Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mount Wellington U14's Season Under Way!!!

After weeks of training, my club team, Mt Wellington U14's league team had our first hit out against a willing Bay Roskill team, we went out to Block house bay and played tough footy, with our valuble forwards 'Wayjo' getting injured in the first minute and another hard working forward 'George' and myself both getting sent off because of bleeding noses. The team basiclly played with only 11 players for most of the game.

The opposition were quite big, but as part of playing league you got to think to yourself 'Size doesn't matter'. We managed to get their big men tired beating them 10-16. All of our team played quite well with good, tough defence it was a pretty good start to the season. Our first real game game for the season is this week so we'll prepare for it. We really enjoyed the game and can't wait for the season to get under way. (TIGERS WON!!!)

Friday, March 25, 2011


As part of our new learning program which we call Taonga time, we have created movies based on the regular day of a Point England student. Being responsible, having fun and enjoying yourself. We had fun making them and are aware of the Point England way which include the following things. Check out the movie below!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Yet another memorable time for the students of Point England, we have just finished our annual Year 7 & 8 camp. We had a lot of fun as groups and had a fantastic time!!!

I was a leader for one of the camp groups and my groups name was the Responsiblez. Overall my group came second at the end of camp. We were very delighted with the result and were rewarded with very satisfying prizes.

During camp we had some very interesting activities. We had activities such as kayaking, Australian Indigenous games with our Australian teacher (Mr Harris), a cool organization called “Rock Up” came along and gave us a really great time. But my favourite activity would have to be the activities we did with Mr.Barks. His activity was challenging and all about team building. It was cool to work as a team to do some very difficult tasks.

My highlight of camp was going to Swimarama on the last day of camp. The water was perfectly cold for a very hot day, and with the diving pool and the the hydro slide open, how could it not be a highlight !!!!

At Swimarama (the last day before we were allowed to have fun) our Senior school had to first do our school swimming sports. Moses who was also in my group was taking part in the 12 year old races while I was also taking part in the races. My first race was freestyle, I was confident I could complete the race but was not sure what placing I would get................

“12 Year Old Boys freestyle” announced Mrs Nua. I hopped in the pool. I yelled ‘AAAAAHHH” the water was freezing, and the chill of the water made me shiver. With my teeth shattering in the background Ms King Yelled out “ Ready,........Set!!.........GGGGOOOOO!!!!! We raced off down the lanes kicking our legs our hardest and our arms pushing through the water. It was one spectacular race!!! In the end of the race I finished second with “The Fish” Raven finishing in first place!!!

After the other races it was time for the final of the 12 yr old boys Freestyle. I had a better idea of where I thought I would finish after the first race. Once again I hopped in the water and it still felt cold! I waited for the words. I looked straight down my lane, focused wanting to get a spot in the next swimming tournament. “GET SET,......... GO!!!”! I pushed off the wall as hard as I could, racing down the lane, my heart ready to explode. HOW EXCITING!!!! I was in second place with Raven in 1st place. I held on to second place and had grabbed a spot in the Eastern Zone Swimming tournament, YEAH!!!

I was very happy and after that we all hopped in the pool and had a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed the day, with the hydro slide and the diving pool being very popular during the day. It was yet another awesome camp that would certainly be remembered!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I’ve told you once and now I’m telling you twice NRL is going to be a thriller!!! The Competition is going to be tough and it starts this Friday starting off with the battle of Sydney as the South Sydney Rabbitohs take on the Sydney Roosters, and right after that fiery game it will then be the battle of Queensland when the Mighty Broncos take on a new look Cowboys.

And with the Warriors playing against the Parramatta Eels it sure to be a new beginning for Rugby League at the famous Rugby ground “Eden Park”. Another big thing about Saturday is when the Saint George Dragons take on the Gold Coast, it would be interesting to see how the Dragons go in their title defence. Another big threat to this years competition are the dark horses, the Canberra Raiders, they will take there first battle up against the underdogs for this year the Sharks. The Sharks have brought a big name to the team in Kiwi enforcer Jeremy Smith, he brings the skill and strength to a team that already have a big pack.

And the last last game of the round will finish off with two teams who are expected to do some big things this year in the competition, my team the Tigers take on a new look Bulldogs. Big things are expected for the Tigers, with versatile Fullback and halfback Tim Moltzen returning and everybody looking like their going to hit the peak of there careers, it’s sure to be packed full of points, big hits, emotion and revenge!!!! HERE WE GO AGAIN, BRING ON NRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tigers Line Up:
1. Wade McKinnon
2 .Lote Tuqiri
3 .Blake Ayshford
4 .Chris Lawrence
5 .Matt Utai
6 .Benji Marshall
7 .Robert Lui
8 .Bryce Gibbs
9 .Robbie Farah ©
10. Keith Galloway
11 .Liam Fulton
12 .Gareth Ellis
13 .Chris Heighington /home/tanielu8fn3k9h/Desktop/Screenshot.png

14 .Tim Moltzen
15 .Simon Dwyer
16 .Andrew Fifita
17 .Todd Payten

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We are ........CHAMPIONS!!!!! (Of the East)

Another chapter written in the Point England Sport history, with the Yr 8 Softball team coming out of the Eastern Zone Tournament as the Year 8 champs!!!! Just yesterday on the 1st of March the Point England intermediate Softball teams (Year 7 and 8 boys) went down to Tamaki Intermediate to challenge other schools in the area for the title of the Eastern Zone.

We (Yr 8 Boys) had six games altogether including the knock out rounds, the competition was very tough with all the schools showing such awesome performances, our first game was against St Thomas, it was a good match with all the boys having a good bat and getting a few runs, we won that game and prepared for the next match..............

The day went on and we had won 3 out of 4 games which was very helpful to us as we needed the wins to carry on into the knockout rounds. First up in the semi finals we played against the red hot Tamaki who really looked like a winning chance. We all were all ready and confident for this match, it would decide who would go to the grand final and who would fall to a sad ending.

The match began and we batted first, we began with a lot of confidence and finished off our batting with six runs scored and with an inning to spare we held out the Tamaki offence with fantastic fielding. In the end we kept Tamaki to a score of only one run!!!

The time had come for us to really redeem ourselves from last year, that year we fell one game short from the grand final. This time we played against a very determined Churchill Park school, they had knocked the favourites in the competition Bailey Road by just one run.

The game had started and we had selected to bat, we started strong and came out of the innings a lot of determination, we played hard and gave it our best and kept Churchill park to only one run.
We had come out as the champions and now we are heading to the champ of champions tournament next week on Tuesday, wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!