Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Deal:You Spoke To The Mayor Of Auckland

It was one extraordinary day, You know why? I got up close and personal to the MAYOR OF AUCKLAND!!!

THE Mayors name was John Banks. He came to our school to talk about some issues that we have here at our school. Helen Tui and Paulitia introduced him to our school and brought him into the room where we normally have our meetings. As soon as he came into the room our presenting team started to present.

I was a bit nervous when it was my turn but once I settled into my speech I was comfortable to talk. After we finished our presentation we sat down and had a korero with the Mayor. We gave him a presentation on how our changing rooms at our local beach are always locked. We also talked to him in depth about the cost of our local pools and how we could solve the problem.

He was very impressed with the way we showed him our presentation.
He started talking, but the thing I was most interested in was when he said "I could easily go back to my office, take these papers and get to the bottom of this," But! "I'm going to make you guys speak for yourselves! It was quite cool to know that John Banks knew that we could speak for ourselves!! He then said " First you're going to make a presentation for the Community Board" "WOW!!!" I thought in my head. But if that doesn't work out then your going to make another presentation for the AUCKLAND City Council. That was so cool to know!!!
"I'm sending you on a journey" is what he said to us. When I thought about what we had just accomplished. It seemed like we had done we had done a good job. I can't wait for what lies ahead for the future of our school

Monday, April 26, 2010

Storm Result: We Show NO Mercy

The Storm came into the match with a furious strike showing that the incident had no part of their emotions in the thrashing against the Warriors. The ending score was 40-6! The Warriors played the role of sitting duck's. The Storm sent the Warriors under the pump through out the whole game.

Some of the Storm players were a bit dirty, starting scraps, causing arguments and people getting on report. The Storm fired with thunder forgetting what had happened. Warriors fill in Captain Micheal Luck was deeply considering trouble maker Brett White as a nasty little man. White was quite disturbing to the Warriors Captain gave him a piece of his mind chucking in a few blows before team mates stopped him. The Warriors only try went to the Tongan Powerhouse Ukuma Ta'ai. Ukuma took a bit of anger off his shoulders chucking the ball at Billy Slater's head which caused a bit of grief between the to teams. It was a fantastic display of footy by the Storm , they have to keep playing like that if they want to get through this season.....GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Storm: Lost In The Clouds

The magnificent NRL Melbourne Storm have been devastated to know that they have been stripped of two premiership titles, 3 minor Priemierships. And are as good as disqualified because they will be stripped of all their Competition points of this season. This all came from a sneaky staff member of the Storm. They were busted for cheating with their Salary Cap over paying their stars so they could keep their stars interested in there team.

You might be thinking "Why is this bad?". Well it is quite simple, it is because you have a particular amount of money
to spend on your players, What the Storm did was they spent too much money on their players so that they could put together a super team. The reason they have a budget to stick to is that every team has an even chance at the upcoming season.

The Storm have been doing this for quite a while now and that's why they have been stripped of so much that they won. The funny thing is the Warriors are playing them tonight, it will be great to see how the Storm will turn up. Will they fire up?, Or will they fail.....WATCH THE GAME TONIGHT!!!! (Sunday 25th April) GO THE TIGERS!!!