Sunday, April 25, 2010

Storm: Lost In The Clouds

The magnificent NRL Melbourne Storm have been devastated to know that they have been stripped of two premiership titles, 3 minor Priemierships. And are as good as disqualified because they will be stripped of all their Competition points of this season. This all came from a sneaky staff member of the Storm. They were busted for cheating with their Salary Cap over paying their stars so they could keep their stars interested in there team.

You might be thinking "Why is this bad?". Well it is quite simple, it is because you have a particular amount of money
to spend on your players, What the Storm did was they spent too much money on their players so that they could put together a super team. The reason they have a budget to stick to is that every team has an even chance at the upcoming season.

The Storm have been doing this for quite a while now and that's why they have been stripped of so much that they won. The funny thing is the Warriors are playing them tonight, it will be great to see how the Storm will turn up. Will they fire up?, Or will they fail.....WATCH THE GAME TONIGHT!!!! (Sunday 25th April) GO THE TIGERS!!!


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

I can see you have a really good understanding of what's gone on Tanielu! What a shame aye? It will be a very interesting clash, I'm sure there will be many people taking an interest that wouldn't normally.
I'm looking forward to your analysis of the match.
Malo Lava Tanielu.

Mrs Nua

Mum said...

Malo Dan, the Warriors didn't do it tonight. A lot of fiery moments between players. I think the ref should have pinned the Storm a bit more - as they were adding in little bits that don't help the game to flow as it should. Hopefully the Warriors will have a better game next week. So that's the Tigers and the Warriors with losses this weekend. At least the Storm supporters will have something to be happy about. Come on the Warriors!!

Manaiakalani said...

That is the most succinct and helpful explanation I have seen anywhere about what the fuss is over the Melbourne Storm. Well done Tanielu. Even I understand what it is all about now. You really do have a career as a writer ahead of you. Keep developing this talent along with your many other ones. Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

If I had read your blog earlier - you might have persuaded me to watch the game!
Mr Heath
Room 6
Hampton Hill School

Naketa Ikihele said...

Wow Tanielu! You are an amazing writer. Thanks so much for sharing your insight into the Melbourne Storm fiasco. However much I think it is unfair that the Storms breached the salary cap I still think that the players are great. Billy Slater is quite amazing. Did you see that try he got where he tapped the ball down in such a complex way? Regardless of how much he gets paid he is still a legend. I watched the game with my husband, and while we were disheartened by the Warriors losing we thought that the recent activities in the Melbourne Storm Camp and the amazing support they got gave them even more motivation to win. Looking forward to hearing more league rundowns.

Thanks again

room2 said...

This is a great response to a current issue that is obviously close to your heart. Well done. Ms Donnell Kaipara Flats

Regan Orr said...

Tanielu, I appreciated reading your post as it made better sense to me than some of the news items. A well written article. Thank you.
Mr Orr
Koputaroa School, Levin.