Monday, November 23, 2009

The West Tigers Champs in 2010

You might be wondering why is Tanielu saying that the West Tigers are going to be the Champs of 2010? Well I'll tell you why I think that the West Tigers are going to win next year. Because they have so many new fantastic people playing for the club next year. Say for example they are getting the big Saint Helen's Forward his name is "Jason Cayless" he is a Kiwi and I guarantee that he's going to bring a lot of POWER to this Tigers forward pack. Ever since 2006 they have needed another BIG,POWERFUL FORWARD so they picked the right guy for sure and that is something that will really help the West Tigers next year.

Another big buy for next year is another Super League star and his name is "Mark Flanagan" he has been recently playing Lock and a Second Rower he is a HITMAN and has a good precise running structure so he'll be yet another good buy for the Tigers.

Now I've been looking forward to this signing the name of the man is "LOTE TUQURI" he is a from the Brisbane Broncos and has recently been playing Rugby Union for the Waratahs. He is damaging and has ULTRA SPEED. He has made history for the Broncos and he was a winger with Wendell Sailor.

There is a big fact there is a HUGE CHANCE that the Tigers will make it to the finals next year! Well that's it from me I hope to hear more exciting NEWS!!

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