Monday, May 24, 2010

Tigers Back On Track, Warriors On Fire

The West Tigers have successfully broken there four game losing streak by taming the Newcastle Knights to win 23-6. While celebrating the victory the Warriors overcame a confident South Sydney Rabbitohs wining an absolute thriller 26-24. Both teams from this weekend have gained a lot of confidence in themselves and are looking to continue being victorious as they go head to head.This will be a good match as it has been an annual big battle. Hope the Tigers thrash the Warriors GO TIGERS!!!!!

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Mum said...

Mmmm thrash the Warriors? Did you see how the Warriors finished off their last game? They looking more and more like the business. Locke leaving nothing in reserve, diving at the try line, wrapping himself around the goal post to draw the score line. Then being carried off and still managing a wave to the crowds as Maloney converts the try.

Yes the Tigers are in for quite a match. Go the Warriors!
Love Mum