Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Technology Argument Part 1

I think that Technology is one of the big things that make mankind so amazing! I mean just think what would the world be like if we didn’t have technology? Technology is a huge help in life giving man easier lives.

One of the many things that have improved through time that are technological inventions which clearly show how technology is helpful is the mobile phone. The mobile phone is literally “Mobile”, it’s better, faster and stronger. Used mostly to send messages to others with phones or to ring them. It helps people in so many ways, rather than having to travel to tell them a message or mailing the message to them you can easily text them (If you have enough credit!).

Back in the medieval days people were sent to give messages to others around the country. Back in those days messengers were mostly sent to tell the other countries and villages about upcoming wars, new inventions and competitions.

Another reason why the mobile is well used by people is listening to songs and tunes as well as recording videos and taking pictures and snap shots. You are able to also share songs,videos and pictures with others with a thing called “Blue Tooth”.

Another way technology has helped us throughout time is through travel which leads to the invention of the car. Being able to travel at the speed limit of around 100 km per hour on the motorway is obviously a huge help! Vehicles are compulsory to use for travelling, going out and, well just for anything! Most cars around the world can carry the average of 5 people. The age that you have to be these days to drive a car is 16.

Explaining these technology creations just shows what a help technology is these days, cars,tvs,phones. Having technology around us plays a big part in our lives and especially saves us.

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