Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fresh Start, New begining.....

Wow, this feels good, brings back good memories to be honest. I haven't blogged in ages! (Sorry to those who have been waiting for a post!). If you're wondering where I am at right now I'm at at Saint Kentigern College. I am there on a 5 year Rugby Scholarship. It's been awesome so far. Though there were a few downs and bumps I have really started to settle in. Everything here is great, the sports, the amazing facilities and some cool friends.

Term one has just finished and I am now on a holiday. The great news is that I went to a trial for the U15's side and made the squad. We had a match just recently against Tauranga boys College we won comfortably and in the making I scored three tries, it was a great feeling, I finally had that feeling - I  belonged to something if you know what I mean. This term was more of a taste or a learning curve for me, in this next term I hope I can make more progress and completely settle. I am really looking to what's in store for me especially the Rugby.  HAPPY EASTER, (Tigers have had a slow start but she'll come good, COME ON THE TIGEEZ!


Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hey Tanielu

Its really fantastic to read a post from you! Congratulations on making the U15's side, although I'm not surprised. Good luck on your journey through College. Make the most of your opportunities, and continue to make your friends and family (and teachers!) really proud. Well done you!

Mrs Lagitupu

Manaiakalani said...

Welcome back to blogging! I smiled when I saw that you had an update to share. What an epic start to the year you have had. I am so pleased you are enjoying your new school so much. It must have been immensely satisfying to make the U15 team. Are you one of the youngest team members?

Keep the updates coming and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

finally a post! I hope things go great at SKC. always stay humble to your friends at other schools . please keep writing especially about sports

CheesyUK said...

Been waiting for you to get back into blogging - such a pleasure to read your writings Tanielu. I often share your blog with other teachers.
Keep it up - more posts please :-)
Sounds like you are doing really well