Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday School Prize Giving

Yesterday on Sunday the 14th of December my church had it's Sunday School prize giving for 2008. This year on the 15th of June (The day before my birthday) we had the Sunday School scripture exams. TEN people from my church got in the top three in the whole of New Zealand. My sister (Toreka) got first in the whole of New Zealand she got 100 marks out of 100.She got a special trophy for getting the most marks in the whole of the church and the WHOLE of her grade.

My grandfather was so proud of us because because most of my family got the prizes. My cousin Renee got the all-rounder of the WHOLE church. But an even more exciting thing happened to me!!

After prize giving I went to Valentines BUT it wasn't just that...when I was eating I saw.....MANU VATUVEI WALK IN TO THE BUILDING!!!!!!!! He came in with the rest of the family I asked for a picture and a autograph I said to him - do you think your better than Folau ? He said 'Maybe' I said you are AMAZING!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

School Swimming

My school (Point England school) went to YMCA swimming club. It was cool having swimming lessons with my class and teacher. My best strokeis freestyle I can go really fast if I have along time to breath. As I got into the pool coldness struck my body as if I went back in time when it was the time of the Ice Age it was really cold. My friends are really good at swimming and think they are better then me just because one of them told me that I need to keep my arms straight and to put my hands into the water with about making a splash!! Here's my freestyle swimming it only shows a little bit of my swimming.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heroes The Programme

Do you watch the programme Heroes? It is an AWESOME programme to watch. Did you watch the episode just last night? My favourite person in heroes would have to be Sylar. He made the name up himself. His origanal name is actually Gabriel. He has all the powers of every person that has powers in Heroes. The main person in Heroes is Peter. He is Nathan's (the guy that can fly) brother!! Remember that Indian looking guy? He has now turned bad and has tangled his ex girlfriend up in this thing that looks like a giant cacoon even though his ex girlfriend had powers. In the episode last Wednsday was pretty cool because Peter went into the future and saw Clare, the girl who use to be able to heal, turns EVIL and trys to kill Peter and Nathan and the Japanese dudes (Ando and Hiro)try to get the formula but unfortunately one of of them has to kill each other his friend died so that he can get the formula that was hidden already untill he took it out. WATCH HEROES NEXT WEEK!!!
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Manu Vatuvei Wins

Remember the competition that I said was between Israel Folau and Manu Vatuvei? Well guess who won?? Their was no compettion their because Manu Vatuvei WON by THREE votes and Israle Folau got NO votes at ALL!!! That proves that New Zealand have one of the best wingers in the rugby league game right now!! The BEAST WILL RETURN NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!

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