Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Term 1 Anamation

This term we had to work on an animation that would represent the Point England values, I choose to work on Co-operation, I created an animation based on my favourite team. Take a look
and leave a comment for feedback!!!


Andrea said...

Dan, it's so clear that you watch many a match of league. I love how you change the shots and angles in this animation - just like the real thing. The moving and changing spectators - awesome. Looking forward to your next one Dan, I was hoping on a running commentary on this one...maybe the next a Dan?

Love you - mum

Robert said...

Hi Tanielu.That was a great animation.Keep up the good work.That was awesome,Who is your favorite player.Maybe you will be in your dream team.
From Robert

Moses said...

Hi Dan

That was a very enjoyable movie to watch because of your interesting graphics. The thing I really liked about your movie was that part when he scores th try.

Zane said...

Hey Tanielu

This is an nice animation about rugby league. I know why you done an animation about rugby league because you watch it alot.

Keep it up.