Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kiwis VS Tonga TONIGHT!

Tonight on the 14th of October the New Zealand Kiwis will have a warm up match against the Tongans to get ready for the FOUR Nations Tournament. You might have known that four players from the Kiwis are making a Debut for the Kiwis. One is Bryson Goodwin (Bulldogs) another is Tafeaga Junior Sau (Knights) Frank Paul Nuuasala and Jared Hargreaves. They all are very good players after all Bryson Goodwin scored NINETEEN tries through out 24 rounds of footy!! (But (Taniela Tuiaki scored more than him!! GO THE TIGERS) 

Speaking of Taniela Tuiaki him and Manu Vatuvei could have been our Kiwi wingers!! Just Imagine the two Tongan monsters TANIELA TUIAKI ......AND..........MANU VATUVEI!! Man that would have been so cool if they were both playing, infact I would bet anybody 1 million dollars that the Kiwis would cream the Aussies!! (But the Kiwis right now are still pretty good!) hope to see Benji Marshall (From the WEST TIGERS!!) create some magic (As always!!) we might also see him as captain!!

Anyway I think the Kiwis will win comfortably against Tonga like last year. And that they will win the Four Nations Tournament!! GO THE KIWIS!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tanielu, I have just got off the plane in Dubai, on our way to Bahrain, and checked my blog reader to find out what has been going on in NZ while we have been in the air. And Mr Burt and I are sitting here catching up on the league update via your blog. That is very cool. We don't even need to go to the NZ Herald website now.
We'll be relying on you for the match details tomorrow.
Take care
Mrs Burt (and Mr)
PS the internet is sooo slow that I am signing in as anonymous to save waiting for it to load my Google account....