Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Market Day Reflection

“YES!!!” I yelled our Point England market day had arrived we were excited an ready to go for the day. Our product that we were selling for the day were Bug Shakes (Milkshakes) and we were confident that our product was going to be a sell out!!!While the day was hot and the market day on we were sure we would gain a lot of money from the milkshakes.

We had three different flavours which were Scary Berry(Strawberry) Bugs In Mud (Chocolate) Butterfly Delight (Tropical). Our price for one large cup was $2.00 and we had a special, 2 for $3.00. We had loads of orders pre ordered by the way which meant that we had to get busy!!!

With customers surrounding our stand and people thirsty we had to work as fast as we possibly could. The favourite (Milkshake) was bugs in mud while butterfly delight and scary berry were also being ordered often. At the end our stall was all sold out raising close to $200!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the day we were happy with ourselves selling most of our products in the day. I really liked Market day and am hopefull that we will have more events like this soon...............Click on the link to watch how our market day went...........


Paulitia said...

Hi Tanielu

I agree with you we did have a lot of fun on Market Day.I really enjoyed your milkshakes especially the strawberry ones.I think you did really well. I can't wait to have another Market Day.

From Tia

Dad said...

Hey Dan.

Well I thoroughly enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the Y7 market day. It reminded me of the Apia markets back in Samoa! I think it would be a great idea to make it an annual thing. I really liked the variation of products that were on sale. I had more than my fair share of sweets and cookies. I’m sure you would have all learned a lot too about marketing, promotion and buying & selling etc. Fantastic! Looking forward to the next one. Well done to all the young entrepreneurs! Maybe the next Michael Mayell is amongst the Y7s....(see if you can find out who that is)