Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Favourite NRL Guy...........HAS RETIRED!!!!!!!

At first I thought it was a joke, my dad saying that my favourite superstar TANIELA TUIAKI was looking like he was going to retire, but then I just got really worried so then I checked the NRL offical website, the top head line: Tuiaki Forced to retire......”NNNOOO!!!!” I yelled in my head I was so sad and frustrated at the same time, feeling so sorry for the best winger in the world.

Him and the Tigers were a five match winning streak until they came up against the red hot Eels, that was the game of the year but tragically they lost the barnstorming winger (Tuiaki) because of an awkward tackle, he broke his ankle and never played again.

Him announcing that he is retiring is very sad to me, and very sad to all the Tigers supporters, but the Tigers are still one of the best teams in the competition, they look sure to make some real damage this year. GOOO TIGERS!!!!!!(First Game VS Bulldogs!!!)


Dad said...

Hey Dan.

I share your sentiments and your sadness at the retirment of 'the Tank' Tuiaki. Like you I was really looking forward to seeing him back on the field doing what he does best - scoring tries and entertaining his fans and all rugby league supporters. Alas, it wasn't to be. Isn't it cool that you have a photo with him?

If Taniela Tuiaki happens to read your blog and this post... "thank you Tuiaki for the years of entertainment and inspiration you have given your fans and especially one of your biggest fans in particular who lives in Pt England and goes to Pt England School"

Tigers supporter said...

Great post there young Tiger. So who is your new favourite player now that Taniela has retired?