Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heroes The Programme

Do you watch the programme Heroes? It is an AWESOME programme to watch. Did you watch the episode just last night? My favourite person in heroes would have to be Sylar. He made the name up himself. His origanal name is actually Gabriel. He has all the powers of every person that has powers in Heroes. The main person in Heroes is Peter. He is Nathan's (the guy that can fly) brother!! Remember that Indian looking guy? He has now turned bad and has tangled his ex girlfriend up in this thing that looks like a giant cacoon even though his ex girlfriend had powers. In the episode last Wednsday was pretty cool because Peter went into the future and saw Clare, the girl who use to be able to heal, turns EVIL and trys to kill Peter and Nathan and the Japanese dudes (Ando and Hiro)try to get the formula but unfortunately one of of them has to kill each other his friend died so that he can get the formula that was hidden already untill he took it out. WATCH HEROES NEXT WEEK!!!
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mishmashmosh said...

Hey, posting as a random.

I love Heroes lots. So I've got a few corrections :)
- his name is Sylar. He made it up himself, original name - Gabriel
- the "Indian looking guy" is Mohinder Suresh, and he hasn't actually murdered his girlfriend yet. She's just sort of in this coocoon he spun.
- Sylar never took Clare's powers away. What he does is he does something to her brain, that enables him to have the power too. Everyone else has died from that treatment, except Clare, because obviously, she can't die.
- Hiro and Ando are not Chinese =__=; They're Japanese.

Anyway, I never knew that people in NZ were watching Heroes too. :D It's great.

Tanielu Tele'a said...

Thanks for correcting me about an AWESOME programme if you noticed I have corrected my info.Keep coming onto my blog incase I make some more mistakes!!!I LOVE HEROES

mishmashmosh said...

haha, sure thing :)

Manaiakalani said...

That was a great post Tanielu. I am a heroes fan too. I have all the episodes on my iPod so I can watch them again - how sad is that? Sometimes it is a bit gruesome though. That was pretty cool to have another fan help you out with getting your information right though wasn't it?
Mrs Burt