Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Basketball Trials, Did I make It???

Today I am finding out if I made the Basketball team or not, We had a trial last week and boy what a trial it was, some good shots, rebounds and intercepts. We went down to play at our local College
Tamaki College. They had A REC Centre there and we played on the Basketball court.

We split up into four teams and two teams would play a game and then another two teams would play. I think our team had the advantage of height and power, the team that we were up against had the advantage of speed and agility.

After the game we had defeated the other team 14-2 which I think is a hiding, I was very impressed with myself.

I will give you an update on if I made the team.


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Yes I certainly was impressed Tanielu - the level of commitment was high and although our shooting was not always accurate everyone was going in hard to rebound.
I'm looking forward to honing our skills a bit more before the Tournament. I hope you get the chance to prctise your shooting during the weekend(That's if you make the team of course).
Mrs Nua

K.Abdul Jabbar said...

No pressure coach.....

Nothing like the drama of waiting to find out if you have made the team. Just remember Dan if you don't make the cut, you'll be in good company. Even the greatest basketball player ever - Michael Jordan - experienced disappointment when he didn't make his high school team. When his name wasn't on the notice board he trained even harder and the next year, he made it! So - If at first you don't succeeed, try, try again!

By the way - an 'intercept' in basketball is called a 'steal'.

teinakura said...

it sounds very exiting to hear
if you made it into the basketball team

lovely said...

Thats a Great Story, Please To Read, hope Read more From You


Shaniah said...

Hey Tanielu,
I cant wait to hear if you made the team, good luck.
Your a great writer, Keep the good work up.

I cant wait till I hear some more of your great writing.

by for now.


tyler rm 14 said...

hi my name is Tyler from melville intermediate New Zealand.
Awesome work on the Bball Trails i hope you made it in the team.
it always helps if you have an advantage it gives you More of a Chance good luck on your results.