Thursday, October 16, 2008

John Key Takes It !!

Man isn't that strange I thought that Helen Clark did a pretty cool job but John Key from National actually won it!! They are both pretty good at talking about what New Zealand needs to be a better country. I am going for National because when my school wanted to make a Point England Intermediate, the Minister of Education asked us if we wanted a Intermediate and we said yes but then he said no and then we were confused. He never answered our questions so GO NATIONAL!!!!


Fiona Grant said...

Hi Tanielu,
Thanks for your updates on the debate. Unfortunately I missed it on TV so it is useful to read about what other people are saying. Hopefully I will be able to watch the next one and can vote in your poll if you run it again.


tamakitoday said...

There's no way that I can possibly comment on this post except to say that its great to see you posting again. Any Touch happening soon at Point England School?
Mr Webb
Tamaki Intermediate School

Kiwi said...

I had no idea that any other kids in NZ actually had blogs. When I was in year 5 I didn't know who or what "politics" was. Good stuff.

kells said...

i think it's terrific you're involved in politics at your age. just be careful believing what people say to be true. just because someone "said" key won the debate should not sway your opinion on who you think "won" or "lost". you based your decision on concrete evidence (who listened and responded to your needs) - good work!