Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mountain Warrior TUAnated

Although I am not really a Boxing supporter I HAD to watch this match because of the one and only DAVID TUA other wise know as "The Tuanater!" and he was fighting against the "Mountain Warrior" Shane Cameron, They called this match "THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY".

It was amazing to see on 3 news that David Tua had lost 26KGS which really helped him with his fight but the thing that I think really inspired him to knock the socks off Cameron was to hear the sad and tradgic news that Tua's aunty had pass away by the Samoan Tsunami. It had washed out part of Samoa like a Vacum.

Tua looked really pumped for the big fight while Cameron looked a bit nervous well I could be wrong. The bell rang and everybody was screaming there heads off!! Cameron took the first few Jabs going for Tua's shoulders and hips, Tua was keeping cool and calm waiting patiently to give a few blows. Tua gave a HUGE hit and knocked Cameron to the ground. Everybody thought that Cameron was gone for good as there were only a few seconds left on the clock for the first round but the referee called time out for some reason!

Then the bell rang to signal to say that the second round was about to start. After only seven seconds of the second round Tua Dominated the Mountain Warrior. Giving him his famous left hook and a glass breaking right hook which sealed Tua's 43rd knock out of his career. Man what a match - seeing Cameron getting Tuanated! Check out the highlights of Tua giving a few blows to Cameron.


AJB & MDB said...

We really like your take on the fight Tanielu and we especially like your dedication - and the footage coz we've been able to watch it over again right here on your blog!
Ashleigh and Max

NZWaikato said...

Tanielu - I live in Hamilton, home of the mighty Chiefs, and the wonderful Waikato team, but I couldn't go to the fight, however I was able to find the first footage of the fight that I could find anywhere in the world (including looking at youtube!) here on your site! You scooped everyone! Would be really interested to hear your thoughts on the NRL grand final.

Russell Burt said...

Hey Tanielu
Love your commentary. I think you must never go to bed! I thought David Tua was AMAZING during the fight and gracious in victory.
I agree Shane Cameron got Tuamanated, but I must say I feel pretty sorry for him because it was over SO quick.

J Tito said...

Hi Tanielu, thank you for your TUAnator post. I missed the whole fight and was waiting to see the fight afterwards online or on television. I really enjoyed your coverage, it showed the all highlights. I must admit i'm not overly keen on boxing but I was interested the Fight of the Century because I met David Tua up in Whangarei and took a photo of him with my 2 year old my niece. He's a gentle giant outside the ring I think. See you back at school :)

Pablo (yo) said...

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Pablo from Argentina

Mrs Gibb said...

Wow Tanielu, your blog post is great! I teach at Tauranga boys' college. While reading your thoughts about the "Fight of the Century" I could not help but think you write like a high school student I was so impressed it was a very well written. Thank you for sharing your top quality work with us.

Personally I liked the way David wet up and gave Shane a hug after the fight. It was great sportsmanship from David and I liked they way he was very humble after the fight. I don't know about you but I look forward to seeing more of David Tua competing in the future.

Ulimasao said...

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Beni said...

''THAT WAS AWESOME '' i really like the way you put Rocky Balboa's anthem song because i really like him because i've got all the movie's of him and also i've got his song on it good choice on the song and keep going and don't stop :)

From Beni