Monday, April 26, 2010

Storm Result: We Show NO Mercy

The Storm came into the match with a furious strike showing that the incident had no part of their emotions in the thrashing against the Warriors. The ending score was 40-6! The Warriors played the role of sitting duck's. The Storm sent the Warriors under the pump through out the whole game.

Some of the Storm players were a bit dirty, starting scraps, causing arguments and people getting on report. The Storm fired with thunder forgetting what had happened. Warriors fill in Captain Micheal Luck was deeply considering trouble maker Brett White as a nasty little man. White was quite disturbing to the Warriors Captain gave him a piece of his mind chucking in a few blows before team mates stopped him. The Warriors only try went to the Tongan Powerhouse Ukuma Ta'ai. Ukuma took a bit of anger off his shoulders chucking the ball at Billy Slater's head which caused a bit of grief between the to teams. It was a fantastic display of footy by the Storm , they have to keep playing like that if they want to get through this season.....GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!!!


Max said...

Awesome post Tanielu, the storm were pretty good aye, how about Billy Slater's grounding on Cooper Cronk's kick??

Naketa said...

Wonderful rundown of the game Tanielu! i was not impressed with Ukuma Ta'ai throwing the ball down like that. But I guess when you are getting beaten so badly it can be quite frustrating. Go the Tigers!!