Thursday, December 11, 2008

School Swimming

My school (Point England school) went to YMCA swimming club. It was cool having swimming lessons with my class and teacher. My best strokeis freestyle I can go really fast if I have along time to breath. As I got into the pool coldness struck my body as if I went back in time when it was the time of the Ice Age it was really cold. My friends are really good at swimming and think they are better then me just because one of them told me that I need to keep my arms straight and to put my hands into the water with about making a splash!! Here's my freestyle swimming it only shows a little bit of my swimming.

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Manaiakalani said...

Swimming at the pools is fun but you could get really good at swimming this Summer if you swam in the sea every day when it is high tide. Go straight down Anderson Ave to the sea and I hear that it is a really good place to swim - straight off the bank there. You never know who you might bump into swimming there at the same time ;)