Monday, November 15, 2010


WHAT A GAME!!!!! It left me breathing heavily, knowing that the Kiwis had won the game in the last seconds. The whole team had produced a huge effort after trying to get themselves out of that hole they dug last week.This game had it all, the big hits, brilliance shear heart and guts boy, what a game.

The Kiwis had managed to win the game with a miracle try with the final score being 12-16. The Aussies had dominated the first half scoring first in just the sixth minute. But with the Kiwis managing to hold on and stay in the hunt surprisingly the scores were tied with the Kiwis at six all.

The second half was absolutely classic, with the Australians scoring a try making it 12-6 leaving the Kiwis behind by six. Playing one of his best games ever, miracle Marshall (Benji Marshall) had brought the Kiwis right back into the game with one of the best ever grubbers set up for a winger. With the conversion meaning a lot at this point of time Marshall had slightly pushed it out and it had hit the post!!!!!! The score remained at 10-12 to the Aussies.

Their were only two minutes one and a half minutes left and the Kiwis were on the there on try line!!! Good runs by the Kiwis forwards pushed them up to the forty metre mark. It was the fifth and last tackle they gave it to the right with Marshall dummying the ball and then giving a gliding ball straight into the hands of Shaun Kenny Dowall, Kenny Dowall held onto the ball long enough to draw the winger in then giving the ball to Mr. Reliable Jason Nightingale who tip toed down thew side line then chucking the ball back inside for Marshall to catch then Marshall offloaded back into the the hands of Nathan Fien to score what would be the winning try!!!!!! YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A GAME THE KIWIS WERE NOW THE FOUR NATIONS CHAMPIONS AND THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


spxroom7 said...

What a awesome, piece of writing. We liked the way how you described, your feelings. The Kiwis have made New Zealanders, proud.
We are also benji Marshall fans !!!

Teinakura, Monica, Moli, Seini.S
Year 8 Students, Saint Pius X School.

Dad said...

Great match review their Dan. What a way to finish the rugby league season. I though Greg Eastwood had an awesome game both in attack and defence. Looking at news reports in Australia, it's no surprise that most of them are focussing on forward passes and supposed foul play by the Kiwis...? Well we cancertainly feel like we were part of the Kiwis camp having gone to the Eden Park game and watching the other games on TV! So when Benji thanked all the fans for their support, you shoudl certainlky feel like he was talking to you!! KIWIS!!!!

Lavinia said...

Wow wasn't that a game!

What an awesome piece of writing.
I was also watching the game with my older brother, while I was watching the game I saw New Zealand was losing so I thought to myself this was a waste of my time, and that Austrlia was going to win. But the didn't so it just goes to show New Zealand like's to put on a show.

Once again your writing was awesome. Next time I get a chance to come on the computer I will definitely come onto your blog.