Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Helen Clark or John Key? Vote Now!

Man! That was a serious debate between Helen Clark and John Key on TV1. The two of them had good explanations on why they should be New Zealand’s next Prime Minister. John Key kept saying ‘A bright FRESH future’…Helen Clarke kept a lot of different things. They talked about health, education, tax, the leaders of their parties.

I was really interested in the debate because they both argued and argued and Mark the TV host was having to say ‘Ok, ok, next question’. The You Tube questions were really good. The Party leaders really knew their topics really well because you never heard them say ‘Ummm’ for a few seconds then speak.

Did you see on TV how you could vote you could text or ring and it would cost you $1.00 – $0.99 just to vote!! That’s kind of unfair so I thought that you might want to vote for free right here on my blog.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have a poll for you to vote on. For now please let me know who you would vote for after that debate by commenting on my blog.


Leoden said...

Helen Clark is cool

From Leoden

Anonymous said...

Go Helen!

Anonymous said...

Most teachers don't agree with me but I will say it anyway...

Go John.

I think it is time for a change and the 'secret budget' that HC is talking about for December scares me ALOT.

Moturoa said...

I thought that it was interesting that the teacher wanted to be anonymous! I think people should own up to how the feel about stuff.

To put a poll right here on your blog the easiest thing to do is to go to your dashboard, then to layout, add a gadget, then scroll down to add a poll and type in your questions and say how long you want your voting poll to go on for.

What about you make it go until electikon night and then you can see if your readers get it the same as on national voting day.

I like your blog by the way- well done.

Here are a couple of other boys blogs that you might like to visit from my class.

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Allanah K

Flexie said...

It's really cool to see that the young people today are interested in politics. I remember when I was in standard 4 (that's year 6 to you!!) we had a big change with PM's (David Lange, Geoffery Palmer) and I got really excited about it, but no one else did. Even now that I'm a little bit older (well a lot older) there are not many people who really care about politics, so keep interested, it's important to be informed about these things so that you and I can make decisions about our leaders - who knows, maybe you'll be one of those leaders in the future.

Robyn W

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Now that would be telling!! But you're right it was an interesting debate and quite tricky for Mark to keep a handle on things. I'll be watching your poll with interest.

Mrs Nua

Russell Burt said...

I agree with you that both leaders are very accomplished speakers. I'm not telling you who I'm going to vote for at the election, but I will tell you that if I was judging the debate like I would at school, I would give it to John Key for his use of facts and figures and for keeping his cool. I really think, Tanielu that you are the winner because of your excellent journalism and because you got into it. Well done!

Ms Squires said...

Hi Tanielu,
Great to see you getting underway again with your blog this term. You have posted some excellent pieces of writing already. Have you checked out some of the blogs of some kids in Nelson who have been commenting on yours. I think you should be able to have access to them now. I have also put links to them from our class blog.
Ms Squires

tamakitoday said...

One of the things that I have always liked about your blog Tanielu is a really good choice of relevant topics that people find interesting. I didn't see the debate myself as I was otherwise engaged but I am finding it interesting to read everyone's opinions about it.
Mr Webb
Tamaki Intermediate School

Linda said...

Wow, what an interesting topic to be blogging about at the moment Tanielu. I didn't see the debate live but I have been following the comments since. I will keep visiting your blog and take part in your poll. Have you heard about the coffee bean poll at Muffin Break?http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO0810/S00038.htm
From Linda Flavell

Mrs Jarman said...

Well Done Tanielu,
I'm not sure who I support yet. Luckily there are a few weeks to go. I'll keep reading your Blog to help me make up my mind.
From Mrs Jarman