Monday, June 21, 2010

Yesterday was a day when we took our physical sports to another level. Our year seven
boys (including me) had just come back from pure Rugby. It was a probably a day we would never forget.

We went into the battle zone without the confidence that we usually have in ourselves.
We were surely the Underdogs in the competition. Although we only had Year sevens in our team we did really well.

We came across some fearsome teams in Tamaki Intermediate, Sacred Heart School, Bailey Road and Sylvia Park. Our first game was a cracker...! as we unbelievably drew with the fearsome Tamaki Intermediate.

Secondly we clashed with a huge Sacred Heart team who unfortunately were more organised and a bit too powerful through the outside backs. We went through two more games with a lot more Spirit and confidence against Bailey Road and Sylvia Park.

After a long day of Rugby we were successful and made the Semi finals. We came up against a monstrous Sacred Heart and were sadly defeated. But we had played picked on confidence and spirit. Next time we'll be ready...........


mum said...

Good on you Tanielu. That's the spirit. I got to catch only a little part of your semi-final match against Sacred Heart. Your team definitely played well against Sacred Heart who have a very good reputation in the rugby rounds. Keep it going Tanielu, you and your team mates. 100% every time! Love watching the clip you have posted too, was that you in the opening shot with your hands on your hips? Might need to be putting in a some extra jogs around the school fields. No more of that chicken you like from Uncle Sanders.
Love Mum xx

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Yes Tanielu there have been many comments about the way you all played giving it %100 against much larger opponents. Well done to you and the team. Keep being a great leader on the field Tanielu!
Mrs Nua