Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just recently our teachers came up with a cool idea, to have a competition between classes, you gain points by..., well just being a good class!!! Unfortunately our class is at the bottom of the points table, and we are looking for ways to pick up on the points. We know the things that we are doing are not getting us far so we have some ideas. So far our class has only got 225 points.

We can score heaps of points in many different ways and we are positive that we can easily catch up to the rest of the classes. I recently scored our class some points by sitting up in assembly. That is an easy way to score points. I learnt that one of the easiest and biggest way to gain points is to enter the Lunch box heroes competition. If you win Lunch Box Heroes that is an easy 50 points for your class!!!

Another easy way to gain points is to sit down while eating at lunch time and interval, an easy 10 points everyday for your class. I could name about 20 more ways of getting points and it’s easy to back into contention for the big prize. Hopefully we will be able to pick on our listening skills and gain a lot more points!

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