Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch in a Crisis

Even more sad events are happening at this very time in Christchurch New Zealand, the earthquakes are striking once again, there are many buildings that have been destroyed by this tragic happening, but even sadder things took place, the 3 news presenters have reported that more than 60 people have died from the earthquake.

They say that there may be a lot more people that have passed away, maybe even double. But some of the Christchurch citizens are helping rescue groups to save and rescue people that have been collapsed on by buildings, some may be badly injured, some might be found unconscious, and maybe even dead.

I saw many photos and footage of some destroyed buildings, the atmosphere for those people must be horrifying, God bless those who will work through the night to save others lives.

May God be with those people who are suffering and may he guide them to their safety........................


mum said...

Yes Tanielu, very sad events have happened for Christchurch over only a few months. It has certainly reminded us of our duty to our fellow citizens. We don't always feel like we have much. In this instance we do, we have a lot to offer in means of support. My prayer is that people no matter where, no matter how big or small will offer what they can to help. Together we can help the people of Christchurch to rise and move on and through this harrowing time. I'll be praying with you Dan. Lots of love, mum.

Ilaisaane and A'leina. said...

hi tanielu that was sad very sad because i will pray for those who died and those who lost their loved ones

i liked the part when you have a lot to offer what we can do to help them rebulid those houses and buildings

Tevita Rm 21 said...

What a great post Tanielu and a sad time
for Christchurch.It very sad that this time alot of people have lost there love ones,anyways great post and keep up the good work Tane.

God bless you

From Tevita

musse said...

Thank you for your comment.

From Musse