Monday, May 17, 2010

Tigers:That Time Of THE Year

My favourite NRL Team the West Tigers have had four disappointing weeks of losing.They have not played as well as they can losing to the Rabbits a big 10-50 score. They are putting to much pressure on them selves by making pitifully mistakes by dropping the ball while trying to develop trys. They are now coming in ninth in the competition behind the Warriors. They need to do something before it is to late for them. There play makers in Benji and Farah need to step up by showing them the way to a few victories.

Magic Coach Tim Sheens will surely be setting up a tough training this week for the Tigers. The boys need to think of the positives of there season and turn it around while they still can. I believe that they can do anything if they play to there best in the next part of this season.

There next game is against the Newcastle Knights on Friday night. I hope they will get there confidence back from this game. GO THE TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

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