Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fresh Start, New begining.....

Wow, this feels good, brings back good memories to be honest. I haven't blogged in ages! (Sorry to those who have been waiting for a post!). If you're wondering where I am at right now I'm at at Saint Kentigern College. I am there on a 5 year Rugby Scholarship. It's been awesome so far. Though there were a few downs and bumps I have really started to settle in. Everything here is great, the sports, the amazing facilities and some cool friends.

Term one has just finished and I am now on a holiday. The great news is that I went to a trial for the U15's side and made the squad. We had a match just recently against Tauranga boys College we won comfortably and in the making I scored three tries, it was a great feeling, I finally had that feeling - I  belonged to something if you know what I mean. This term was more of a taste or a learning curve for me, in this next term I hope I can make more progress and completely settle. I am really looking to what's in store for me especially the Rugby.  HAPPY EASTER, (Tigers have had a slow start but she'll come good, COME ON THE TIGEEZ!