Monday, September 7, 2009

The Tigers Shock Win

After the West Tigers had lost their game against the Titans the Tigers season was all over. Even though they lost - they still had one more game to play and it was against .....THE BULLDOGS!! I was wondering if they were going to lose this match - making it three losses in a row!! But the West Tigers knew they had to go out there and finish their season in style. So they went out there feeling that they deserve to play finals footy.

One of the West Tigers favourite sons Dene Halutau was playing his last game for the Tigers (He's heading off to the Bulldogs). The Tigers gave him a good try which is something he will surely remember. One of the Legends of the game that is still playin now is Hazem El Masri. He didn't have an awesome game - it was averege for the point scoring machine. The score 34-12. The West Tigers will try to get better in the off season and work on their awesome attacking style. WATCH OUT FOR THE WEST TIGERS IN 2010!!!!


Erene said...

Hi Tanielu
That is such a sad ending for the West Tigers.
They have been outstanding throughout there games.
I remember when the Tigers faced the Eels and Benji Marshell passed the ball around his back to the winger.
For me Benji has been awesome since his debut.
Same to the rest of the members (espesially Beau Ryan).
From Erene

Room 18 said...

Hi Tanielu
I could not watch the game because i had to go to sleep but i did mange to watch the highlights of the game. I could not believe benji marshalls try. He side steped nearly the whole back row. Hazem El Masri nearly had a ankle tap on benji and also remember to WATCH OUT FOR THE EELS!!!!!!

Your classmate Leoden