Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today was a day that most of us had been waiting for, a day which would decide who was the fastest and who was the strongest. Yes, it was time for our school Athletics!!!

Coming into today I was not confident that I would get a place in the sports we participated in. Unfortunately I was right, not coming anything in any of the sports so far, but there was still one chance left, we had sprints for our final event and I really needed a place in this one. As I raced in the heats I made it into the finals. The finals for the sprints were after lunch and I was boisterously waiting to start the races.

As the younger ones had their races shocks of excitement went through my body, I could feel the adrenaline rise as the seconds went past. Suddenly I heard “12 year old boys please report to the racing tracks to get ready for your race”. Take your marks get set...................BANG!!!!!!! We were off we sprinted down the track as fast as we could, the race was close to the end I gave it all I had....YES!!! I came third in cheer I was proud of the result.........


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

It was a closely contested race! I could see how focussed you were as you took your place on the start line.
A great result, well done Tanielu.

Mrs Nua

mum said...

'What a serious guy...' and that's the way to be my boy! : ) Good on you Dan. I know you felt you weren't going to get a placing but you did - yay!! When the adrenalin gets pumping it's amazing how it moves you! I think it's great that you and your peers know that these events are enjoyable when you give it 100%. No need to the laugh at each other jog down the track when you can get so much more satisfaction from giving it a good go! Malo lava Tanielu.