Knowing that it was all about my local area, Tamaki, I was interested in what answers he would give me when I asked him a couple of questions.

Mr Burt (my school Principal) explained to us why he was coming to
Tamaki. He said that, "He is coming to launch the Tamaki Transformation Project." We talked with Mr Burt about how its important to raise mindware of the community at the same time as we change the housing. The word 'mindware' means the way you make choices about things and why you make them. Mr Key is also helping with our local facilities and with our area's housing problems.

As I went into the Ruapotoka Marae I sat down as part of the Tangata Whenua. Tangata Whenua means you are part of the area hosting - in this case I was because I live in the Tamaki Area. When John Key was coming into the marae he was welcomed warmly by people of our area and marae. After that they had a talk about the community and what they will do to help it improve. It was time for people to have a kai.

After the Prime Minister had a little snack HE WAS READY TO INTERVIEW US!!

We waited for him just outside the Marae. The Prime Minister came outside and boy were we ready to interview!!

First Sela greeted him and told him about somethings that he may be interested in. Then it was my turn. The questions that I had for him were good because they really brought out the thought of his ideas for the community.

At the end of the interview I gave him an invitation a flash drive so that when he plugged in the flash drive he would see what ideas we had for our area. So then I asked him if he and the Minister of Education could come along to our school so that we could share our ideas with him. And guess what happened? He said YES!!! I was thrilled to hear that word come out of his mouth so then we thanked him for his time and returned to school very happy.

Check out the movie of me and Sela interviewing the Prime Minister while Cruz filmed this interview.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thanks for the memories Michael Joseph Jackson

One of the most saddest things that has happened in the entire Music History if not the most saddest thing that has ever happened in Music history was "The death of Micheal Joseph Jackson" On June the 25th 2009 at he died at the age fifty. The King of Pop himself died of a heart attack. He was meant to make a return to his Original ways in England to show that he still has the spark or should I say the goodness in him.

Lot's and I mean a lot of people felt for him - some cried, others went into shock. At the moment on lot's of different Channels on TV they are playing special Tributes to him to remind us what about what he has done. Most of the music videos that I have watched are about encouraging people to do things for themselves and other people, you know like Heal the world, Man in the Mirror, Black Or White...AND his many other songs that are awesome in  singing , dancing - amazing amazing talent and may the list go on!! No one comes near him. 

The movie posted is of me and my Sunday School class performing thriller at our talent quest this year.  It has Cruz, Helen, Toreka, Jacob and Moses from school as well. We liked learning his moves.  We won - thanks Michael.

Warriors V'S Titans

Man Warriors what is going on? I mean first of all you had all the ball possesion in the game and you wasted all of it. Second of all the New Super and I mean Super - Star Kevin Locke the youngest in the team had to do all the work in fact, he saves THREE tries, kicked two goals and to me he was the player of the day! (Well to be precise Player of the Night!!)

I continually heard the Australian commentaters say 'The Warriors are capable of...." or "Have the potential to......" I say enough Warriors it's simply the time to show your stuff!
Warriors need the wins to keep themselves in hope of getting into the top eight. I hope that the Warriors can win their next match in round 17 against "THE BRISBANE BRONCOS" Now that the Broncos have their Queensland key players back. The Broncos will be looking for their first win in about three matches!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hamish Cambpell Paleontoligist Video Conference!

On Wednesday the 3rd of June the Point England Extension Group had a very special Video Conference with a New Zealander who is a Paleontologist and his name is Hamish Campbell. We spoke with him in one of our Brand-New buildings. There are three new buildings and they all have names.

He told us lots of things about how Dinosaurs became extinct and about a few people who found bones a very long time ago!! He also motioned that they used special rocks to identify how long these rocks were here for. If they were there millions of years ago then that would give them a kind of clue to their research on different types of fossils. He also told us that Paleontologists believe that when it was the time of extinction only animals that weighed under 25 kgs survived, and the rest all died and the animals that were still alive were mostly mammals.

It was great talking to him he said that we could Conference him any time because he really liked talking to us!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Highlights Of My Game

Hi there ! Do you like watching sports videos? Well if the answer is yes then this might be your lucky day!! Here are some highlights of me playing my favourite sport Rugby League. And by the way, this was my second game of the season and it was against the Mount Roskill Vikings!! And guess what, we won! I got one try and made lots of tackles. Check this out!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


OK since the Tigers LOST 14 nil I'm going to support a different team now!! NOT - I'm still going to support the Tigers!! For me the player of the day for the West Tigers would have to be Daine Laurie because of his big breaks in the tackle and his Barn Storming tackle on Manu Vatuvei. That was a thrilling game by the Warriors. I was wrong about the Tigers being better than the Warriors, they are both kind of equal to be honest.

And what a FANTASTIC first game for the up and coming Super Star ''The Rookie Kevin Locke". It was awesome to see him get TWO tries on his very first game he played. It was kind of like this Kiwi Boy last year who played for the Gold Coast Titans and his name was Jordan Rapana. He was stunning and scored two of the most spectacular tries of last year. Kevin Locke got his last try in the 74 minute. It was a very good one don't you think??

Well let's hope that the Tigers will win their next game against the PENRITH PANTHERS. Man, won't that be a match up!! GO THE TIGERS!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Benji Marshall & the Tigers Preparing For The Clash!!

Today I went to Ellerslie Rugby League club to see my favourite team the TIGERS train for their big clash against the Warriors tomorrow. It was so cool to be up close to an actual professional Rugby League team!!! It was also cool not only to see them figure out their moves. Also some damaging players! Like BENJI MARSHALL, TANIELA TUIAKI, JOHN MORRIS, and lot's of other upcoming Superstars. Guess what? I got my photo taken with these 3 SUPERSTARS!

Me & Taniela 'the train' Tuiaki!

As a young follower of the Tigers I think that their best foward is a man named CHRIS HEIGHINGTON, and the best back would be BENJI MARSHALL. I also think that the biggest person in their team would be Daine Laurie he is a massive guy with braids platted in his hair. I think that the main match up between the Tigers and Warriors would have to be between the two Tongan torpedoes 'the Beast' Manu Vatuvei and Taniela 'the train' Tuiaki. They are both devastating ball runners or you could say they are both wrecking balls!!!

Benji Marshall, my cousin Kane and me!

Thanks to Podgorani for asking me a question in one of my other posts on the Tigers. Well I think that the Tigers are going to win by 12 or more points because they are more skillful than the Warriors. They have a better plattform also when on attack and lots more other things that make their team good! Let's hope that the Tigers will win against the Warriors!! Go the TIGERS ROOOOOOAAAAAARRRRR!!!!
Me & John Morris! Kane, Daine Laurie & me!

Up & coming Tiger Peni Tagive & me!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Pundit

What is 'Pundit?' Well I looked in a dictionary and found this... '1. an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called on to give opinions about it to the public'.

It all started from when I was presenting about what we learn at Pt England School. On this particular day a reporter and a professional photographer were listening to our group of presenters. The reporter's name is Lauren Bartlett and the photographer was Chris Skelton.

After the presentation I got interviewed by these two people about what I thought about Blogging and what it's all about. I got asked many questions and it was really cool for me to talk to someone who is interested in what I do.

Chris Skelton, the Professional Photographer, took a photo of me when I was in the middle of blogging. Oh and by the way the magizine that I was on was the number one business magazine in 2008 which is soooo cool!!

This really makes me proud of myself and what I have achieved throughout the past year since I've been blogging - from year 5 till now - year 6. This motivates me to work harder for more upcoming events that I will blog on.
Thanks Idealog - Lauren and Chris!
Thanks to Chris Skelton for the fantastic photo

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Super Cool One Day HOLIDAY!!!

On Monday at Point England Primary school we had a Teachers Only Day. I nearly forgot that there was no school!! I asked my mum "Where am I going today mum"? My mum said to me, "You're going to school".  I wondered what she meant.  I took my little brother to his pre-school and then I came back to school. And then I saw what was going on in the hall - I saw lots of cool activities waiting for me. There were ping-pong tables, a trampoline with a splash pad and a Nintendo WII!!!

This looked to be a very cool day for me  - it really was a cool day for me!!!  At first I was doing stunts on the Trampoline onto the splash pad. OOOHH and I nearly forgot that after a while on the splash pad I went to play Basket Ball with a ball and a hoop. I asked Mrs Verry if I was allowed to lower the hoop so that I could try to Slam Dunk into the hoop!!

Then after that, what do you know, I was already playing the Nintendo WII. At first I was playing Boxing against a boy named Esra and I had won by three knock outs. Then after that we went on the  the training section. It was coo.l I was the record holder for most hit's out of 30 I had 21 hit's. I also had the most hits on a punching bag!!! 
It was a cool day and thanks to Mrs Verry,  Mr Brown and Daisy for an awesome day of fun and excitement!!   

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The NRL 2009 Here Come The Tigers!!!

The NRL competition has been absolutely THRILLER so far. The team that I have been supporting from the beginning of the year is the WEST TIGERS!!! My favourite players from their team are,Taniela Tuiaki,Benji Marshall and my most favourite player is CHRIS LAURENCE he is one of the most fastest and strongest centres in the whole competition. Right know they are in the top eight and have won four and lost four my favourite game that they have played so far is when they took on the Melbourne Storm and won 16-6. I liked it because there were only a few minutes to go and the Tigers were winning,the score was 10-6 to the Tigers but people were scared that Storm would get another try!!! So then it was a Tigers scrum and they were 85 metres away from the line and Benji Marshall the magic man made a beautiful move and made a short pass out to Chris Laurence.

Chris was running down the sideline he had broke threw the line and was off!! Billy Slater was he was chasing but Chris Laurence had tooken off like a rocket from the start and no one could catch him and that had sealed the win the MIGHTY WEST TIGERS!!!!GO THE MIGHTY TIGERS!!!!!  

Monday, May 11, 2009

Immersion Rotation

In my class Room 18 we are looking closely at the main differences on groups of Dinosaurs, but what made it cooler was that we got to have an Immersion Rotation. We got to go into different classes to see what they have been learning about Dinosaurs. When our class went to Room 15 their teacher told us about how Dinosaurs move, when we went to Room 16 we learned about their Classification. In Room 17 we learned about the time line, and in Room 14 we did Observational drawing. They were all very cool activities and I really do wish that it never ended.

Well anyway my favourite Dinosaur is a"Triceratops" . I found out that Triceratops means 'three horned head'. I like it because because it has a plate to protect its head and because they travel in herds. It has been fun through out the week and I have learnt tons more things about Dinosaurs.  I can't wait to start my my report on Dinosaurs.  This term is going to be AWESOME!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Going On???

Today on the 9th of May my mother read the New Zealand Herald and guess what was on the front page sport? Your guess would be the Anzac test between the KIWISVSAUSTRALIA right?? But no it's not, because it's about Luke Mcalister on target for the Pacific Cup. I mean come on tonight is a very big night and I mean a very big night. I am proud that New Zealand passion is Rugby but last year we won the RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD CUP!!!!! And we can prove that it wasn't a fluke by beating them once again. That is what should be on the front page!!! But instead it's on the THIRD PAGE - COME ON!!!

But any way sad news for the Kiwis -THREE people are injured. They are all key players. First off is ISAAC LUKE, he is out because he was suspended for a dangerous tackle in a recent League game,guess who else is out?? One of the key forwards JEREMY SMITH with an ankle injury. Also the loose foward Frank Pritchard is out with a neck injury.

If you read on PAGE 3 of the sports news you'll find out that Dene Halatau is now playing. Let's hope that the Kiwis will do us all proud!!! If we won the world Cup against Australia once then we can do it again.

GO THE MIGHTY KIWIS!!!!!!  Let's make the front page tomorrow with"THE KIWIS WITH A ANOTHER WIN!!!
This is Feki one of sports reporters for our daily school news network - PENN. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Immersion Rotation

In my class Room 18 we are looking closely at the main differences on groups of Dinosaurs,but what made it cooler was that we got to have an Immersion Rotation. We got to go into different classes to see what they have been learning about Dinosaurs. When our class went to room 15 there teacher told us about how Dinosaurs move,when we went to Room 16 we learned about there Classification,In room 17 we learned about the Time line,and in room 14 we did Observational drawing they were all very cool activities I really do wish that it never ended.

Well anyway my favourite Dinosaur is a"Triceratops" I found out that Triceratops means Three horned head. I like it because because it has a plate to protect it's head and because they travels in heards.It has been fun through out the week and I have learnt tons more things about Dinosaurs I can't wait to start my my report on Dinosaurs this term is going to be AWESOME!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dino Might!

Today was the first day of Term two, which meant there was an immersion assembly. The topic of the new term is 'Dino-Might'. We call it Dino-Might because the topic is about dinosaurs. We had an odd looking fellow drop in. His name was "Cracker the Cave Man".

He was from the pre-historic times. You could tell by the way he was dressed, with a funny looking hair-style, an animals fur for clothing, and last of all, he had a humungous club in his hand. It was for killing things so that he could eat.

We also had another pre-historic creature come too and his name was "Pterdactal Man". He looked like a part dinosaur, part man and part bird. Cracker the cave man tried to slay the Pteradactal man, but he was too good for Cracker the cave man.

The teachers had some cool and interesting items to share with us. I enjoyed watching Team Two showing their groovy dino dance. They were twirling, spinning and bobbling all over the place like people with thorns on their backs.

I am looking forward to studying about different dinosaurs and their names. So far I've learnt that dinosaurs were on Earth more than 200 million years ago and that humans have only been around for less than half a million years.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My First Game Of The Season

On Saturday last week I had my first Rugby League game of the year. Even though I am still ten and I am turning eleven this year,I am playing for the Mount Wellington Warriors Under 12s!!!

Our match was against the North Coat Tigers we played at our home ground which was ''Thompson Park" The North Coat Tigers are from the other side of the Harbour Bridge and they still came to play against us.

We were getting ready for the game,were in the changing rooms and we were given our Positions. I was in the first thirteen.  I started at Second Rower. I was in the first thirteen.  After calling out the positions we did a few warm ups to make our body prepared for the big game.

As we walked onto the field we saw giant people waiting for us to line up and stare at them. There was this one taller then all of them and his number was thirteen he was humungus, he looked as ferocious as a dinosaur!!

After a long and tough game we came out with a win 16-4.  We got four tries and they got one we didn't get any of their conversions though!!  Well that was a hard and rough game.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


For the year five and six extension throughout this term we have been focusing on a Global Project on the Internet called ''Rock Our World''. It's when kids from all over the world focus on the same topic. One time we focused on the sun,the extension group decided to come up with a movie based on a mythical story based in New Zealand it was ''Maui And The Sun''.

We were also focusing on a food Pyramid,a food pyramid is a basic graph that shows what is good or bad when we eat. In one of my other blogs I talked about what the extension liked the most in the food Pyramid we all looked at the food pyramid and found out our most favourite foods came from the fatty section,our main favourite was "Burger King".

We also had to come up with some recipes that had to do with''Banana,Rice, Potato,appetizers, ur favourite foods,and of course Desert. We have had fun coming up with some recipes. Some recipes that the extension group brought sounded delicious and tasty. We are all excited for this global project of Rock Our World!! R.O.W ROCKS!!!!!!!!

My Cousins Birthday!

On the 2nd of April 2009 it will be my cousins birthday, and his name is Ivan. He plays rugby for the Ponsonby Ponies. His team is going to have their first game of the year on Saturday, on the 4th of April 2009.

His birthday is going to be at a place by the name of ''Mini Golf''. It is near the Auckland airport and it is going to be absolutely FUN!! When I got the invitation it looked cool because you can putt on a pirate ship, it is a pirate set-up type of mini golf.

Then after that we will go to the Mangere Bridge Cafe where there is some delicious food! This birthday is going to be fantastic! Happy birthday Ivan!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Day With The Legendary RUBEN WIKI!!!

Last Year in 2008 Point England Primary School won the Auckland Rugby League competition for Primary Schools. We won the over 45kg section. As part of winning this competition we won a Hubbards Breakfast. This breakfast happened today!!

MAN!! What an awesome day! Today Point England Primary School was visited by the Auckland Rugby League Development,the Auckland Police and one of the BEST Kiwi in the history of Rugby League...he has played 312 games...guess who it is......RUBEN WIKI!!! Everybody was so excited when they heard the news that RUBEN WIKI was coming to our school! The other cool thing about this day was that we had a Hubbard's breakfast with the legend too! While we were eating breakfast we saw clips of Ruben when he was still playing Rugby League, he looked amazing in his League days but I'm not saying that he isn't good now!! He's still super!

After that we had some training drills with the Auckland Rugby League,the Police and of course RUBEN WIKI!! First of all we were split into three groups,then we were taken to one activity each. First I started with Jerry Seuseu (ex-Warrior, Kiwi) from the Auckland Rugby League association. My second station was with Keith who visited our school earlier this year with the Rugby League World Cup. My third and final station was with Ruben Wiki!! All three stations covered basics skill when you play Rugby League the whole time the police offices were helping out with activities too!

Our final game was a game by the name of ''Bullrush'' It is a game when some people stay in the middle of the field,some people are behind a line,after that one of the people in the middle will say ''Bullrush!!'' Then the people behind a line would try to get past the people who are in the middle without getting touched or tackled - it was fun watching the police running in their full uniforms!
After a while there were a few people left Jerry called out ''Bullrush!'' I ran into the biggest gap I could, I thought I was going to be safe but no I was wrong - straight ahead was a Policeman. I was frightened I tried to step him, he reached with a ball I jumped in the air and he had just missed me. He still hadn't given up yet, he was chasing me down the sideline. I said to him ''Laters!!'' I sprinted as hard as I could - the policeman had his serious face on as if he was chasing a real criminal! I dived over the line like Israel Folau just before the Policeman - what a day!!

I had the honour of thanking all the people who made today possible.
Thanks to Ruben Wiki you are truly a legend, I am very blessed to have had this day with you.
Thanks to Hubbards for all the yummy cereal, milk and fruit. My favourite cereal was Big Bugs in Mud! Delicious.
Thanks to ARL for our drills, the world cup and organising this for us. You have done a great job.
Our local Police officers - I'm glad that you came along and helped with the activities.
Last but not least thanks Miss Va'afusuaga for making this possible. None of this would of happened without you!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Swimming Sports

Last week on Friday Point England Primary school had their annual swimming sports. We had it at the YMCA swimming centre. We all had a really good time swimming and having FUN!!

I am a house captain for a team called ''Takitimu''. Every year we have groups from our school when we competing against each other in sporting events. So I was chosen to be leader for Takitimu our house colour was Yellow.

I was chosen for two strokes Freestyle and Backstroke. I think I am pretty good at freestyle but the only thing that stood in the way of me getting was a boy named Jordan Pritchard he is the fastest swimmer in our school he is as fast as a fish!!

As the race was about to start. Mr Jacobsen called out ''HEAT ONE FREESTYLE!!"THREE TWO ONE"GOOOO!!!!" We were off like fish freed from a nasty trap I was rotating my arms in and out of the water like a motor cycles wheels going round and round. I was coming second then suddenly a boy named Trey Ngate was catching up to me. I was in front buy a nose it was so close we were near the finish line Trey was getting closer by the second he was gaining on me we were coming a tye ANDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! The race had just finished and I had won by a hand!! What a race a magnificent effort but the good thing about Trey was that he qwas in the sasme team as ME!!!

Family Service At Church

On Sunday the 28Th of March I had a family service at my church. My class and my sisters class had to come up with things to do with a Bible Reading from Matthew chapter 13. Our theme for the family service was what type of soil are you?? The different types of soils were,Packed Soil,Rocky Ground,Thorn Bushes and of course we had good soil.

Packed Soil Means That someone comes and takes the message of God from you like seeds just sitting on the path waiting for the birds to come and eat them up. The rocky ground in the story represents a person who receives the message of God gladly but the message does not sink deep into them and when persecution comes they give up at once.Thorn bushes make you worry about  other things instead of thanking God for what we have. And finally good soil,good soil sinks deep into us and we spread the message to others. Now you can imagine what our play and skit would be like we also done an awesome creative dance!!!!


MAN that was a tough game between these two teams. It was a tiring time for the Warriors having to make so many tackles because of the ball errors that they keep making. The score was 26-10 to the Brisbane Broncos. Maybe the reason why the Warriors lost is that there forward pack were as big as a PACK OF MONSTERS!! Did you see that number eleven from the Broncos man he was like the size of a Bulldozer. We got two good tries one from Simon Mannering and one to a new bee Ukuma Ta'ai with a beautiful barge over the line.  Stacey Jones played and started up a bit of spark but not enough to make the Warriors come back to win!

Even though the Warriors did not win the match they gave it all they had. Well done to the Broncos for winning that tough match.

It was a game where ball skills and big MUSCLES mattered!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soap Derby Competition

On Sunday the 22ND of March Point England Primary entered the Soap Box Derby competition at the Stone Fields. It was totally awesome!! There were lots of other schools that were competing to get into the Regional racing competition of New Zealand.  We came 2nd overall and now have qualified for the regionals. If we win this we could go to AMERICA!!

Our first race was against Sacred Heart College,our first driver was Cruz Ona Sue. He won by at least a few meters (even though they are a college!!) Our top sponsor was KORKOR it is a digital two way Radio. They gave us these high quality radios that were just like Walkie- Talkies which was pretty cool - compared to other schools we looked very flash with our two way radios, they even gave us a Sausage Sizzle. It was absolutely DELICIOUS- because it had  Onions and cheese and sauce and.....well you get the idea!!  It was also for all our supporters like our families and friends.

I was part of the pit crew,in the pit crew you do some final touches on the car and you transport the car to places. It was pretty tiring but it was worth it because we got an award..... Our drivers were Tevita F, Shontal S,Cruz S,Jacob L and Nathaneil T. 

All of our drivers did really well they all had a great time. We had won 13 out of 14 races which is pretty good.   After we had finished all the races it was time to have the awards.  We picked up FOUR trophies.  They were for:
1. Runners up for the fastest race 
2. Best designed car
3. Best pit crew
4. Fastest driver - Jacob

We need to say thank you to Mr Jacobsen, Mr Molloy, our parents and supporters, the entire PES driving team and of course our top sponsor Korkor!!  You are all fantastic people! Im looking forward to the North Shore Regionals!! 
Come along and support us in about two weeks time(April the 6th).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Camp Aratika

Last week on March 18th Point England had there 19th year five and six camp. It was a totally awesome THREE day camp that's right THREE day camp. We had a bucket full of fun. We went Rock climbing,Tenpin bowling,Orienteering and lots more other cool places!!

Of course my favourite activity was Rock climbing because there was one wall that was a Jungle type and the cool thing about it is that you were able to walk across parts!! People think it is FREAKY but once you walk over the bridge you feel like it is easier to walk.

We also had heaps of fun Orienteering. Orienteering is when you travel using directions from a compass. We team up with a partner, using the compass - it leads you to a yellow card which has a letter on it and gives you the next clue to find the next letter. We also had our concert night which was totally awesome. Our teams (groups)came up with items to introduce their group.

And thats what I call one totally awesome camp!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Softball Competition

On Wednesay the 11th of March Point England school entered a Softball tournament it was very exciting. There were other local schools in the area that came to play. We played SIX games throughout the tournament. As it was my turn to bat I picked up the bat,put the bat in place and waited for the pitcher to pitch the ball to me I waited then finally the ball comes flying straight for me,then suddenly I hit the ball it rolled like a Super Sonic jet on the ground I ran as fast as I could then I ran as fast as I could to the first base. Then we had another game this game was to come second we played against Panmure Bridge. We won that game because I caught THREE thats right THREE balls in a row which made us catch up.

Podcasting At School

Podcasting is one of the things that make us famous here at Point England school. It also helps to get better at our reading and writing you could also call it litreacy for short. All you have to do is read a book,write a script with your patner. Then confrence with the teacher. Then finally when the teacher thinks your ready fo the next step you type up a script on the computer and then publish it. After you have practised a few times we go into a room called the podcasting room. One of you will be called the reader and one of you will be called the DJ. The DJ is the person that ask questions about the book. The reader talks about the book and gives the DJ and idea what it would be like to be a character in the book they also tell you what the moral is in the book. And then it gets published onto our KPE blog on the Point England primary website and then you can watch the podcast and leave comments to. You can also add photos to make the book more interesting.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holiday Recount

In the holidays I went to the Waiwera pools one of my favourite parts was going on the hydroslide.We stayed there for three days.Check out my anamation that I created in imovie for my ICT task!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Researching Top Treats

On Friday last week the extension group researched some of our favourite and new foods that have recently been open. Me and my partner Leoden reasearched Wendys I found out that it was created by a man by the name of Dave Thomas he was born in 1932 and was born in New Jersey Alantic City. In 1968 when he was 35 he became a MILLIONARE!!!!(What would you do with all that money??) As time went past he finally made his own restraunt named Wendys he named the restraunt after his daughter.

Thanks to for this photo.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Burger King...was Burger King really the top of the list for most favourite meal?? The Pt England extension group were investigating what the favourites were for this group. We had lots of fun finding out things we didn't know about our friends and classmates.
First of all we were given a task to somehow come up with an interesting way to show the favourites of this group. It was fun because we heard some very weird types of food from the students. We discovered that the things that we like more were sugary and fatty things (Obviously!).

Monday, February 23, 2009

World Cup at Pt England Primary

Last Friday at assembly, guess what came?????? THE RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD CUP!!!!

A man named Keith came to our school. Keith was part of the Auckland Rugby League Society. He is the PR .PR stands for public relationship. That means taking things that are special to Rugby League out into the public. Everyone was so excited that their eyes puffed up like big bowling balls as they saw the cups shiny light soar through the hall. The cup was like a fragrance. It lit up the room as it glittered.

Keith introduced himself and the cup with a speech of his own. Then we saw this totally awesome video clip that was out together for us. Everyone in the audience was amazed and made sounds. The music went really well with the footage and excitement of the game.

Everyone was was fascinated by the game, for example when Manu Vatuvei shoulder barged Billy Slater, every one said ''OOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!'' Everyone was AMAZED!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Holidays

WHOOOSH!!! As I went down the speedslide at the Waiwera pools. My family and I went to Orewa for a holiday. We stayed there for three whole days. It was fun and exciting. We were lucky because we stayed in a house that was right across the road from the Waiwera pools!

When we were at Waiwera we saw many slides that looked like fun. My dad and I went on the fastest slide. It was called the Speedslide . As we got into the line the guard was watching us. I said to my dad ''Lets go on the count of three'' '' ONE, TWO .... AND THEN I WAS OFF! I cheated by letting go of the bar on the count of two. My dad caught up anyway and when we were nearly finished he said ''Laters !'' Then we splashed into the water. My dad won just buy a second.

Then we went to where my mum was. She was in the hot pool or should I call it the...... MOVIE POOL!!! The movie pool is where you can watch movies, but in a hot pool. AND DO I MEAN HOOOOOTTT pool!

After we got out of the MOVIE POOL we went to where we sat, and packed up and went home.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kids To Kiwis Day

On Sunday February the first the Kiwis came to Otahuhu rugby league club. It was an absolutely AWESOME day. We got to meet all of the rugby league World CHAMPIONS!! We even got lessons from Isaac Luke on how to grubber the ball PERFECTLY. We got to play rob the nest with Sam Perret and play ball rush against David Fa'alogo and Sam Rapira. We also got to tackle the Kiwi forward Sika Manu.

When my dad went to buy me a a Kiwis T-shirt I snatched the T-shirt of him and ran to get the Kiwis autograph's because I was so EXCITED!!!!!I got everyone autograph on my shirt. Prime was actually recorded us LIVE can you believe it LIVE from 10:00 onward. THAT DAY WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!

Thanks to photo sport for these pictures.

Kiwi Sports Award Night

On the night of the 3rd of February on TV 1 we had the annual New Zealand Sports Awards evening.

Well I was really interested in the 'Team of the Year' award. I thought that the Kiwis would get it, they were nominated alongside the double skull champions - Ever-Swindell twins, the All Blacks?? and the cycling team.

Shockingly - Ever-Swindell twins won. Even though they are a great team of two, I think that the New Zealand Kiwi Team deserved the award. I think they should have won it because they have made history. As for the twins, they have made history too ... it was expected. As for the Kiwis it is their FIRST time ever - which is pretty special and stands out.

With the Ever-Swindell twins people all around the world expected them to win gold. But the Kiwis surprising win was not expected by many people so makes it so much more bigger and greater!!

I am not doing this just because I am a league fan but because I love sport and think that this time the Kiwis earned this award. Twins you are fantastic - but this time the Kiwis are number one.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sonny Fai

Twenty year old Sonny Fai the upcoming Warrior is yet to be found. On January the 4th at Bethel’s beach in 2009 Sonny Fai and his family went swimming after hours when his brother was trapped in a fierce rip when Sonny Fai came to save him…as Sonny Fai reached and helped his his brother, his brother got away but sadly … Fai didn’t - just seconds later Sonny was missing in the fearsome waves. Minutes later rescue helicopter’s came searching for the Warrior as the family looked for a sign…… a sound. A rescue boat came but it refused to start the engine.

So through the past few days’ friends family and other’s from the community have gone to help and support the family through this hard time of losing such a good friend and a good member of the Fai family. I never got to meet him but I had some chances though I was too shy, I wish I hadn’t wasted these chances.

I will be trying to be like Sonny Fai - try to be an upcoming league star because he was talented, not a show off and he’s a Christian. Speaking about Christian, I have seen photos of him in action - a cross on the inside of his wrist.

Whether Sonny Fai is found dead or alive, God is still with him.

To the Fai family, I know you must be really sad but I hope you see in all the people who are talking about Sonny on the internet, TV, radio and those coming out to see you, that God loves you and Sonny very very much.

To the Warriors you have helped out the Fai family so well. That means a lot to the Fai family and Warriors family of which I am part of.

I’ve been praying and will keep praying.

"Warriors for life"

10 years old
Mt Wellington Warriors Rugby League Club
Vodafone One Tribe Member