Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mount Wellington off to an Impressive Start!!!

Two weeks ago we played our very first game of the season, we played against Bay Roskill again (We played them in our pre season game) we won 38-6. This week we played a big team in the Richmond Bulldogs. Their forward pack were quite big, all close to hitting the 6 foot mark, maybe even 6 foot!!! On the day we both played gutsy footy, both sides leaving big gaps in the defence. In the end we beat Richmond 42-10, we managed to take control of the game and use the ball quite well. I put together a clip of the highlights from our team take a look.(I'm #13!!!)

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mum said...

Hey there Dan, well done on such a good game. Alongside your team mates you played very well. Well done also on winning the best forward for the match, must be all those videos you watch : )

Keep striving to succeed in all realms Dan. I'm so happy to see how excited you are about playing this year. Lots of love, mum. xx