Monday, November 29, 2010

NEVOUS ALREADY!!!!.................

The countdown begins for the big day, the day when the top athletes of our intermediate take part in school participate in a big Eastern Zone Athletics competition, ATHLETICS!!!!!!!!

Even though I came third in the sprint races I was still chosen to participate in the following
events, Long Jump,200 metres and the sprint relays, boy I already nervous and the athletics is on Wednesday!!!

I am pretty excited to be in these events, it is going to be tough competition with students getting faster every year and more schools entering it is one heck of a competition. Hopefully later on in the week, I will give you some results on the athletics day!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Devastating Event Takes Place In The Pike River.....

A week of despair and anger has struck New Zealand with miners being trapped and killed under the toxic river "The Pike River" 29 miners to be exact, families were crushed by the news of the incident, many New Zealanders feel for this family and are also very sad about this incident.

Mine experts suspect that it will take a long time to recover all 29 bodys that were killed in the mind of the Pike river. May the lord help the families of the miners and may he please guide them through this time of despair............

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today our schools top athletes are going up against other schools around the area, this competition is taken very seriously, with some very fast runners and some very strong throwers. This athletics day is sure to be very entertaining for those who are spectating!!!

Many schools around the area will compete for the title of the most athletic school in the Tamaki area such as Glen Brae,Ruapotoka,Panmure Bridge and Saint Pius. The event will go on for most of the day, I am hopeful that I can bring you back some results to share with you...........

Monday, November 22, 2010

Explain Ready Task

This term we had to create an animation based on the word we were given, I was given the word "Chrysalis" and had to create an animation based on it, take a look.........

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today was a day that most of us had been waiting for, a day which would decide who was the fastest and who was the strongest. Yes, it was time for our school Athletics!!!

Coming into today I was not confident that I would get a place in the sports we participated in. Unfortunately I was right, not coming anything in any of the sports so far, but there was still one chance left, we had sprints for our final event and I really needed a place in this one. As I raced in the heats I made it into the finals. The finals for the sprints were after lunch and I was boisterously waiting to start the races.

As the younger ones had their races shocks of excitement went through my body, I could feel the adrenaline rise as the seconds went past. Suddenly I heard “12 year old boys please report to the racing tracks to get ready for your race”. Take your marks get set...................BANG!!!!!!! We were off we sprinted down the track as fast as we could, the race was close to the end I gave it all I had....YES!!! I came third in cheer I was proud of the result.........

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Just yesterday all of our year 7's had a received a netbook EACH!!!!

We are the first in the cluster of schools (Manaiakalani) to receive, while everyone gets there netbooks next year we get to use and test them out for the next four weeks.

We have really had a fun time with these amazing pieces of technology. Here's a photo I took of myself with one of the applications on the netbook!!!! ( HULK EFECT!!! )

Monday, November 15, 2010


WHAT A GAME!!!!! It left me breathing heavily, knowing that the Kiwis had won the game in the last seconds. The whole team had produced a huge effort after trying to get themselves out of that hole they dug last week.This game had it all, the big hits, brilliance shear heart and guts boy, what a game.

The Kiwis had managed to win the game with a miracle try with the final score being 12-16. The Aussies had dominated the first half scoring first in just the sixth minute. But with the Kiwis managing to hold on and stay in the hunt surprisingly the scores were tied with the Kiwis at six all.

The second half was absolutely classic, with the Australians scoring a try making it 12-6 leaving the Kiwis behind by six. Playing one of his best games ever, miracle Marshall (Benji Marshall) had brought the Kiwis right back into the game with one of the best ever grubbers set up for a winger. With the conversion meaning a lot at this point of time Marshall had slightly pushed it out and it had hit the post!!!!!! The score remained at 10-12 to the Aussies.

Their were only two minutes one and a half minutes left and the Kiwis were on the there on try line!!! Good runs by the Kiwis forwards pushed them up to the forty metre mark. It was the fifth and last tackle they gave it to the right with Marshall dummying the ball and then giving a gliding ball straight into the hands of Shaun Kenny Dowall, Kenny Dowall held onto the ball long enough to draw the winger in then giving the ball to Mr. Reliable Jason Nightingale who tip toed down thew side line then chucking the ball back inside for Marshall to catch then Marshall offloaded back into the the hands of Nathan Fien to score what would be the winning try!!!!!! YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A GAME THE KIWIS WERE NOW THE FOUR NATIONS CHAMPIONS AND THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kiwis Crumble, Aussies Rumble COME ON KIWIS!!!

Sadly the New Zealand Kiwis were defeated by the B team Australians. The Kiwis had created their own hype earlier this week coming into the game, but unfortunately they were stopped and lost the game 20-34.

As the game went on the crowd of Eden park (I was at the game) erupted in anger, throwing plastic bottles onto the field because of the Kiwis disappointing performance.
I thought that the Kiwis were bamboozled by the Aussies. The Aussies showed that they had a lot to offer through their plays and continued to dominate their way down the field to score a bunch of tries and take the game away from the Kiwis.

The Kiwis have one week to pick themselves up and get ready for the final against Australia.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Day I'll Will Never Forget.......

A day of excitement, an unbelievable day boy, how lucky were we getting to meet the TOP LEAGUE PLAYERS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!Seeing the Four Nations (New Zealand, Australia, England, Papa New Guinea) walk out onto the field of Eden Park ready to play with young Kiwi kids was a dream come true.

Part of this spectacular day was getting to play with the League Stars, a goal that I would like to achieve in the future! We took part in some activities with some of my favourite stars, Robbie Farah, Lote Tuquri, Chris Lawrence and way more. It was so cool also getting to talk to the stars and to get photos with them, was another dream that was fufilled.

What an awesome day it was, I'll never forget that day, and I'll treasure it forever.........