Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can Tigers Stay In The Top Four???

The most exciting attacking team and my personal favourite team in the NRL (The West Tigers) have been winning ugly for the past month and have been lucky enough to stay in the top three. After the Parramatta Eels came from behind and put the Second placed Panthers to the Sword the Tigers had a chance to leap into second, But that was only if they beat the in form Manly Sea Eagles, Unfortunately the Tigers failed to take u a golden opportunity and forced to lose 38-20.

After that game the Roosters had a chance to leap into third with the points differential meaning a lot these days. It was Monday Night footy and the Roosters were taking on a Strong Brisbane Broncos. After a thriller of a game the Roosters hung on to win 34-30 with Kiwi Veteran Shaun Kenny Dowall scoring four tries. After that game the Tigers droped to fourth and the Roosters jumped into third.

Lately the Tigers have been sloppy and have sometimes not made the right choices in crucial parts of the game, They need to kick it up a notch and secure that top four place that they have deserved for a long time. Tiger Vs Sharks On Saturday night GO THE TIGERS!!!!!


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Hey thanks for the update Tanielu. I hope your team makes the play-offs it looks like they are on track.
And how about the Warriors, where are they sitting on the table currently?
It's great to see you posting again. Keep it up.
Mrs Nua

tyler rm 14 said...

Hi my name is Tyler from melville intermeidiate New Zealand GO THE WEST TIGERS i hope they stay in the top 4 wer r counting on them to make us proud on the feild i hope we win the next game

Kayde said...

Hey Tanielu.........

I know that the Tigers will make the finals, BUT they will not host a home semi-final....... They can't stay in the top four. Don't take this personally!!!!! The WARRIORS will make the top four!!!!! GO THE WARRIORS and TIGERS!!!