Friday, July 2, 2010

Holidays are here

Gleefully the holidays are here, I am in school right now counting down for the "Big Break". I have desperately needed this break as we have have been super busy throughout these past few weeks.

Right now, I'm looking at getting a bit of a rest. Sleeping in would be a great relaxation in the morning. It would also be a good time to hang out with my family out South and have a bit of fun.

There is so much to think about but I am just glad that the Holidays is here. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!


mum said...

Hi Tanielu. I know you have been in desperate need of a break. We have been very busy. I hope you get time to relax and rest too...after some chores : )

Love you - mum

tyler rm 14 said...

Hi my name is tyler from melville int in New Zealand the holiday are awesome we get 2 weeks to spend with family freinds we all love it