Monday, November 23, 2009

Another AWESOME camp for Point England

"WOOOOHOOO" was what I yelled out when we were on the Ferry as we were on our way to KAWAU Island. It was for year six only and boy was I looking forward to having a so much fun!

We had so many cool activities. We had a " Confidence course" that's all about conquering your fear in different types of courses. There was also sailing which was actually my favourite activity because I was the controller of the boat and the waves took us on one heck of a ride. Another FANTASTIC experience was getting to absail it was absolutely 'Heart Pounding!!' I was hooked onto a rope and I had to lower myself down a wall. I'll let you guys on a little secret........ I'm scared of HEIGHTS!! I just can't stand tall buildings especially when I'm looking down!!

I will never forget the man who changed my taste buds life his name is Mr Coop - or you could just call him well I don't know THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD!!!! From the moment his world famous bread went into my mouth he had sent my mouth on one WILD ADVENTURE!!! I just couldn't believe what had happened to me!!

I was a leader and my group name was Kawau and we were the overall WINNERS. But when we had a Concert and everybody did an item we had come second and a group called the "Katz" won the item. My dad came along and helped out it was fun having my dad with me. He would tell jokes to everybody and they would start laughing!! I can't wait to go again (if I go again!) CAMP BENTZON ROOOOOOCCCCCKKKKKKSSSS!!!!!!!


Manaiakalani said...

Another first Tanielu. This is certainly the place to come for breaking news! I have so enjoyed reading your blog. The first time I went to Camp Bentzon was for my end of year camp at Teachers College in 1978 - wow, that is so long ago. It was heaps of fun.
I really enjoyed hearing about what you did and as always, the way you write drew me in and kept me reading to the end.
Well done
Mrs Burt

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

I'm glad to hear how much you enjoyed our Camp Tanielu. You were an awesome Leader and lucky to have had Dad along to share your experience.
I certainly missed waking up to the wafting smell of those fresh bread rolls once we returned. I'm sure Mr Coop will be grateful for your endorsement.

Keep capturing the moments with your well chosen words.

Mrs Nua

Mum said...

Thank you for sharing Tanielu. It's great that I get to read about your experience here. At home I've heard bits and pieces from you and Dad about camp. This is great - without Dad jumping in every so often to tell the rest of your story : )
Keep up the good writing Tanielu, you really do know how to capture your readers.. Malo lava Tanielu.
Lots of love

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summerland said...

i went to camp benzen too it was awesome and you might of had a better time then we did. by the sound of it.

summerland shania

SummerlandPrimaryR22 said...

Well i like camp bentzon but i wanted to go home

SummerlandPrimaryR22 said...

I love camp i was sick -Rhiannon

SummerlandPrimaryR22 said...

I love camp but i really wanted to go home so I can see my parents. -Rhiannon

mum said...

I've finally been to the famous 'Camp Bentzon!' Wow and wow!! I understand now why 13 years worth of PES kids rave about this camp...even many years later.